Roddy Piper Rips McMahon For Senate Spending

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper has spoken what so many in the business are thinking in regards to Linda McMahon's two failed Senate campaigns that saw her spend close to $100 million. Below is Piper's Tweet:

  • PFElton

    Good for you, Piper!

  • Patrick Peralta

    has he given any money he made in wrestling to others?

    • Tone

      really? he was an employee why should he? that was just dumb.

    • Don

      Pat, that made no sense at all.

    • mathew30

      you are completely missing the point

    • ericdraven86

      Do you give any of your paycheck to coworkers, or do you believe that is the employer's part?

      No difference here.

  • ted

    roddy piper should mind his damn business. the mcmahons made wwe into a global company. they give their circus clowns good pay for fake fighting on tv. plus they pay for ex talent to go to drug rehab free of charge. plus, wwe requires their circus clowns to have health insurance before joining the company.

    linda is never returning tho the fake world of pro wrestling. she hates it. the only thing she likes about the rassling business is the money which wwe brings in each year.

    • Chip Walker

      No no no jabroni…THE PEOPLE made WWE into a global phenomenon! Without the people there would be no WWE…IIIIIFFFFF YAAA SMMMMMELELELELELELEL….well you know the rest!

    • mjledesma


    • George

      Call them that their faces and find out how "fake" it is when they're smearing the pavement with your face.

  • Danno

    Piper Tells the truth he'd be a network head if people had the guts.

  • Miles

    Should have given the hundred mill to breast cancer instead of the one mill

  • Bill

    Hot Rod!! u tell him!!

  • ted

    like linda mcmahon would actualy care what a washed up has been like roddy piper thinks about HER endeavors. if anything , she could tell vince not to give roddy and the other has beens a handout for participating in a stupid tv skit on his fake wresling shows anymore.

    • George

      Idiot troll

  • Simon Veitch

    Yeah, 100million and still can't win it? Wonder if this is saying something? I agree that a lot of that money would have been better spent supporting former talent and charitable causes

  • ceedot

    Im pretty sure that the McMahons made their money and can do what the fuck they want with it and none of you should be able to say anything about it. If she wants to run for senate? So what? Im sure if you guys had the money, you wouldn’t want some obsessed fans to tell you what you should do with your own money.

    • Richard Gray

      You are absolutely correct they can do what they want with their money… after all it is their money.

      However, what message does it send to your employees, ugh, contractors when you can blow money at $100 million a clip for nothing when you don't offer simple group health insurance? Certainly not the morale booster.

      • urnemystic

        My boss owns a small casual fine dining restaurant with only 7 employees, and he pays to have group insurance even though there arent any group plans for a business so small. I know it doesnt really compare but he pays out of his own pocket because he cares about the well-being of his employees.

      • WNW FAN

        Richard do you have any idea what a "group" plan would cost Vince? What about if there is even an insurance company that would insure the talent considering that the jobs considered high risk? Sure it may not cost him 90 million but I promise you it wouldn't be cheap. Also correct me if I'm wrong but if someone gets hurt on company time doesn't the WWE cover the medical costs anyway? I know injury is one thing and illness is another but whats the difference in him providing insurance and paying talent enough so they can get their own?

        • Richard Gray

          It wouldn't be cheap, probably a couple hundred grand a year but what's a couple hundred grand a year in comparison to $100 million? Let's say it's one million dollars a year, still, "cheap" relatively speaking. We could go even further, say it's $10 million a year… get my point?

          WWE fronts money for surgeries but they have to be paid back in full. If the worker fails to pay the company back, their wages are garnished until they are paid back. There have been situations where workers have remained under contract but unused just so WWE was guaranteed repayment.

          • WNW FAN

            I didn't know that WWE had to be paid back. I always thought it was just WWE being graceful to their workers by covering the bill.

  • Kevin

    I agree, Richard. It is their money, so they can do what they want to with it. What they have forgotten, apparently, is WHERE that money comes from. If not for the performers, and the fans who support them, the McMahons wouldn't have a business to bring in that kind of money. Let's remember: Vince may have made the WWE what it is today, but it was handed to him on a silver platter by his father. He didn't work to create it; he simply enhanced it and took it global. But the workers and the fans are what make the WWE successful; without the talent, or the fans, Vince would have nothing at all.

    • SC89

      This guy gets it

  • David

    Piper is right, you see someone spend so much money for nothing. That money would have been used for sandy’s damages or medical research.

    I’m from France and our political people doesn’t spend so much money on a position such as senator or deputy.

    For what I’ve read here WWE tried to erased the fact that she was à performer in the attitude era. A bad move I think when you have to admit that the attitude era saved WWE.

    • If you watch Linda’s speech, she actually thanks World Wrestling Entertainment.

  • David

    You’re right and she had to without WWE no money for her campaign.

    What I said, was that WWE tried to erase that she was a performer during the attitude era and keep on PG because it would turn against her.