Rumble Letdown, Is WWE Listening?, RVD Return, Wyatt's Work, New Tag Champs

Was it just me or was the Royal Rumble a let down, with the exception of Roman Reigns and the Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt singles match? It just felt like Batista was thrown in to win it, anticlimactic if you will.

I warned everyone on Friday that if you're going into Royal Rumble expecting some kind of miraculous swerve, you were setting yourself up to be disappointed. I also noted on numerous occasions that Batista was favored to win the Rumble match and would get complete protection to build momentum with his return. However, the crowd didn't care that Bryan wasn't advertised for the Royal Rumble match. They didn't care that Batista was favored or Randy Orton and John Cena had another match for the WWE title, all they cared about was Daniel Bryan getting his moment. That moment didn't come and it backfired on WWE. Vince McMahon is a smart man and part of me believes this is all part of an angle (more on that later) but WWE ended the night with egg on their face. Regardless of what anyone says, when a crowd turns that hard on one of the biggest matches of the year, it's a serious problem. Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt opened with a match that was impossible to follow and Roman Reigns is getting his shot. Other than that, this was a "by the book show" that I'm not sure created the momentum towards Wrestlemania that the company was looking for.

Are the powers that be in WWE really listening to their fans? I mean you hear all the higher ups say it's the fans that decide what really happens. Then why does it seem like the chants for Daniel Bryan have fallen on deaf ears?

As soon as the Royal Rumble pay-per-view ended, Daniel Bryan Tweeted an apology to his fans and told them to keep voicing their opinions. You can read the Tweets here at Anyone that knows anything about Bryan, knows this isn't like him. He's not the type of guy that's going to go to Twitter (of all places) to express disdain over the booking of his character. It's likely that Vince McMahon or one of the other higher ups told him to play it up on social media. It's also feasible that Bryan is just that frustrated but I continue to hear there are big plans for Bryan. There's no way WWE is going to ignore what happened at Royal Rumble and I fully expect angles to capitalize off the strong reaction. The problem is it might have been at the cost of one of the biggest shows of the year.

Is RVD still under contract with WWE? If yes, when will he come back?

Rob Van Dam does not have an active WWE Performer's Contract but he's believed to be in negotiations for another one. When he returned to the company last summer, the deal was a short-term agreement for him to work three months. He worked his time and left. It's unknown what the length of the new deal will be but Vince McMahon is an RVD fan and he is expected back.

After Bray Wyatt's singles match at Royal Rumble against Daniel Bryan, has he finally proven that he can perform at a brilliant level?

Bray Wyatt put to rest any rumblings that he can't work at Royal Rumble on Sunday night. He was given an opportunity with the best worker in the world and made good on it in a big way. The bout, which was easily his best in WWE to date, will raise expectations for him. I grew very frustrated with people that accused he couldn't work, especially when the critics came out in droves following his match at SummerSlam. The point of emphasis was on his gimmick, not his in-ring work. However, when the point of emphasis shifted, as it did at Royal Rumble, he passed with flying colors.

This question was Tweeted to me @wnwdotcom using the hashtag #AskWNW… What are your thoughts on NAO winning the tag belts at Royal Rumble? #AskWNW

The 15-year-old in me popped for it. Cody Rhodes and Goldust took their reign as WWE Tag Team Champions about as far as they could take it and what a better way for the company to capitalize on two other guys that tapped into Goldust's anti-aging serum? After Goldust eliminated Cody Rhodes from the Royal Rumble match later on in the night, speculation is going to increase that this is the year WWE finally does Goldust vs. Cody Rhodes, so we'll see what happens.

From the Ask WNW vault…

January 2013: How do WWE officials feel abut tattoos on wrestlers? - About 10 years ago WWE officials discouraged workers from getting ink, however, tattoos are so popular now, nothing is said. The company includes wrestler tattoos on their merchandise and have features like this on dot com.

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  • Joe Dee

    Bray Wyatt has developed an amazing character (although the shelf life might not last more than another year, requiring a quicker reboot), and he proved his in-ring talent last night. But make no mistake about it. Wyatt and, to a much greater extent, Daniel Bryan are “over” because of their character development, not their in-ring work. IWC cares about the latter (which is fine). Bryan did it by creating the Sore Winner ‘Yes’ guy to the Goofy Angry ‘No’ guy to the Anger Management Relationship Therapy childish clown (mostly for the kids) to the Don’t Count Me Out ‘Yes’ hero. But he captured NEW fans along the way. What IWC fails to realize is WHY he is not getting top billing. WWE sees that he’s only doing marginally better than Punk in expanding his fan base. So they are gradually giving him opportunities to accumulate new fans, in order to become a mega superstar. You guys complain about Ziggler not getting a push, but he doesn’t attract a mainstream fan base (without any character depth). Even Punk’s character has limits. When a IWC guy goes to the arena, he buys either a Punk or Ziggler or Bryan shirt (cannibalizing from the same lifestyle market). A non-IWC mom or dad buys four Cena shirts for the entire family. Multiply that times a million. WWE knows that Bryan can become more mainstream (and his character is further along than anyone since Cena), but it needs to translate into revenue. So buy Bryan merchandise and boycott RAW when Bryan isn’t on the air (and don’t buy PPVs until he is in the main event). But don’t whine about wanting refunds or about how WWE isn’t listening. It’s not enough to have 20,000 fans chanting YES YES YES. It’s about where you spend your money.

