The Rock's WWE Future, Mainstream Media Doesn't Understand, WWE's Stock Plummets After Subscriber Announcement, What's Next For Brock Lesnar

What is The Rock's status with WWE after his appearance at Wrestlemania on Sunday? One more match?

When The Rock first came back to WWE in 2011, it was to appear at Wrestlemania over the next three years. That deal was fulfilled with the hosting gig followed by the two matches against John Cena. He wasn't in the plans for this year's show but there is a chance he could return next year. I'm still gathering details but will have more on a potential main event involving The Rock at Wrestlemania 31 next week.

While covering the death of The Ultimate Warrior, Nancy Grace attributed Owen Hart's death to steroids and Colin Cowherd blasted CM Punk for what an unverified Twitter account Tweeted to him. What's wrong with the mainstream media when it comes to pro wrestling?

Television and radio personalities such as Nancy Grace, Colin Cowherd, Skip Bayless, Bill O'Reilly, Rachel Maddow, etc. are entertainers, not reporters. Their job is to say things that people will care about. It doesn't matter if the response they garner is positive or negative, it just matters they get a response. Not only do they not have to report the facts, they often spin things to the point where it's nothing more than subjective conjecture. In the recent cases of Nancy Grace and Colin Cowherd, they had a point of view and they were going to reenforce it, even though they didn't care enough to do a simple Google search. It's unfortunate that such erroneous material can get spread to the masses in such an irresponsible manner but it happens every day. The only difference in the Warrior coverage is this is something we know and care about. I'm sure there are plenty of other issues we aren't as invested in, where the wool is pulled over our eyes, like the millions of sports fans that now believe CM Punk weighed in on Ultimate Warrior's death. If there's one thing I learned in covering the Chris Benoit tragedy several years back, it's the mainstream media cares more about viewers and less about the facts. It's all about ratings and nothing about telling the actual story.

You spoke briefly about the WWE Network having 667,287 subscribers on Wednesday. Do you think this was expected and is it good or bad news? Any explanation for the downward trend of WWE's stock price since the announcement?

WWE's stock has taken a beating since the company announced on Monday they have 667,287 WWE Network subscribers. I look at it more as a market correction as the stock was likely overvalued in anticipation of the announcement and the forthcoming WWE domestic television deal. I truly believe the number of 667,287 WWE Network subscribers is neither good nor bad. It's middle of the road. On one hand they're more than halfway to their target of 1 million subscribers, a benchmark they've said they must reach before the end of the year for the WWE Network's launch to be successful. On the other hand, subscribers will have their first chance to opt out when their 6 month commitment expires in August, so it's not as simple to say they just need 332,713 more subscribers. They'll need that many before commitments come up in August and more to offset the loss of people that may not be interested until Wrestlemania 31 next year. As for the new WWE domestic TV deal, that's expected to be announced at the end of this month/early May.

What's the direction for Brock Lesnar after ending Undertaker's streak?

We can argue that Brock Lesnar's stock is higher than anyone in WWE after ending the streak on Sunday. The biggest question that will have to be answered is what's next? I'll admit I'm much more on board today with Lesnar ending the streak than I was after it happened on Sunday, however, I am not overly optimistic either. While Lesnar is more legitimate now than ever, WWE hasn't done a good job in booking him since his return. Remember his first match loss to John Cena at Extreme Rules 2012? WWE will have to be careful and we can only hope that ending the streak will do nothing but open creative doors that wouldn't have been open otherwise. I also have a good amount of news now online regarding the streak, Undertaker's wishes and more at this link.

From the Ask WNW vault…

October 2012: Does the WWE plan on testing out any 3D broadcasting in the near future? - WWE surveyed fans about 3D programming a couple years ago and were preparing to move forward, however, plans were halted with recent data that showed a slowdown in demand for 3D television. 3D is where HD was around 10 years ago in that it is available but not widely consumed. Should that change, and I expect it will, WWE will likely pursue plans to move forward. Right now, the majority of efforts are being spent on Vince McMahon’s dream of the WWE Network.

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  • Lu Fa

    Such a perfect answer on the Nancy Grace’s question. Glad to see this kind of thought here.

  • Xavier

    After Lesnar ended the streak and with Bryan going over Orton, Batista & Triple H at Mania in one night a Bryan/Lesnar title match at Summerslam makes a ton of sense right now. Imagine what a clean win over Lesnar would do for Bryan.

    • ClintMurphy

      not happening

      • Xavier

        And why isn’t it happening?

        • opie

          It’s totally happening.


      Bryan doesn’t need it

      Reigns or Cesaro should be the one that beat Lesnar next (whenever that may be)

      • Xavier

        Reigns is nowhere near ready. And I doubt Lesnar/Cesaro are facing each other at any point.

        • monty

          they will at WM31

    • K!NG

      I hate to say it but i could see lesnar going over bryan if the match were to take place.

      • outkazt09

        I thought Lesnar was guaranteed a title in his contract, or was that Batista?

        • Howard Stern

          I think he cut a promo a while ago saying that he wants to battle the winner of mania for championchip cookies.

        • Guest

          He is…thats Lesnar, not Batista. He will get it around Summer Slam time.

