Roddy Piper Says He Didn't Write "That Crap" In Piper's Pit Segment; The Rock Furthers CM Punk Feud

- Roddy Piper wrote the following on Twitter in regards to the August 13th "Piper's Pit" segment with Chris Jericho on WWE Raw:

- The Rock wrote the following on Twitter in response to CM Punk "taking a shot" at his Halloween costume:

  • Come'on Rock

    Rock…I'm a fan…But that was corny and lame.

    • izblack

      The Rock has been corney since he cameback, Cena completely destroyed Rock on the mic this

    • izblack

      The Rock has been corney since he cameback, Cena completely destroyed Rock on the mic this past year. And I’m sure Punk will do the same.

      • 1980s Behavior

        I'm not going to take it that far…But you better eat you veggies, because you're going to need them when I find you is very corny and 1980ish. Laughable at best. Its ok to evolve, but maintain the integrity of your on-screen character. You must remember The Rock is the same guy who mocked Hulkamania when he feuded with Hogan. That comment he made toward Punk was borderline say your Prayers, eat your vitamin because Hulkamania is gonna run on you LOL.

  • snuggle

    Piper and Wwe must be feuding this is the second statement he’s made against them. I agree with him Wwe should provide health care and/or retirement to their workers. I think that spending 100 million on a losing race is dumb, that money should be put aside for the workers that helped them make it. That last pipers pit was lame the writers need to step it up.

  • Ken

    I admit to being somewhat forgetful in this instance… what and who was in the last Pit segment and what did he say to supposedly bleep off Vince?

    • It was a segment involving Jericho and Miz. Piper made it awkward by repeatedly chanting Y2J while Miz was speaking.

    • MonsterMike42

      The Pit was back when we got to vote for who would wind up on the pit and the fans chose Chris Jericho. I don't think it was anyone thing that Piper said as that episode of Piper's Pit was a convoluted mess since nobody seemed like they were prepared.

    • Ken

      Thanks. I vaguely remember now.

  • So I guess the writers are the ones who told Piper to softly chant “Y2J” while Miz was speaking. And I guess the creative team are the ones who told him to make the segment awkward…

  • Tim

    Jeez the Rick tries to hard. Is his twitter written for him As well.

  • Tim

    Rock *

  • Michael

    I've always like The Rock and always will, if you don't thats fine, the thing that gets me is why do this because its quite clearly setting up for Royal Rumble, kind of spoiler-ish up till then really…