Roman Reigns In Singles, Cena vs. Wyatt, Creative Booking Live Events, International Shows, Kenny King On Legends' House

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Do you agree that Romain Reigns isn't ready for a run in singles?

I understand why WWE decided to turn The Shield babyface rather than split them and push them in singles, what I didn't like was the way the indecisiveness played out on television in storylines. Timing is always important when attempting to elevate a new worker and with Daniel Bryan getting his run and Bray Wyatt being elevated, it was for the best WWE didn't attempt to throw The Shield members in the mix. However, I feel that Reigns is ready and will be successful when it happens. The timing was not right but Reigns is still primed for a successful run in singles.

Considering Super Cena's win/loss record in Last Man Standing matches, do you see Bray Wyatt having any luck at all walking out of the match? If not, wouldn't it hurt the build they have been putting behind Wyatt these past few months?

WWE will have to be careful with the booking of John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt at Payback because they do not want to take away from what they've been building over the last several months. If Wyatt goes over, it'll most likely be due to outside interference but I have a hard time believing Cena will not overcome the odds after the loss at Extreme Rules.

Do the creative writers have any direct involvement with non-televised events?

The creative writers communicate directives to producers, who run the live events. So to answer your question, yes, they have direct involvement.

When WWE Superstars work shows in Europe or Canada, do they need to get special work permits/visas?

Yes, WWE talent must have the appropriate paperwork in order to work international shows. This has been an issue in the past with talent that have domestic convictions being unable to enter other countries. Certain states in the US have different regulations in accordance with their athletic commission that can also require proper credentials. Last year, TNA ran into a situation in the state of Missouri where workers were not properly licensed and they had to do a live event with six workers not being cleared to wrestle.

I just caught up with WWE Legends' House and noticed Kenny King in several of the segments during the Chippendales segment. Has he signed a WWE developmental contract? I thought he was still with TNA.

Kenny King is still with TNA Wrestling. WWE Legends' House was filmed back in 2012 and was delayed due to the delayed launch of the WWE Network. He is a former Chippendale’s dancer.

From the Ask WNW vault…

August 2012: With growing concerns from WWE talent about the pay and compensation they are receiving; can you see a union for professional wrestlers forming in the future? - We get questions from time-to-time about a pro wrestling union with the issue really being brought the the forefront after the Benoit tragedy, however, I don’t see how it would be possible. Performer’s contracts in WWE are signed as independent contractor agreements, where the workers agree they are not classified as employees even though the company stipulates very specifically when and where they can work. Former workers have challenged the contracts in court, however, they are iron clad in terms of validity and enforcement.

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  • Theophilus McFadden Jr.

    People actually watch Legends House?

    • Frank Rizzo

      Richard has posted screen shots each week of the most watch shows on wwe network and I believe every episode has been the most the watched show each week

      • Bob’s Diner

        No it is usually second or third. Slam City actually out drew it this week

    • Joey

      Legends House is great!!!! It takes you further into the life’s and personalities of the Legends and i hope it keeps having success so we can get another season with different legends each time!

      • Gerr Bear

        Imagine a legends house with the Attitude Era stars!

    • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

      It’s hilarious.

  • wagdaddy

    Reigns is not ready….seems to freeze when he is on the mic, only says a couple of non-descrip things…..Ambrose is the one with personality, swagger, mic skills and enough ring skills to work by himself…did you hear him on the commentary?…Reigns will go the way of Ryback and other big goofs with NO personality to speak of…

    • jman72485

      Don’t forget Rollins. Hrs pretty decent on the Mic. Has good ring skills too. I see him as the next Jeff Hardy type of wrestler, pulling of all sorts of high flying and daredevil type of moves…

      • cranktheradio

        I actually think he’s much more well rounded than Hardy.

    • Tony Dee

      Reigns is playing up his character as the strong but silent enforcer. When he was in NXT, as the Thoroughbred, Reigns always exuded confidence on the mic. All he needs is to be given that gimmick again and he’ll be fine. Also, no personality? This guy has a presence that doesn’t come along often. Reigns also has crowd pleasing charisma. Maybe you don’t see it but plenty do.

      • Bob’s Diner

        Call me when WWE actually have enough confidence in him to give him a singles match on a PPV. Then we’ll see if he is ready

        • Tony Dee

          Reigns will have many singles matches, on PPV and otherwise, once he’s out of The Shield. I think the fact that he’s main evented the entire UK tour so far with Orton shows WWE has quite a bit of confidence in Reigns. HHH could’ve easily slipped someone else in to replace Bryan. They’re grooming him for the transition.

          • Bob’s Diner

            House shows are one thing – television and PPV are another.
            He hasn’t had a singles match on PPV yet. And he has been on the main roster for a year and a half. How many singles matches has he had on television has had in that time as well?

            Like I’ve said countless times, let the guy have an actual singles career before throwing all this pressure on him to be the next big thing.

          • Tony Dee

            I agree with you. Reigns definitely needs to be established as a singles wrestler before he enters any major title picture. I know there are some overzealous fans who say he should be involved in talks of that now but I’m not one of them. I just want to see Reigns’ singles career begin then we’ll see what happens from there.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Your response makes me pleased with its sensibility. I actually know of one website where the site owner/writer believes to this day Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt should have headlined WrestleMania 30 for the world title.

