Ruling Out Two Former WWE Stars As TNA's Big Free Agent Signing

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Both MVP and Dave Batista have said they are not the "big free agent" signing that Dixie Carter hyped on Twitter. The following is from their verified Twitter accounts:

We haven't heard who Carter is referring too as of press time.  Below is her Tweet that started the rampant speculation:


  • WNW Fan

    Kurt Angle? Jeff Hardy? Jeff Jarrett?

    • Josh

      Dude those three are already under contract. I have zero clue who this could be so it isnt that big of a free agent. Unless he or she is from indepentent scene.

  • Chris

    Knowing TNA it’s probably Doink the clown, or Koko B. Ware!

  • RJH

    It can also be just a BIG guy/Women….

  • Chris

    Keeps my thoughts of Benjamin, Morrison, or Phoenix.

  • ldb


    • Razmos

      Its Curry Man

  • richie

    It’s probably RVD.

  • Nostaljack

    Can we really expect whoever it is to be honest about it on Twitter? The person who’s beings signed is going to lie until Dixie makes the announcement. There is, of course, no way it’s either of these guys. Whoever TNA signed won’t be that big of a deal anyway, of course.

  • Adam

    I say John Morrison

    • Mike G

      Most likely

  • jdl

    It’s probably RVD, keep in mind that Dixie Carter is a bit of a moron when it comes to stuff like this. She’s running a wrestling company when she has no understanding of wrestling fans and what constitutes a big deal.

  • John Morrison

  • The Breaker

    Keep in mind that it could also be an ex-athlete from the NFL or UFC.. TNA has done similar things in the past.

    And the fact that she used the phrase “Summer adventure” makes me think this guy won’t be working long-term, which also goes along with the possibility it’s an ex-athlete. Either that, or Dixie signed a movie actor. lol

  • JaMaaXL

    In all honesty, they consider any former WWE mid-card to upper-mid card talent “HUGE” so let’s not get our hopes too high

  • Justin Savage

    Think about this, James Storm is looking for a tag team partner….I’m going with Chris Harris being the free agent and they will reform AMW.

  • PD

    Why is everyone acting like she is overhyping it? She just said it was big, not game changing or the biggest ever, just big.

  • LBP365

    It’s an ROH guy I bet it’s charlie Hass or Shelton B. NOTICE Shelton not listed on nwxt big event for ROH (or what they call big event ) there stoeyline lines was so good now they just well just.