  • illdecide

    Rey Mysterio as #30 ruined the rumble for me, the fact he was ever a rumble winner in the first place was ridiculous.

    • Ant_C

      He had to be #30 because if they put him in any sooner he probably would have picked up another injury. He can’t be in the ring for more than five minutes with out picking up a knock.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      Wow somebody doesn’t like Myesterio.

    • Einar

      I agree with you it’s not that I don’t like Mysterio but if nr.30 had been Bryan the crowd would have exploded and I would have been jumping on my couch right here at home.

  • Ant_C

    Bryan will get his run in the main event. WWE does not ignore the audience reactions and things like that. They tried to with RVD and Jeff Hardy, granted they both screwed it up but the point is the fans kept yelling and eventually they listened. If he knocks long enough eventually the door will open.

  • Joel Manjarrez

    I don’t know if he’s using Kayfabe or telling the truth but in some of the interviews the I’ve seen of Bryan on YouTube it’s seems that he’s really mellow backstage and goes with what ever program they give him. He doesn’t go to the company higher ups and express his feelings towards his push. If he were to fight for his spot who knows? He might finally get his push. If just sucks he’s situation is not getting any better…

    This is all my opinion what do u all think?

    • dean

      I can’t believe that internet rassling fans get so worked up over Fake wrestling; it is a stupid entertainment show . if these Neanderthals and mental midgets want to get worked up about something important focus on issues like gun control, the poor economy etc.

      • Nostaljack

        …and yet, here you are, visiting a wrestling site and commenting on an article about “rasslin'” LOL!! If you weren’t invested, you wouldn’t be here. I love watching people comment on how they’re above it all. It incredibly rare around here but, when it happens, it’s high-larious! I’m quite literally laughing my head off right now as I type this…LOL!!!

        • dean

          the fact is that I don’t take pro wrestling seriously, it is a joke. it has as much “credibility” as ringling brothers circus.
          If I were Vince Mcmahon, I would just split the belt into 2 separate belts again. you can give on to bryan and the other one to cena and both fan bases will be happy.

          • Nostaljack

            LOL! Your denials that you don’t take the product seriously are just getting more humorous. It’s cool! Really! Enjoy it! I watch “Raw” every week and I get involved with it like everyone else…and I’m not ashamed. If I could stand in front of everyone who comments here and say that, I would…LOL! Why hedge? This is the only soap opera guys can watch and not regret. Too, the ring work on the whole is the best WWE’s ever had so that’s fun too. Enjoy it…without regret!

            I think the “one belt” thing is pretty restrictive too. I kinda like the idea of the WHC being restricted to “Smackdown!” and the WWE belt being restricted to “Raw.” It would provide further incentive for me to watch “Smackdown!”

          • dean

            wwe just needs to have 2 world titles again, then bryan, cena, orton, batista, lesnar etc will have more storyline opportunities to compete for the fake titles.

      • Joel Manjarrez

        Dude I’m not getting worked up. Just stating the facts. Poor guy has been working his ass off and has built up a strong following just so he can get shoved aside. I mean if you worked your ass off at at your job and see a big promotion coming for you but they instead give it to someone else less deserving wouldn’t you be mad? I’m not part of the IWC and rarely post up comments. I just felt like voice g my opinion dude.

        • Nostaljack

          Oh, c’mon. Get worked up. It’s what Vince wants us to do. He wants us to be frustrated. Heck, even I’m slightly tweaked…and I’m pretty sure this is a work! LOL!! Don’t be ashamed! I’m not…LOL!!

          • Joel Manjarrez


        • dean

          the solution is so simple; wwe needs to HAVE 2 WORLD TITLES again. the main event scene is crowded. with 2 belts, bryan can be champion and get his FAKE rasslemania moment and cena can be chamion and get his FAKE rasslemania moment
          the hard core rassling fans will be happy and the intelligent fans can treat pro wrestling like the circus it is in real life and devote time to “real” sports.

          • Bob’s Diner

            They had 2 belt before and it didn’t help make any new stars – not sure how it would help now.

            Also, if you make such a big deal about “fake” wrestling not being like the “real sports” you love, why do you watch it and then talk about it online? And why are you getting worked up about there not being 2 belts?

