Rock vs. Undertaker, McGillicutty Underrated, Lackluster Raw, Kofi’s Gimmick, Talent On Twitter

While I know we're a long way out, could you see The Rock vs. Undertaker taking place at Wrestlemania XXX?

We heard one of the reasons why The Rock didn't want to commit to a program with Brock Lesnar [at Wrestlemania XXX] the night after Wrestlemania 29 is because he wasn't sold on it. It’s not that Rock doesn't like Brock; we're told Rock was hesitant about a program with two guys that lost this year and preferred a match against Undertaker, if he worked at all. We detailed Rock and WWE's relationship souring just days before Wrestlemania 29 and how it altered the Extreme Rules lineup before he was injured last month. You can read that report at this link.

Why has Michael McGillicutty not received a push on WWE television?

Michael McGillicutty is one of WWE's most underrated workers. The only explanation I can give you as to why he hasn't been pushed is WWE doesn't feel he is ready and are taking their time with the talented prospect. Michael, the real-life son of Curt Hennig, is liked by many and has a good reputation for his in-ring work.

Do you feel this week's Raw lacked in quality?

Yes, I felt this week's WWE Raw was particularly poor and believe we're feeling the post-Wrestlemania drop off. While it's usually inevitable every year, this year it's different because the company has three hours they have to write each week. With Extreme Rules still three weeks out and uncertainty over John Cena's health, this week's show was all over the place and featured aspects that could have been included in the latter days of WCW Monday Nitro. The silver lining is there were three good matches but the show was basically throwaway programming. I have more details on the reason for the longer matches and lame segments in a new report at this link.

What are your thoughts on Kofi Kingston? Do you think he should turn heel or maybe get a character change and stay a face?

Kofi Kingston is finally getting pushed after a complete burial due to backstage heat. Kofi is an extremely talented in-ring worker and someone that I feel is the company workhorse. I'm fine with his character as long as WWE doesn't stop on it again.

How much control does WWE or TNA have over talent on Twitter?

Both WWE and TNA discourage talent Tweeting when they could be intoxicated and we've seen staged "template" Tweets from time-to-time. Other than that, workers can post what they want. It doesn't always put them in the best of light but it is what it is. One of the worst on Twitter is Hulk Hogan, so if that's the example TNA talents have, there's not much of a standard. Other examples of Twitter shedding workers in a negative light include Matt Morgan's unexplainable freakout on us and Ryback bringing up John Cena's ex-wife. There are several other examples but I'm sure you get my point.

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  • I prefer the laid back crowds more. The crowds that try and hijack the show turn me off. The crowd from RAW was a traditional WWE audience. The crowds that try and do the wave during a match are losers trying to get noticed.

    • Terra Ryzing

      If you prefer a laid back crowd, then why don’t you go to a golf match?

    • f_caus

      You must really enjoy Downton Abbey, eating regular mashed potatoes, vanilla ice cream, and watching paint dry.

      • Carlos is a dumbass

        Or maybe he just doesn’t like seeing 35 year old virgins doing the wave. So I guess you’d fit in with that crowd quite well.

        • Terra Ryzing

          How does people having a good time make them Virgins?

          • Carlos is a dumbass

            Anybody who chants “Michael Cole” is more then likely never had a girlfriend. I mean think about that for a second.

        • f_caus

          You must have had an uneventful childhood growing up. I pity you.

          • Carlos is a dumbass

            You must be having an uneventful adulthood. I feel sorry for you. Must suck never getting laid, at least you have your right hand though

          • f_caus

            And you’re obsessed with men masturbating too? I’m gonna put out a PSA for you with a sappy, Sarah McLachlan song being played over it.

          • I love sarah mclachlan

          • Smart Mark

            Your clearly Justin using a different computer so that you can act like people agree with your statements.

        • Considering wwe is pg. because of the kids their parents bring. How are they virgins.

        • I seriously dont think anyone can be a virgin at 35.

          • George Waldman

            I’m 42 years old, a virgin, and PROUD OF IT!

    • stevesm

      You are a prick

      • Carlos is a dumbass

        UGH, another virgin. Troll somewhere else you jackass

        • f_caus

          You are really defensive of this Justin fellow.

          • 5191

            you just know that someone that goes on about virgins this much must definitely be one theirselves

          • f_caus

            It probably ties back to his sad childhood I mentioned in another comment.

          • 5191

            completely agree with you

    • Matt

      A traditional WWE crowd? I think I’ve worked you out. You’re 13 aren’t you? Did you watch the Attitude Era? THAT’S a damn good crowd.

  • Chhers for answering question about mcgillicutty just seems odd they always push 2nd and 3rd generation talent(randy orton,cody rhodes,bray wyatt etc)

  • The Breaker

    Does anyone know why Kofi caught heat backstage?

    • Loren Goldstein

      22 likes, and yet no one seems to know the answer?

      • The Breaker

        I guess it’s privileged information.. lol

  • I love Kurt Angle but he’s been caught TWI (Tweeting While Impared) many times! Those tweets about Orton a couple of years back were funny as hell though! Lol

    • No no no no no havent you heard his account was hacked? All dozen or so times lol

      • Chris

        Well if he will keep cycling through the three I’s ‘Intelligence’, ‘integrity’ and ‘intensity’ for passwords…

    • Twi haha the hilarious

    • what did he say about orton?

  • Lrgetrout9

    Neither The Undertaker, nor the WWE, need the Rock for WM 30.

  • Alexi

    Michael hasn’t been pushed because, while he is a good in-ring worker, he has no mic skills or charisma.

  • With how big the rock was back in the day. How did taker never face him at mania before. But had matchs against the big boss man, or a train or so many rematchs.

    • Jamie

      I’ve asked myself the same question, Austin has never gone to Wrestlemania with The Undertaker, I’ve found both of these odd.

    • They had tons of matches on other ppvs, Like austin vs taker at summerslam 98,rock vs taker at no way out 2002,and countless others,austin wrestled taker alot starting in 97,so that,and if taker had faced them at that time,especially with the streak not being the big deal that it is today,we’d have no streak today as taker probably would have lost

      • Taker would of probably still won. Back in 98-03 they still knew what they were doing with taker and mania. He didn’t win the first 9 by coincidence. Granted most of them opponents sucked.