    • Padres4life

      After Bryan did all of that in one night, he is never going back to the mid card again…I mean he even got his own post-Raw video package….I think he stays as a top guy the rest of his career, what do you think? I mean he just beat three former champions in one night and three hall of famers and he beat Cena back in August…I doubt he gets Miz’d

      • Jbreed

        But you never know in the WWE. It usually just takes a small dip in the ratings and they always blame it on the guy who is not named John Cena. Another thing is there’s no reason to believe Cena still won’t be the number 1 main eventer, and bedsides Cena, the main event scene has always been inconsistent. Main eventers come and go in the WWE but we could only hope it doesn’t happen with Daniel Bryan.

  • DW

    Brock is the next logical step yes. But holy crap is he an unsafe worker. Idk guys, I wouldn’t put Brock in the ring with any more of my golden gooses. That goes for Del Rio too.

    • Nick k

      A 49 year old undertaker is the only person that’s been injured in the ring with lesnar. There isn’t much wait to your claim.

      • jdl

        Triple H came out with quite a few minor injuries from each of their matches since Lesnar’s return. Most of his opponents come out more battered and bruised than they otherwise would be from a match with just about anyone else in the country. The fact that Lesnar hasn’t severely injured anyone since his return is a miracle.

        • Nick k

          That’s the problem with fans nowadays we think we know everything, has anyone heard of anyone complaining about working with lesnar? He works a physical style as does triple h, bumps and bruises happen. If triple h had all these issues he wouldn’t have worked 3 matches with lesnar, good to see kayfabe is still alive.

        • K!NG

          Lesnar’s matches are suppose to be stiff. he is not a sissy

  • ClintMurphy

    I think Jim Ross said it best on Nancy Grace

  • DW

    I will send this question to Richard but I want to know what everyone else things.

    With the lose to the streak AND the death of Warrior, do you see DB’s win a mania not as celebrated as it “should” have been? I felt like those 2 events def took the wind out of his sails.

    • I think when the dust settles and we look back at this WM, in 5-10 years, we will remember Taker (as much for his injuries as the end of the streak), Warrior for his speeches at the HOF and Raw, as well as his passing, Bryan for overcoming the odds, and (hopefully, if all goes well for him) Cesaro for winning the first Andre Battle Royal.

      Personally, that’s what I think will happen, but it will take a few years before WMXXX is more than sorrow.

  • Matt

    I think that Lesnar needs to just sit back and soak up the magnitude of what he did on Sunday. To give him another opponent right now, I see at least, as cheapening his win against Taker. I’d love to see him in the plans of SummerSlam.

  • Avalanchian

    I look for the Subscriber count to drop a good deal once those 6months are up. People will get their fill of all the old matches and be bored with it. They may sign up again if they can get Summerslam and WM in that 6 month package.

  • monty

    WWE have to book Brock now stronger than ever before, he should never loose clean no matter what

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      I don’t think Lesnar has ever been loose. His matches have been pretty tight.

      But I do agree, they should book him not to lose, straight out the gate Lesnar should have been used as a dominate force, now that Lesnar has beaten The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, they could start that now.

  • David F.

    If Rock does come back for WM 31 you can do Rock v Brock or maybe Bryan v Rock. Rock did put over Bryan in his WM promo and Bryan can carry most of the match. Either way I do see Rock returning for WM 31.

  • Tom Lee

    My opinion — Bryan is just overrated

    • Nick k

      It’s only natural that the Internet turns on him now that he’s on top. Can you elaborate on how he is overrated, if you say ring work don’t bother responding.

      • JR Texx (Jamie)

        He use to be the “submission specialist” which is when he was interesting, now all he does is kicks, backflip off the turnbuckle, running knee and the Yes! lock, it’s Bryan’s 5 moves of doom, hes still great to watch, but not as much as he use to be.

    • Mysterion

      My opinion — you’re an idiot. Probably think John Cena is the best worker since Hulk Hogan. Kid, star names aren’t always the best wrestlers.

      • Jasont2300

        Dont be so fast there, i myself think Bryan is a tad overrated also(coming from a Cm Punk fan est.2008), the yes chants are covering up the wwe too much, its like that glaring sunlight that wont stay out of your eyesight, dont get me wrong the guy is one hell of a wrestler, but the fans are yes’ing way too much mann, like Batista said “we cant have 9 segments of all Daniel Bryan”

  • Scott Davies

    I think if WWE expanded the network to a few countries (That did not cheat the system) They should try the UK as i’m sure they have a huge fan base eager too subscribe. I would not be suprise if WWE did that by SummerSlam to spike that number.

  • Jasont2300

    If Its Lesnar vs Bryan at Summerslam for the title, i say its about 80% Lesnar, i mean he seems like the perfect one to get the title off bryan, and i just cant see Lesnar losing to the running knee for some reason

  • BigMike

    Still not a fan of the Streak ending to a prt timer with zero respect for the business, regardless of his personal relationship with Taker. News asshats have always net cared about the business and say what they want to further their own agendas; my issue is that if they tried this on something “ral” they could be fired or severely reprimanded; more double standard BS. As far as their subscribers, IMO with the crap they have been doing for their shows, they will lose prob 30% of their subscribers after the 6 months and IMO will get get to the 1 Million mark because after the stinkfest that WM was this year(( YES a couple matches were ok, but the bulk of the card just sucked )) they need to pull a rabbit out of their asses to keep them, but ending the streak certainly pissed alot of people off to the point that they will not renew and many have flat out stopped watching.