          • Joel Manjarrez

            What about stars like Eddie Guerrero, JBL, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio Batista? Having 2 belts dod help. What they need to do is split the brands again in order to make the two belts mean something.

          • dean

            wwe having 2 belts does OPEN UP the main event scene. if there were 2 world titles, the cry baby fanatics would not be whining because their internet “indy” rassling god could still be in the main event withouf disrupting the batista/orton storyline.

          • Venom

            What’s done is done. Stick to having one championship again. Crazy idea. How about elevating the IC and US championship? Have people want to chase that title. Make #1 contenders for those titles. Have those titles main event raw or smackdown. Make it a title that’s so popular that fans actually want to buy replicas.

            WWEs problem is they like to focus on a handful of guys, mainly Cena and the WWE championship they forget about everything else. And when Cena is injured they hit the panic button and rely on part timers. I still don’t get why. I’m. It saying Cena should be a jobber. I get he sells merchandise. But the people i think should also be in the top mix are Bryan, Ziggler, Sandow, Cody Rhodes and even Miz and Zack Ryder. All these people could have been big stars but WWE gives up on them.

            While I was watching Brock beat on Big Show I kept thinking they could have had Miz or any wrestler that has had issues with Brock/Heyman run down to the ring with a chair and chase him off. Even if said wrestler would get his ass kicked later on. Heck they could have turned Ryback and Axel faces by doing that. I know nobody cares about them now but it’s all how someone is booked. And they make sense doing it since Heyman turned on them.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Benoit, Guerrero and Mysterio were already stars and had been for years – their title reigns certainly weren’t putting them as the focal point of the show, either.

            JBL and Batista don’t even deserve to be in the same paragraph as them

            Like I’ve said many times, it wasn’t a problem before 2003 so it should not be a problem now. It comes down to the people booking the show and how they do it – you can have compelling feuds without the title, and all the people that keep saying that is what they will do with Daniel Bryan are missing the point. Orton is a 13 time champion. Cena is a 14 time champion. They are the ones that don’t need the title involved. Or maybe they do to try and give fans a reason to care about their matches…

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      I think it’s all a work to be honest.

  • Dustyn

    I don’t know how long Goldust will be in WWE for, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him with one more IC title run, or if they unify the title, then that one.

  • Guest

    WWE is testing the patience of their fans, the Rumble was a huge upset which is sad considering many were looking forward to Bryan and even Batista.

    Even though I knew their title run would end sooner or later, its still sad to see Cody and Goldust lose the belts. It was great seeing Goldust again and helped bring Cody’s career soar high

  • Venom

    It’s funny how Dolph Ziggler was in a similar thought as Bryan was last year. I mean he was in the rumble last year for 40 minutes and was rising to the top but now he’s an afterthought.

    Here are the things ivenconsidered in the last little while. And I’ve revisited this thought after watching CM Punks interview.

    One of the problems is that wrestlemania gets sold out in like September before the card ior build is being made. WWE already made money before announcing any matches. They know fans are going to order the show because it’s wrestlemania. That’s y the matches the last few years save for Undertakers I stopped caring for. Really instead of having creative storylines let’s bring back part timers for x amount of dollars and hopefully fans buy the show at home.

    Which brings me to this…

    One of the fears I had about the WWE Network was if WWE is charging fans a measly $10 a month with a 5 or 6 months commitment so $50-$60, what’s forcing them to make compelling storylines? They already made their money and the network is really catered to old fans that want to watch classic stuff or the people on the fence from ordering a ppv. Just like the WWEmbeing great during the monday night wars but once they bought their competition the creative team played musical chairs and went into vacation mode save for the odd few months of the year.

    Finally, after watching CM Punks interview he did say something interesting about Bryan. Yes the fans at the arena are cheering for him but we don’t know his merchandise sales numbers. John Cena gets booed out of every building same with Randy orton yet we know they sell merchandise which is y Cena changes shirts every 4 months.

    Now I don’t wear wrestling shirts except for my old stuff from high school when I go to the gym. I’m agains t wearing them in public. But I think every Bryan fan should just suck it up and purchase a shirt or anything of his likeness to give him the #1 spot. I’m actually considering buying the Respect The Beard shirt even though I doubt I’ll ever wear it in public.

    BTW while Randy Orton gets booed now it’s only when he turned heel and became a main eventer again. Fans like the underdog. That’s y we like Bryan. WWE can end up making Bryan like Rock and have him be the corporate champion and mess everything up.

  • Mysterion

    You’re an idiot. Go sit in the corner. FYI YOURE IN THE IWC!!!!

  • Paul Jameson

    Best things about the Rumble Match last night. The camera crew botched Kane hiding under the ring before JBL’s “surprise entrance”…..and the Purple Macho Man shirt guy who was sitting on camera ringside because his reactions throughout the match were hilarious, especially the 2 minute Thumb Down hold on Sheamus’s return…poor Sheamo

  • pjm5203

    Hopefully we end up with a triple threat at WM. Orton vs Batista vs Bryan. From what I’ve heard Batista was acting pretty heels towards the crowd last night and even mocked the yes chants.

