Rosa Mendes In Puerto Rico, Confirmed Rumble Participants, Sean Waltman Not Giving Up On Scott Hall

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- The Smackdown crew is in Puerto Rico this weekend. Rosa Mendes is so excited she posted a photo of her Puerto Rican license to wrestle on Twitter. You can view it below:

- For those that missed Smackdown, both Randy Orton and Sheamus added themselves to the 30-man Royal Rumble match. John Cena added himself to the bout on this week's WWE Raw.

- Given our last update on Scott Hall, I was relieved to see this come across Twitter on Saturday morning:

  • Patrick Peralta

    they should give up on him.

    • Outkazt09

      Not if he is trying this DDP yoga stuff. That's helped a lot of wrestlers. Though mainly for injuries or to stay in shape, this may help. Good luck to him.

    • PapaBurgundy

      Really? Really?? Really??? I pray you never find yourself in a position where others “judge” you, & make comments like that about you. FYI Jesus Christ will NEVER give up on ANYBODY! Have a Blessed day Patrick

      • Grumpy McGrump

        Really? Really?? Really?? What's old JC done for us lately? This site's for wrestling news. Keep the comments on topic and leave the Godsquaddy crap where it belongs, with Scott in the gutter. Have a totally crappy day, PapaBurgundy.

      • chiliman1


        • Grumpy McGrump

          I make a 'keep the religion out of it' comment and get upvoted. (+2 at time of writing)
          You make an 'amen' comment in response and get downvoted. (-1 at time of writing)

          Don't worry brah, I understood the sarcasm. I've cancelled out the downvote with an upvote of my own. Have a nice day.

          • Frenchfry

            You are so witty my friend

    • Grumpy McGrump

      Surprised they haven't already. You can't help someone who won't help themselves, and Scott has proved countless times over the years that he has no intention of helping himself, and still people fall over themselves trying to 'save' him and all those addict wasters like him. These saviors care more about themselves and their image than the people they're trying to save if you ask me. Leave the fool alone to die in a gutter if that's what he wants to do.

    • Nostaljack

      Shameful comment… (@ Patrick)

  • At this point, even John Cena would give up on Scott Hall..

    • Rayner Chee-bai

      That's really something. LOL

  • _JIM_

    Scott Hall has some serious demons he's working through. If you saw the story that E:60 did on him for ESPN it went into detail. Living with the kind of guilt that he lives with everyday for taking that guys life has to be horrible, and I wouldn't wish that kind of pain on my worst enemy. As if that alone isn't bad enough he also lives with the guilt of his family breaking up because of his problems and also the guilt that comes along with throwing away a career where he was at the top of the business that he undoubtedly loves quite a lot. I wish Scott the best and hope that he really takes this DDP Yoga thing serious. Because if it helped Jake Roberts it can help anybody. The key is going to be sticking with it, and I really hope that Scott does. It'd be great to see him get straight so he can get his life back on track. Because I'd love to see that happen so he can stick it to all the really classy people who used to kiss his butt when he was on top, but then did nothing but bad mouth him when he was at his lowest.

    • Grumpy McGrump

      Scott killed someone?
      *Goes off to Wikipedia*
      Moses on a Moped, he did! Your post was the first time I'd ever heard that about him, and that's after almost 30 years watching wrestling. And here was me thinking all this time that he was just some rich retard who caved in to peer pressure and tried s**t 'cos it was cool'. That puts his situation into so much more perspective now.
      He's not a weak-willed muppet who tried drugs for fun when he should have known better.
      He's a weak-willed muppet who tried drugs because he couldn't cope with his life in any other way.
      Still weak, but not as weak, and so I might, MIGHT, be able to muster up a little bit of sympathy.

      • Grumpy McGrump

        Two thumbs up? Wow, I so expected that to get thumbed down to oblivion.
        I'm impressed.

      • Matt S.

        There is a stupid level of irony in you calling anyone a troll. Ever. You’re one if the worst. A pretentious ass who evidently finds himself funny.


