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John Cena is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and he gets a very mixed reaction from the crowd. Cole says that this afternoon, Cena passed ten million fans on Facebook, rattling off some of the people that he's more popular than, including the Dali Lama, and the Rock.

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  • Deioveon


    • Samuel

      Yeah no kidding the one match I wasn’t crazy about was pretty good

  • daniel

    is this real time or happend minutes ago?

  • Deioveon


  • Joseph Nachar

    Great coverage

  • richard mills

    worst match so far in an extremely bad ppv so far….. not worth paying £15 on box office…..dont know why i do all the time…..never gets better……bring on against all odds

  • Wayne

    Can’t have cena lose now can we…. What a joke

    • H.M.

      Has to look strong for Rocky.

  • Brian rodriquez

    Who won?

    • Van

      nobody was a double count out.what's strange is on a different website,it said they went to a "Be A Star" video after Zack Ryder was taken out of the arena on a stretcher.

  • Code

    Their Most Likely Gonna Kill This Storyline off at Elimination Chamber

  • hurrigame

    Double countout was lame finish. Was looking for Cena to embrace the hate.

  • H.M.

    Where was the blood man. Lol.

  • Mike

    Just watched this match… I'm a little behind, I know…
    This thing with Zack in the wheelchair and Kane going after him while Cena's out of it…
    Did anyone else get a No Holds Barred type of vibe, or was that just me?

    Cena = Rip Thomas
    Zack = Randy Thomas
    Kane = The Human Wrecking Machine, Zeus

    I was waiting to see Zack's little finger twitch in the middle of the ring after Kane Tombstoned him.

  • khalkaroth

    Why was I looking forward to this match? It has Cena in it… should have changed channel and waited it out to not give them any raitings during the match… wait, maybe it has something to do with the fact that I got deceived into thinking that Masked Kane is back when in fact he's just unmasked kane with a mask on… oh well…

    I just find really suspicious how their builded kane at the end, with Cole and the WWE website saying "Who will stop Kane?" *gong* last taker match at WM vs Kane? (Kane ends up resisting 4-5 tombstones but wins anyway and end the streak… ah, I totally expect that)

    And what kind of Tombstone was that? Felt like a backyard-wrestling kid's Tombstone or something… would make a bit of sense coming from those Nickelodeon super hero rejects.

    • Bruno

      You come online and claim to hate cena. Continue stupefying yourself. You cannot stay for a day without watching cena

      • khalkaroth

        Yeah… you're sure you've red the same thing that I've written? I merely stated that normally I do not find any interest in watching him, the guy just isn't entertaining. Was also my first PPV in a year and I watched it at my friend's house, I obviously had the power to change channels.

        He can also get whichever reaction he want, I doubt he wanted to be the attention-seeker he his right now when he was a kid.

  • @ease9310

    I loved the match,it deserved to be in a PPV.It should happen again at the next WWE PPV,and it should be the main event match.It was so epic.