The Rock To Star As DC Comics' Black Adam; WWE's Subtle Wrestlemania 31 Tease

The Rock confirmed Wednesday on Twitter that he will play the role of Black Adam in the upcoming DC Comics film. You can read his Tweet below:

Dot com penned an article about it at this link. In their piece, they tease a Marvel vs. DC showdown at Wrestlemania 31 featuring Drax the Destroyer (played by Batista in Guardians of the Galaxy vs. Black Adam (The Rock). The possibility is there.

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  • Ben

    Oh God, please no! Just no!

  • Bob’s Diner

    2 guys that gas out in 2 minutes and probably have the highest injury rate of anyone?
    Oh yeah, that would be a great match

    • Ben

      Batista’s only good matches when he came back were when he could be carried by multiple wrestlers and The Rock… well I think I’ve shared my low opinion of his work enough at this point. Batista/Rock would be just as big a bathroom break main event as Rock/Brock.

  • Clint

    would have preferred him as shazaam