Rosa Mendes Calls Out Brad Maddox Over Scam Artist's Fake Locker Room Video

-Wrestling News World reader Sara sent word that Rosa Mendes called out Brad Maddox on Twitter for allegedly posting a video of her changing in the Divas locker room. The video, however, was made by a notorious scam artist who has previously impersonated CM Punk. The video that was posted by the fake Maddox is spliced with real clips from his previous online show, and the woman in the video is not Rosa. Rosa's tweets are compiled below:

  • buddah5050

    Who’s Rosa Mendes??

  • jdl

    I love that "blah blah blah, with the wrong *insert descriptor" line. It's either the biggest stereotype int he world, or the worst threat in history.

  • Patrick Peralta

    not suprised she would call out Maddox on the video

  • Patrick Peralta

    i checked her twitter account looks like she removed the tweets they are not listed

  • JPC

    No video link?