Ronda Rousey Knocked Out By Holly Holm

The unthinkable happened at UFC 193 from Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia on Saturday. A record crowd of 56,214 witnessed Holly Holm knock out Ronda Rousey to win the UFC bantamweight championship.

The fight, completely one-sided, ended 59 seconds into the second round when Holm landed a left head kick to the jawline of Rousey. The referee stopped the fight when Rousey fell to the mat, incapacitated.

Rousey was transported to the hospital where she was treated for facial cuts. She did not suffer a concussion but was admitted overnight. The loss moves Rousey's record to 12-1, with Holm improving to 10-0.

Many have wondered why Vince McMahon has never gotten into Mixed Martial Arts, I've always been told he believes once a fighter loses, their ability to draw is damaged. UFC will have the opportunity to sell the rematch but Rousey will have to be better.

Information from ESPN.com was used in this report.

  • Michael

    So has her stock in WWE declined too?

  • Snap

    Vince’s logic is clearly flawed, as Brock Lesnar lost his first UFC fight. And, remind me again, who has one of the biggest contracts in WWE today?

  • BIG M

    I was there sitting in the 5th row.
    I Still Can’t believe Rousey lost let alone got KO’d.

    • Vomkrieg

      I only saw highlights, but it looked like she was outmatched the whole bout and Holm looked in charge for the whole fight.

      And that finish looked brutal as.

      • BIG M

        Either she was outmatched or Ronda got Cocky.
        Holm”s game plan was pretty simple keep striking and stay on her feet because she would’ve been out matched in the grappling game.
        It worked Ronda got her face bashed in for 7 Minutes essentially Until Holm throw that head kick.

    • Michael

      Big M, you suck! You had good seats in that see of humanity

      • BIG M

        LOL sorry mate!.
        If it makes you feel any better I owe favours to about 20 people.
        And even after that the tickets still cost me a small fortune.