    Why are the wrestlers adding themselfs into the Royal Rumble??

    I thought WWE picks who gets entered……

    so will that mean Khali, Santino, Yoshi, Ryder, Ricardo, Otunga, Heath Slater, Jinder wil also add themselfs on this weeks WWE Raw?????


    • Ken

      The bigger stars got tenure?

  • PapaBurgundy

    Thanks Grumpy, but above all I am a born again Christian, & I would love to tell you all the amazing Blessings my Savior Jesus Christ has given my family. I’m not ashamed of my faith, & I do pray God softens Scott Hall’s heart, & turns his life into an amazing testimony. God Bless you & your family always Grumpy

    • Grumpy McGrump

      Was that really worth posting a new comment rather than replying directly to the comment to which you're replying to?
      There's a reason religion has a bad name these days. It's because certain people don't know how to keep their personal beliefs personal and feel some sort of desperate need to inform everyone around them in a passive-aggressive self-superior sort of way, as though you're shouting your faith out loud because deep down you're insecure about it and want to prove to yourself that you made the right choice.
      Shouting something louder doesn't make it any more valid you know.
      You're a born again Christian? Good for you. If that's what floats your Ark then go with it. If you're a born-againer though there's likely a reason for your conversion, which likely means you were something of a douchestraw beforehand. If you think a sudden conversion benefits you then in the afterlife then fine, if you think the Big G will look back on your life and say "YOU KNOW WHAT? YOU WERE A TOOL BUT THEN YOU GOT BETTER SO HERE, HAVE A FREE PASS TO PARADISE" and wave you on in then fine, it's your delusion, but for crying out loud please keep it to yourself.
      This is a wrestling website not a spiritual discussion board, you oiksome little troll.

      • LeftyTosser

        Grumpy, I also am a born again believer in Jesus Christ. I am not interested in any attention that you or anyone else bestows on me. Becoming a Christian does not have to do with someone being a tool, or needing a conversion. Everyone is loved by God and it is OUR choice as to whether we love Him back or not. Simple as that. I grew up in a church going family and moved away from the church about the time I went off to college. I realized in my late 20s that something was missing and I found out that my personal relationship with Jesus was not where it was supposed to be. I am not trying to convert you on a wrestling board. It is not my job to convert anyone. I accept the responsibility that was given to me that I should spread His word. After the message of God's love is given, it is up to the person to believe or not, simple as that.
        Back to wrestling, I know that Scott has carried the demon of the death he caused 30 years ago. He has also carried a huge burden with the demons of drug and alcohol abuses, and all of this has taken a toll on him personally. The biggest battle that he seems to face, based on conversations with a close friend of his, is that he still does not see himself as worthy of help or saving. Yes, it is an dependency issue, but it is also a mental issue of how he sees himself. Whether he can get over that hump and start to understand how valuable his life is, especially to his children, is strictly up to him and God.

        • Grumpy McGrump

          Back to wrestling, you said, and yet how do you end the post?
          Seems you're not capable of bringing it back to wrestling.

          • LeftyTosser

            I believe I ended it with the topic of this thread, Scott Hall.

          • Matt S.

            Not quite. You ended it with “up to God”. Why is religion being argued on a wrestling site!?

  • Maz

    Wwe should of used Scott Hall in the streight edge society – joining the group and claiming the cm punk saved him, but soon as he came wasted punk hitting him with the GTS

  • Victor

    I'm officially adding myself to the Royal Rumble also! lol

  • Logan_Walker

    Religion is the personification of hypocrisy. Enough said. Problem? Live with it!

  • PapaBurgundy

    Oh Logan, nobody’s talking about religion. Just about a personal faith. There will never be a problem. God Bless you & your family.

  • Kevin

    I had to scoll to the top of the page to doublecheck that I was still on the WNW website. With all this religious talk going on, I thought I had accidentally wondered onto the Inspiration Television Network website. Nope. I'm still on WNW. SO WHY THE HELL ARE WE DISCUSSING RELIGION?!