ROH Wrestling Announces Details On Wrestlemania Weekend Show

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- ROH Wrestling has announced details on their Wrestlemania XXIX weekend show. Below is the official release:

Ring of Honor Wrestling is very excited to state that we have finalized all the necessary details and can now officially announce that on Friday night April 5, 2013 we will return to The Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City to present “Supercard of Honor VII”!!!!

That will undoubtedly be the biggest wrestling weekend of the year in the biggest city in the country and ROH will be right in the heart of it with the absolute best in-ring action you can expect to see anywhere in the world! And since we know fans from across the world will be traveling to the Big Apple that weekend, Ring of Honor is looking to make your travel plans as easy as possible by making our tickets available to you ASAP!

Starting Saturday, July 14th tickets will go on sale at 10AM to all Ringside Members. Then, on Tuesday, July 17th, ticket sales will open up to the General Public. If you want first crack at these you're going to have to sign up for Ringside Membership which you can do by clicking here for as low as $7.99/month.

It's Ring of Honor Wrestling in the heart of NYC during the biggest weekend of the year! Make sure you don't miss out on your chance to experience the absolute best pound-for-pound professional wrestling on the planet!!!

Ring of Honor Wrestling
“Supercard of Honor VII”
Friday April 5, 2013

Hammerstein Ballroom (Manhattan Center)
311 W. 34th Street - New York, NY 10001
Belltime – 7:30PM

Tickets on Sale:
Ringside Members – Saturday July 14th @ 10AM
General Public – Tuesday July 17th @ 10AM

  • Patrick Peralta

    Taking a page out of WWE's book are they? announcing a show a year in advance.

  • bambi

    ha ha ha WWE & wrestlemania. if i could attend the ROH, i would much rather attend ROH than wrestlemania. WWE is too boring anymore, they're allowing too much bullying & violence. i don't even watch raw anymore, it's not worth watching.

    • Kleck

      I’d love to attend both if I had the money to.

    • Too much bullying and violence? 1. There needs to be “bullying” in order for there to be heels. 2. Where’s the violence? It’s a pg show. I guess you wouldn’t really know since you “dont watch”. And I love ROH, but if you asked me which show I’d rather go to, it’s WM hands down. That’s like deciding whether to go to a little league game as opposed to the world series.

    • PainOfDemise

      Too much bullying and violence? I take it you only started watching it during the PG era.

  • bambi

    dear painofdemise & dangerouslee; i have watched raw since there was 3 TV channels, more years than probably either of you. back when Hogan & Steamboat & Andre, when they actually had 2 REAL hours of wrestling; that WAS wrestling. i have also met Sting, Lex Lugar & several others in person and yes pics & autographs; this was when they 1st started to wrestle in ECW. if they call this PG, i'd like to see the G ratings. all they do is talk, not wrestle. and when they do wrestle, they bring out tables & chairs & steps & announce tables. i would prefer it go back the way it was, over 15 years ago. if you prefer to go to WM, more power to you. i myself wouldn't pay his fees to sit in the nose bleed section or the front row. i have seen them (WWE) wrestle locally but the price just to get in was outrageous & 1/2 the show was cancelled, so i would go see ROH.