Royal Rumble Entrants/Winner, Rey Mysterio Update, WWE Network Programming

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Are you disappointed a lot of the Royal Rumble participants have already been announced, taking away a lot of the surprise?

I just penned an update on the participants for the 30-man Royal Rumble match as WWE still only lists 9 workers on their official entrants list. I do not believe everyone that was featured in the closing segment of WWE Raw will be in the match as they just wanted to create the Rumble atmosphere so they cleared the locker room.

Who are the favorites to win this year's Royal Rumble? Please tell me it's not John Cena.

The two names I have heard since late last year, and have reported, are Sheamus and Ryback. The plans for the 30-man Royal Rumble match were actually finalized around a month ago although the names I reported were before plans were finalized and I haven't heard any leaks since. I would love to alleviate your concerns but at this time that's all the information I have.

Have you heard any update on Rey Mysterio and his current family situation?

Rey Mysterio is dealing with a personal matter that has required him to take time off. We do not feel it's appropriate to disclose any more details other than he worked last weekend in Los Angeles.

Whatever happened to the "Legend's House" show that was supposed to air on the WWE Network? Last I heard it had started filming and was set to appear on SyFy.

WWE Legend's House wrapped about a year ago and is ready to air… the problem is there is no home for the series. WWE hoped they would be able to launch the WWE Network last year but the fact of the matter is they were unable to get clearance/distribution deals signed to get it in enough homes. Negotiations remain and the only thing we know for sure is the WWE Network will be a paid subscription model. I posted an extensive update here on Premium on Friday. If you are not yet a Premium Member you can signup now at this link.

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  • jackkedx10

    The one thing i like about the Rumble is that theres atleast 2-3 surprise appearance thats no one knows about and that for me makes it exciting even after so many years of watching it.

  • John

    Billy “Mr Ass” Gunn & John Morrison will definitely appear in my opinion.. Not expecting anything as cool as Diesel last year though

  • Chris

    I have been wondering, if Ziggler were given the win, while carrying the case, how would they spin it?

    • steve pritchard

      Been wondering the same thing! It just doesn’t make sense putting him in with the brief case! He may be the dark horse in the match! If not the winner! I bet he’s going to some kind of role in how it eventually plays out. Cena is the projected winner! But I think it’s just too predictable! Ziggler or ryback would be a good shocker! Ryback vs rock would be awesome!

      • Chris

        Ryback will probably win, if not him then Sheamus, Ziggler would be able to be a dual champ if they let him win.

  • Mark3man

    Would ziggler to win it and win both titles at mania, however as this was said on last nights raw commentary it will never happen
    1 hour ago

  • Smexy “JAY” Shuffle

    If Rock wins at RR will he lose the title at Elimination Chamber or still carry it? for him to carry the title till WM he needs to be wrestling from this Sunday to WM….and if CM Loses this could be a feud match 1 is @ RR, match 2 will be @ Elimination Chamber and match 3 will be @ WM?