Rosa Mendes Update

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Rosa Mendes did not accompany Primo & Epico to the ring for their match against The Prime Time Players on this week's WWE Raw.

For those that missed our coverage, Mendes was involved in an incident at the San Antonio International Airport after allegedly being battered by her fiancé former WWE star Jackson Andrews at their shared residence in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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  • Kevin

    This guy was such a flash in the pan that I don't even remember his time in the WWE, and don't recognize him from his picture on Wikipedia. He got released due to continually missing training sessions, so it sounds like he has a "mightier than thou" attitude when it comes to other people. Probably why he beat on Rosa. What he needs is an Attitude Adjustment, and I don't mean John Cena's finishing move either. I usually advocate self-defense, not outright violence, but in this guy's case I'm willing to make an exception. A couple of guys need to snatch him up in the dark of the night and ballbat his sorry a** until he begs for mercy, the entire time yelling, "This is for Rosa, you no-good piece of s***!" We called it a blanket party in the military.