Rockstar Spud Is The Next Talent To Receive A Multi-Year Contract, The EY Factor

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As I first noted on, the list of superstars receiving contract extensions is growing. The newest talent we can add to the list is Rockstar Spud. As noted by Dixie Carter in the video below (or click here), Spud's contract was coming up and she decided to give him a long-term contract. He is added to the list with James Storm, Gunner, and Robbie E.

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  • jdl

    Spud? SPUD? They can’t get AJ freaking Styles to sign a new deal, but they get Rockstar Spud? A guy who has literally no upside to him gets a multi-year deal? Who the hell is running this company and what drugs are they on? Cut Gunner, Spud and Robbie E and they probably would have the spare cash to at least get AJ to consider a new deal.

    • jason witten 82

      to be fair spud brings a lot to the table…who needs styles when you have spud jokes aside though im sure spud was dirt cheap to keep

    • BigMike

      Keep Gunner and get rid of Brokeback EC3 and Spud and go from there

  • Way to run a company…into the ground, Dixie…

  • BigMike

    She gives Spud a multiyear deal, and lets AJ go? this proves that she is completely clueless and Daddy needs to take charge and put someone real to take care of Business or there will be no more TNA

  • Best for Business? Yeah, no.

  • J Vomkrieg

    His contract isn’t actually cash, just a pack of discount vouchers to local Florida restaurants.

  • Gary

    I like Spud. I think he’s funny and has done well when onscreen. Plus, who knows what the $$$ extension is compared to AJ Style’s $$$ extension was. Spud is probably making 1/10 of what AJ would’ve cost. Need to get the full details of bouth contracts to really make an educated comment.

  • Chris

    Love it how Spud buries his face in Dixie’s breasts and she calls him on it! Classic!!!