    • Tomas

      No, Reigns is going to be John Cena 2.0. Someone with the look they like that they’re going to shove down our throats before paying his dues. Reigns has talent but he needs another 2-3 years being developed before he’s ready for the position they want him in. Right now he’s the one holding Ambrose and Rollins back.

      • Bob’s Diner

        Completely agree. Notice John Cena has even said something about Reigns being ‘the guy’ in the future? He is who the company have wanted to push from day one, which is why they teamed him with not only the two most experienced wrestlers in NXT, but also two of the most popular guys to ‘internet fans’ to give him credibility. And everyone bought it. I’ve even seen people claiming Daniel Bryan should drop the title to him. It is bizarre, considering he has still only had a handful of singles matches on television – and still hasn’t even had one on a PPV

  • DW

    I wonder what Wyatt will do after this long…and I do mean loooooong Ceba feud. I wonder what Cena will do…the more I’ve gotta back in to wrestling the more it seems like the writers have tapped out. I like that Evolution is back, but like their new Tshirts…I don’t care for them. It’s nice to look at behind glass and remember what that group was but I’m already over it. Idk. It is after wrestlmania so I’ll just be patient. Also, this isn’t a WNW thing but I’m really hating this JBL announcer thing . When he first started it was great!!! But now, not so much. Maybe it’s all 3 of them, or the live tweets, or the repetative nature, or the “oh he looks hurt” (no [email protected]&?). It feels like they are commentating for 5 year olds. And they maybe just marketing to kids now, maybe I’m to old.

    • Robert Olley

      This isnt a long feud back in the 90s feuds would last a year easily

    • Bob’s Diner

      Agree with you about JBL; I find him constantly yelling at the others really annoying. All three of them are possibly the worst commentators in the history of WWE.

  • David Jr.

    “Considering Super Cena’s win/loss record in Last Man Standing matches, do you see Bray Wyatt having any luck at all walking out of the match? ” I don’t get this question. John Cena’s been in 5 Last Man Standing Matches.
    Royal Rumble 2007 vs. Umaga – John Cena won.
    Backlash 2009 vs. Edge – Edge won.
    Extreme Rules 2010 vs. Batista – John Cena won.
    Vengeance 2011 vs. Alberto Del Rio – Alberto Del Rio won.
    Extreme Rules 2013 vs. Ryback – No Contest.
    So John Cena is 2-2-1 in last man standing matches, so why wouldn’t Bray Wyatt have any luck?

    • Charlie Crimefighter Hovey

      He has had more than that.. He won against jbl the great kali and randy Orton

      • David Jr.

        Unless it happened on an episode of Raw or Smackdown, he never had a last man standing match against Randy Orton, JBL or the Great Khali.

        • Charlie Crimefighter Hovey

          Yes he has.. Jbl for the wwe title.. The great kali also for the wwe title and randy Orton also for the wwe title.. All were on pay per views.. I think 2005,2006, 2007 or 2008..

          • David Jr.

            No he hasn’t. The closest was Randy Orton at No Mercy 2007 but the match didn’t happen, Cena tore his pectoral muscle.

          • Super Crazy

            Dude he acknowledged his match with JBL on tv last week

          • Xavier

            It was an I Quit Match. I have that PPV on DVD. It was Judgement Day 2005

          • David Jr.

            Thank you.

          • David Jr.

            I researched it, and I found the five matches, JBL and John Cena last man standing match didn’t happened. I checked, then double checked, then triple checked and came to the conclusion that I have no idea what John Cena was talking about.

          • savokes

            JBL and Orton matches were “I Quit” matches (’05 vs JBL, ’09 vs Orton) The Khali match was a “Falls Count Anywhere” match in ’07…Cena only has those 5 “Last Man Standing” matches that David Jr. referenced above

    • Xavier

      Because John Cena buries people *rolls eyes*

    • Jay El Bee

      Because he put the word super in front of Cena’s name.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      Isn’t it I Quit matches that John Cena hasn’t lost?

      • David Jr.

        Yes, John Cena hasn’t lost an I Quit match.

  • Malboja

    I don’t see the point of the fued between cena and bray wyatt
    Where is the pay off
    Bray wants to change cena
    Well we all know that’s not going to happen so it’s going to have to be cena coming out on top again and thus going over an up and coming star
    While I like that bray is in the main event picture I feel it was a mistake putting him in a no win position

    • Guest

      Bray was suppose to get the payoff, but because of how much these idiots followed the damn buzzards and singing along like puppets and sheep, then now John Cena has to go out on top. But I have a feeling Bray will go over Cena and get a good payoff in the near future….like a championship match.

      • Malboja

        But that’s just it , the pay off for bray is to change cena …
        It’s not just about winning the matches anymore
        Even if bray wins there will be no change in cena and so it would be pointless
        Same as the Daniel bryan fued
        And the monster he “got” out of kane was a guy in a suit
        They need to give him some kind of pay off or send him in a different direction like maybe instead of trying to change other wrestlers chase a title and change the “mind of the people”
        I’d be fairly happy with Harper and rowen getting tag team titles and having some good tag team fueds

  • Vic Jose

    At Extreme Rules Cena lost technically yes, but clearly he had the match won if not for a little kid, it was a good swerve but wasn’t really a clear decisive victory for Wyatt and I think that needs to happen still.

    • John

      That’s the whole point… They are not going to put Bray Wyatt over Cena clean under any circumstances. Cena must be protected at all costs.

  • packerpf

    Hope wyatt beats cena, him losing would destroy all this great build up.