Rock Concert Segment With The Rock Announced For WWE Raw

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The Rock will host a "Rock Concert" segment on next week's 20th Anniversary of WWE Raw as announced on this week's Smackdown.

Remember the last time there was a "Rock Concert" segment with Rock on March 12, 2012, Rocky took what many considered to be a low blow towards Cena's martial situation.

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  • Kleck

    Entertaining as always! I hope Rocky wrestles some on free TV and not solely on PPV.

  • I think he won’t wrestle till rumble but after I am sure he will wrestle on raw

    • jordan

      he wont wrestle

  • Zman

    Woah another rock concert.. That’s a new novel idea , never been done before , cutting edge … Come on !! How long are you people gonna swallow this tripe .. The rock is boring , same old sh*t from him, get some new material dwayne , I’m beggin ya .. 1999 called they want their ” superstar ” back .. But yes I’m aware he still sells merch and gets ratings … But as an old time fan , he doesn’t do it for me

  • Someone please put me out of my misery! The Rock’s segments on mic are hard to write word for word – he has a strange stopping and starting to how he speaks – but the last Rock Concert was 1000X’s worse to write. I love writing the RAW Live Results, but Rocky is going to make me go gray! (Sorry, pun not originally intended.)