ROH Wrestling Planning To Sue Gabe Sapolsky Over Comments Made On Facebook Regarding iPPV Debacle

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I'm told ROH Wrestling served Gabe Sapolsky with a cease and desist letter over comments he made on Facebook, burying the company for the technical difficulties with their "Border Wars" iPPV last weekend.

Sapolsky reportedly signed a deal when he departed ROH in October 2008 that he wouldn't disparage the company. While I do not know the specifics, I'm told Ring of Honor intends to file a lawsuit. ROH officials are unable to comment on the situation because a lawsuit is pending.

  • christopher525

    Awwww, poor babies, they screwed the pooch and now they want to sue someone for calling them out over it. Careful, they might come after this site for defaming them.

  • Evan

    That company is nothing close to what it was just a few years ago. Austin Aries is correct when he said it is a shell of it's former self.

  • AJG316

    I thought that u guys weren't going to report ROH stuff anymore. I wonder if something has changed

  • Patrick_Peralta

    oh brother about as bad a storyline Big Johnny crying about Big Show making fun of him…… come one right or wrong Gabe has a right to his opinion and if they can't take critizsem or bpeople being negitive then they shouldn't be in bussiness and should stay home under the dam covers.

    today's world just sucks bunch of crybabies who have to sue for every little thing .

  • Dave Barton

    My 1st reaction was the same…"Gabe is entitled to voicing his opinion." But now knowing he signed a contract saying he wouldn't bash ROH, then obviously ROH has every right to sue him.

    However, I do feel this latest trend of "sign this contract that says you won't hurt our feelings" is pretty dopey.

  • Kerri

    What I don't get is why isn't ROH upset with Kevin Kelly and doing something to him?
    I mean, granted what Kevin tweeted after their tech. difficulties during WM weekend MIGHT of been the feeling of those in charge at ROH, but he made those feelings public and slammed GFL before ROH had the opportunity to line up with another carrier. He jumped the gun and put ROH in the under prepared spot they're in.

  • Kevin

    It's not about whether ROH can take the verbal abuse, or can handle the truth (if truth it is. I don't work for them, never have, so I don't have the inside info Gabe has.) It all boils down to the agreement Gabe signed upon his departure. If he signed an agreement not to disparage the company, and if that agreement is found to be legally binding in a court of law, then he violated the agreement, and the company has the right to sue him. Conan O'Brien signed just such an agreement when he left NBC, stating that he wouldn't say anything disparaging against the company or Jay Leno until after he got his own show on the air. Once he hit the air again, he let loose, but he kept his mouth shut until then. Agreements like this are produced and signed all the time. Gabe should have honored it, or, if he felt he was forced into signing it, should have fought it in court.