The Rock Set To Return To WWE But Why There Remains Uneasiness That He's Finished Wrestling, The Latest Backup Plan For The Wrestlemania XXX Main Event Should Rock Not Commit To Facing Brock Lesnar

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There is no longer any question within WWE about the legitimacy of The Rock's injury but there remains a lot of uneasiness because of him being unwilling to commit to a match at Wrestlemania XXX next year.

We're told The Rock has promotional commitments with WWE this fall for the new WWE 2K14 video game, which is part of his deal to be on the cover. This could lead to an awkward situation where he briefly returns to promote the game but never has a match.

Some feel that if Rock doesn't come back to work Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania XXX that this could finally be the catalyst that brings Steve Austin back to WWE for one more match.

Triple H has been trying to make a name for himself by inking "impossible" deals, with obviously his biggest to date being Bruno Sammartino agreeing to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. We're told Hunter has already tried to "no sell" the departure of Rock by commenting internally that if Rock doesn't come back, he'll finally get a deal done with Austin and it would be just as big, if not bigger.

One observer commented this could be a more than desirable backup plan given the fact Rock has worked three Wrestlemania's in a row and "one last match" for Steve Austin would be a huge spectacle.

  • jackkedx10

    You cant go wrong with either guy if you been of fan long enough to see these to guys wrestle. This new crop of wrestling fans might now who he is but the impact that Austin brought to the wrestling world was huge. One last match would be great.

  • PainOfDemise

    Pretty sure after seeing The Rock wreslte these last few times, having Austin wrestle would be a bigger draw. I know I’d buy that Wrestlemania for it.

  • Patrick

    so he won’t commit to another match next year BIG DEAL.. considering his Hollywood schedule he’s had two WM and one Survivor Series match and several appearences on Raw since his return two or three years ago isn’t that good enough…the more I see how they do bussiness the more Annoyed I get with them…….they don’t take NO for a answer and move on to something or someone else.

  • Xavier

    I’m for Austin coming back too the WWE. Austin/Punk makes so much sense for obvious reasons, you could always have Punk go back to his Straight Edge Society shtick to cut shoot promos o Austin. The promo work would be outstanding to say the least.

    Austin/Cena is another match that makes so much sense and would be sure to draw huge. A big as Rock was during the attitude era he was always #2 behind Austin. Austin (the face of the attitude era) vs Cena (the face of the ruthless aggression/PG era) is a feud that writes itself.

    Either one of those two matches would be great. But any of those scenarios Austin should go UNDER. If possible why not just bring back Austin & Rock and go all out. Give everybody the dream card. Imagine WM30 with Cena/Taker, Punk/Austin & Rock/Brock at the top of the card with your two title matches, you could even bring back MITB too assure that all the deserving up & incoming talent get a spot on the card. Either way the WWE has incredible opportunity to do something special. Would do a 1.7 million buyrate easily.

    • I agree. I want to see Austin instead of watching rematches from The Rock.

      • Xavier

        I don’t have a problem with The Rock returning if it’s against someone besides Cena & Punk.

        • Who would you choose as his opponent?

          • Cubed56

            Obvious choice would be Brock. I would also like to see the rock vs any member of the shield, Ziggler, Bryan, hell maybe Ryback or fandango.

          • Win

            The Rock vs. Randy Orton.

          • Xavier

            That would be one of my options for The Rock as well

          • Xavier

            Obviously a Rock/Lesnar match up would be ideal and would be a much BIGGER draw then their previously encounter. But it’s pretty safe to assume that the match wouldn’t be nearly as good due to there lack of ring exposure for the past 8-9 years. None the less it’s still a match that would generate a ton of buzz with the proper build.

            Rock/Orton would be my 2nd option. Despite Orton being in a funk for the better part of a year and a half all it would take is for one heel turn and the right opponent too push Orton back to the top of the card due to the fact that he’s still over and a proven main eventer in the past. And what better way for Orton to get back on track then to turn heel against a mega star like The Rock.

            Ziggler is another guy depending on how well he’s push this year goes could make be another possiblity for The Rock. A feud with The Rock would no doubt be HUGE for Ziggler’s career and would help validate Ziggler as a main eventer for years to come. Ziggler also sells & bumps really well and from a chemistry stand point make for a better match up for the Rock.

          • The Rock vs Stone Cold one last time

  • Chris

    Wondering if getting Owen a spot as the head of next year’s HoF would improve Triple H and Bret’s relationship.

    • Hopefully, Their relationship is kind of “hi and bye” type.

  • Cubed56

    Personally I’m sick of the rock. He is a huge draw no doubt, but nothing he’s done since he came back for the last 3 manias has been overly impressive, more just average. On to of that, if your gonna come back and expect to go over the top talents in the business you should be their every week and doing more then cutting half ass promos and only wrestling on PPVs, especially if your holding the wwe title.

  • Winnipeg

    I’m in favour of trading Rock for Austin for next Wrestlemania

  • The Rock has done what he needed to do. He cameback & got closure after fans wanted him to return. He did if The Rock never wrestles again. I will not be sad as he has done it all. He came in made a name for himself, revolutionised the WWE. left cameback & passed the torch to Cena, which was needed. Steve Austin would be a bigger deal returning now. Now Steve can pass his torch.

  • kingjamsie

    If they brought back Austin and didnt give him to Punk it would be a huge mistake.