Roman Reigns Says He Might Have Torn His Triceps At WWE Payback

Roman Reigns stated at the 15:24 mark on WWE Payback Fallout that he thinks he might have torn his triceps in the No Holds Barred Elimination Match against The Shield.

It's too early to confirm whether there is a legitimate injury or if Reigns was just selling the physicality of the match.

Richard Reacts: Hopefully this is all part of Reigns selling the match and he does not have a torn triceps. That's a serious injury that would require surgery and could possibly take him out for the rest of the year. If there's one thing I saw at Payback, it's that Reigns is ready for the next step. There's no way you could look at him in the bout with Triple H and say he didn't belong. He did and he's primed for superstardom.

  • kingdook24

    Yes, I watched the Payback Fallout and heard Reigns say this. God, I hope he’s just embellishing the physicality of the match. We already have DB out with an injury, we don’t need anyone from the Shield out right now.

  • Michael

    It looked like it when HHH hit him outside with the chair. It was near the closing minutes before the group went by the entrance.

  • Tomas

    “If there’s one thing I saw at Payback, it’s that Reigns is ready for the next step. There’s no way you could look at him in the bout with Triple H and say he didn’t belong.”

    Umm….Reigns did 5, maybe 6 moves the whole time. They have taken a page out of Cornette’s booking of Batista as Leviathan back in OVW and are protecting him by hiding his inexperience. What last night DID show is that Reigns has the ability to sell well, which is important because he IS going to be huge. However, they need to give him a couple years of singles experience before springboarding him to the Main Event scene. I mean, Jesus, you think Cena gets it bad with “you can’t wrestle chants -they’ll tear Reigns apart! He has yet to show he can perform in the ring alone on a main event level. He has yet to show that he can cut a good promo. Last night did however show, once again, that Ambrose and Rollins are LIGHT YEARS ahead of Reigns and that they are both ready for a Main Event push now.

    Also, if there’s a member of the Anoa’i family that they should push to the moon right NOW it’s Jimmy Uso. He can work his ass off, cut a damn good promo, and is a NATURAL on the camera.

    All that being said, I really do hope Roman Reigns is okay. He really is what everyone said Randy Orton was when he came into the business. A future superstar with almost limitless potential, except that unlike Orton, word is he’s actually humble and a decent person. I just don’t want them to turn him into John Cena 2.0 when he could be more like The Rock.

    • Tomas

      * CONSISTENTLY cut a good promo