Rosa Mendes Involved In Car Accident, Taken To Hospital For Evaluation

The official WWE website has announced that Rosa Mendes was involved in car accident late Friday night in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mendes' car was stopped at a traffic light before she was struck by a vehicle traveling almost 50 miles per hour. WWE reports that up to 6 cars were involved in the resulting accident. Rosa was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation.

Click here to read the full announcement.

  • xChristenLynnx

    Poor Rosa i hope she is okay just shows some people should not have a drivers license that is how tragedies happen

  • Thomas

    I read this and I was like oh God! I hope she's ok. I pray for her safety and if she is hurt that she will heel quickly. Some people shouldn't be on the road. I just hope it isn't serious.

  • spike westphal

    poor rosa i hope her good looks are not spoiled and i hope she ok

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I wish her a speedy recovery.

  • Kevin

    What happens in Vegas…..gets you put in a hospital. I hope she's ok. Unfortunately, that's the nature of Vegas. All those lights at night are so distracting that drivers not used to the sights don't pay attention to the road. And doing 50 was a bit fast, I'm sure. I hope Rosa is ok, and the idiot that hit her is in jail.

  • Ron

    you wish it was the lights that distract people. Cell phones distract people more often. A lack of sobriety follows. But people who drive in Vegas, just plainly suck. Consider the poor education that rules the district. Now consider how teenagers are taught. when they learn to drive.