Rosa's Backside Exposed On WWE Main Event; Latest Triple H/Michael Cole Interview

Wardrobe Malfunction on WWE Main Event

There was a wardrobe malfunction on this week's episode of WWE Main Event as Layla grabbed the trunks of Rosas Mendes and exposed her backside, while working on the ring apron. There were more than a few people that questioned whether or not it was intentional as WWE looks to build promotion for next Sunday's season premiere of Total Divas on E. Mendes is new to the cast for Season 3.

Latest Triple H/Michael Cole Interview

This week's kayfabe sit-down between Triple H and Michael Cole s now online. In making some notes, Hunter confirmed Brock Lesnar will defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against John Cena at Night of Champions. He said the entire Bella family is messed up and promoted the SummerSlam rematches on next week's Raw with Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt taking place in a steel cage.

Click here to watch now or check it out in the video embedded below:

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  • Moose

    It seems apparent WWE is desperate for attention. I wouldn’t doubt this being intentional.

    • Patrick

      I agree this is happening to often in WWE lately.

    • It happened with one of the Bellas close to a Total Divas moment. I just can’t remember, it was recent though.

      • Moose

        I’m guessing it’s another attempt at publicity coinciding with the “spicy” ad for Total Divas where Mendes was topless (blurred of course). It can’t be a coincidence.

      • Padres4life

        brie last year had a nip slip right before season 1. it was on Miz Tv.

  • Padres4life

    well i guess since the Bellas are still involeved with the Authority that they’ll have Nikki turn on them and infiltrate them and rejoin Brie later on…Triple H also called them losers on Raw..so I guess he’s not pro Nikki….I could see stephanie backing Nikki and Triple H backing Paige and having them both temporarily join the Authority.