ROYAL RUMBLE LIVE COVERAGE: World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Cage Match: Daniel Bryan vs Big Show vs Mark Henry

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Daniel Bryan is the first man out to the ring, celebrating the fact that he's the World Champion the whole way down. He makes sure to stop in front of the announce table to gloat in front on Cole.

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  • Crocodile bundy

    Daniel Bryan is a lucky man. Does NOT deserve that title

    • James

      He kinda does hes a really good athlete its building him up because henry and show have both prooved they are worth the title and bryan hasnt he will probably drop the title at elimination chamber then go to mania to win that will push him huge and give him huge heel heat

  • T-Boy

    Yes!! D-bryan retains! My first prediction is correct.

    • Van

      same here.lets see if the other predictions will be correct as well

  • Lindsay Anderson

    I couldn't agree more! Daniel Bryan just got lucky! Hate that wussy! Big Show shoulda won! I hope Triple H does something with this moron! He's getting to be an ingrown toenail that's infecting me big time! Hope Triple H fires Laurinaitis & the other wusses @ WWE. Promote Teddy Long & keep the good guys in the industry. Shit's gettin' old!

    • Dunstan

      You're ignorant

    • H.M.

      People like you still exist?

  • Jackson

    YES! YES! YES! YES! D-Bry retains!!!!!! YES! YES! YES! hahaha suck on that haters!

  • Bigbdawg

    D Bryan gonna lose at the chamber there’s no was the garbage can be champ at mania

  • Bigbdawg

    D Bryan gonna lose at the chamber there’s no way that garbage can be champ at mania

  • hurrigame

    D-Bryan retains. Or as Miz would put it: Awesome! Besides, Show and Henry have HAD their time in the spotlight. Henry needs to heal and Show needs to give his spot to someone else.

  • kung fu panda jr

    D Bryan is overrated would rather see Barrett or Cody Rhouds with the belt on SD

  • j8duong

    As much as I love seeing DBry win, for some reason that ending seemed anticlimactic and seemed more like DBry slipped out coz Show's hand was too slippery…It seemed too short for a World Title Cage match /: maybe it was just me…

  • Deadman_walking

    Daniel Bryan is one of the greatest wrestlers but has no charisma and is a little overrated

  • khalkaroth

    This PPV made me remember why I don't watch WWE anymore, first one in a very long while. Sure, there was some good spots, but most of it looked as if they were held on a leash by this whole PG crap and their amateurish attempts at squeezing out reactions from everybody and everything they can get their hands on.

    As for this match: couple of random unentertaining spots, followed by Daniel Bryan going up the cage faster than usual, confirming you that the match will end soon.

  • You’ve made my day! Thx again