Roman Reigns On Not Having A Samoan Gimmick, Future Main Eventer, What Happens After Wrestlemania

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Roman Reigns spoke to The Washington Post to promote next week's go-home to Wrestlemania 30 episode of Monday Night Raw. Below are the highlights:

Not having a Samoan gimmick:

It was a process. Of course, immediately the thought was: “He’s Samoan, so let’s run with that.” But then I think they saw my personality, being more of a cultured guy, going to college, playing ball, things like that, just the kind of guy I am, you know, just be me — don’t try and focus on a nationality or an ethnicity or anything like that. Just be myself.

Getting mentioned as a main eventer and future champion:

I’ve always pictured myself being in the main event. It’s always been my expectation to be the top guy, the face of the company, the one with all of that responsibility. But that should be everybody’s goal. I didn’t get into this to just be in the middle of the pack. If you want to do that, go work in a different line of work. This isn’t the place to camouflage yourself. I’m trying to be the most exotic animal on this safari.

What's after Wrestlemania?

It’s Mania first. We want to get there the right way, and we want to just tear the house down. We wanna burn it down, put cracks in the wall, just demolish that place and have an awesome match.

As far as the next day? There’s going to be some gaps. There are going to be a bunch of big names that are gonna compete [at Wrestlemania] and then not be there on Monday. That’s when guys like myself, the rest of the Shield, Cesaro, the Usos . . . there’s a bunch of guys who want this and are willing to work every single day. If I’m a fan of the WWE, I would feel safe to know that your entertainment is in the right hands.

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  • Matt

    I like how he holds himself in an interview. If you don’t think you’re going to be the top guy, better pick a new career. He’s on his way to something big and I look forward to their match at Mania…despite it not being the most exciting, I know every man in that match is capable of huge things.

  • Michael

    Sounds like a main event player to me. Guys like Ryder can learn from this Rookie.

  • Xavier

    Very good interview. Reigns cones off as a really level headed guy willing too earn his way to the top. He has the right attitude and all the physical gifts too one day be the company ace and judging from this interview he seems to have it altogether mentally as well. Now it’s just a matter of him improving in the ring and on the mic which I’m sure he will continue to do.