Roddy Piper & Goldberg Comment On 1000th WWE Raw

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Bill Goldberg and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper have Tweeted about the 1000th episode of Raw. Goldberg rules out the possibility of appearing, while Piper wants to roll Vince McMahon. The following is from their respective Twitter accounts:

  • _JIM_

    Piper is in the promo they’ve been airing for a few weeks for the show. So I assumed he was already booked to appear. Goldberg won’t be there for a number of reasons. Most importantly they wouldn’t want his appearance to negatively effect Ryback. Which it definitely would, and is something he doesn’t need right now. Especially coming off of Raw last night where I didn’t hear a single “Goldberg” chant for once and the people were chanting “feed me more” pretty loudly. So if he’s starting to get past those Goldberg chants and also starting to get some positive reactions like the feed me more chants, having Goldberg there would only hurt that and set him back. So I don’t think there’s any chance of Goldberg appearing.

    • Dunstan

      There were still Goldberg chants, if I'm not mistaken you could hear them pretty clearly after the gutwrench powerbomb by Swagger

  • Steve l

    How is Goldberg relevant? Did I miss something about him mattering?

  • Flame.L-DW.Leader

    wow so goldberg isn't coming well he will be missing out on huge stuff i bet even if he comes to 1000th Raw he would Jackhammer somebody anyways backstage or in the ring so idk why he doesnt just come

  • Frenchfry

    when he says let me roll, i believe he means to let him do his thing without being told what to say, he doesnt literally want to "roll" vince mcmahon

    • havoc525

      He means that he wants to work a “street fight” with Vince.

  • olskewlfan

    sounds like goldberg is bending the truth

  • Justafann

    I wouldn't mind see Ryback come out running his mouth and then Goldberg come out and destroy him.

  • Adamtrace

    Imagine Vince getting eyeblack over by having Goldberg job to him…..

  • Adamtrace

    I mean ryback

  • Tom lee

    So what now ?? Is Goldberg coming ??

    • guest

      no. But he could be saying this so when he does show up the place will go even more nuts

  • Mahesh

    Goldberg is my hero!!! WWE sucks today !!! and Vince is trying to take the Goldberg character out from the people's mind by replacing RYBACK!!! I like RYBACK because he is trying to follow Goldberg!!! Triple H is highly Overrated!!!! he lost to brock lesnar and goldberg just destroyed Triple H and brock lesnar way back in 2003 easily…. vince should understand what people want.. Most of the WWE Fans still loves Goldberg !!!!! I am watching WWE with a hope that one day Goldberg will come to the ring at least as a hall of famer!!! I Feel too sad when WWE is not even mentioning Goldberg!!!! tooo sad as a true WWE, WWF, WCW fan !!!!