  • John

    “There’s no way WWE is going to ignore what happened at Royal Rumble” Why not? They have ignored it for 6 month! It’s almost embarrassing at this point to watch the most over guy in the entire business get constantly overlooked by WWE.

    It’s funny that the WrestleMania championship match will feature a match between 2 of Triple H’s hand picked friends from Evolution… And too think some fans actually thought WWE would be in great hands when Triple H gains control of the company!

  • Jbreed

    “There are big plans for Bryan”. Really? Those big plans are Bryan probably headlining some b level throwaway ppv after the WM 30 headliners disappear again. But there’s still the problem with Batista sticking around for a while and John Cena and Randy Orton aren’t going anywhere either so there really isnt much room for Bryan or anybody else.

    • Bob’s Diner

      They’ll probably have him win it at Extreme Rules… then drop the title a few days later like they did with Christian, all the while saying they still have “big plans for him”

      Personally, I want more of last night’s stupidity. Watching the crowd completely turn on the one of the biggest PPVs of the year was hilariously entertaining

      • Jbreed

        And how awesome would it be if it happens at WM.

        • Bob’s Diner

          That would even more awesome. Give me a triple-threat between Orton/Cena/Batista just to really make it special – it would be December to Dismember but with 75,000 fans.

          Aren’t people always telling us how HHH is really smart and is making a great future for WWE? I hope he gets another promotion for the brilliant creative business decisions he has made this month alone

          • IWC

            HHH is a douche. I would love too see fans crap all over Orton/Cena/Batista. That’ll show Vince

        • IWC

          That was really cool too see. WWE deserved to have the fans turn on them the way they did. I want more of that kind of ignorant stupidity as well. Even if the WWE does ever to decide to finally push Bryan I hope fans still boo everyone else just to show Vince that he waited wayyyyyyyyyy to long. #YESMOVEMENT 4life!.

  • Guest

    In my personal opinion, WWE really dropped the ball with this, and from last night’s crowd reactions, they have no choice but to have Daniel Bryan to headline Wrestlemania.

    Though Batista already won the Royal Rumble, the match he and Likely Orton are gonna have for the title is not going to draw at all, unless Daniel Bryan is involved with the match, and wins the title. I think Daniel Bryan and Sheamus can pull off a good to a great match, but that’s definitely not what I want to see Bryan at in Wrestlemania, nor would the fans.

    Some might say that we should be patient with Bryan but the truth is, we have been patient enough, it is time to shoot him over the moon and to do that is for him to win the title at Wrestlemania, and what I am suggesting might no sound interesting to many, but at this point, the gun was already fired, so what I propose as the main event is this:

    Daniel Bryan vs Batista vs Randy Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

    This is just one of the few possibilities for the main event that HAS to include Daniel Bryan.

    • Jbreed

      The thing is, as much as the fans complain about Batista vs. Randy Orton it will probably still draw. Nobody wanted to see The Rock/John Cena for a second time but yet WM 29 was the highest grossing WM ever.WM.

      • Guest

        I can see that, but as of right now, I am not interested in seeing that matchup, I will watch to see if they put on a great match or not, but I am reserving judgment until then.

        • Bob’s Diner

          Go watch the main event for WrestleMania XXV – it will be similar. Except Orton is now older and more boring. And Batista is a hundred times more terrible than HHH in every way. So yeah. Looking forward to it

    • Jimmy

      If Bryan is not in the title match at WM, Then i want to see Bryan vs Ziggler at Wm. Have them both tear down the building and steal the show to prove to VInce that they both belong in the main event.

      • IWC

        I wouldn’t mind see Tyson Kidd get pushed. He’s a true workhorse as well who if given the chance would prove too Vince that he belongs in the main event as well

  • real world

    all they need to do is make the US champion and IC champion more popular that way it can be three major champions(like how it was with the ECW champion WWE champion and WH champion) and give the titles meaning. the WWEWH champion could be the companies champion The US champion being the Country champion and the IC being the global champion adding more meaning to the belts. then they need to split brands again making the US champion and IC champion for each show, Then having WWEWH champion as the biggest champion having it battled on both shows. that way they can someway bring smackdown vs raw on the scene again and im saying this because this is when WWE was at its best. And that way they can have give the main eventers there chance at holding a belt. but if they do that they need to make a new design for the IC and US champ just too add hype to the once very respected belts.

  • Jbreed

    Besides the whole Daniel Bryan situation the thing I’ll remember most about this year’s RR is how little the fans cared about a title match between the number 1 and the number 2 guys in the company. It’s totally unprecedented and embarrassing for the WWE and it makes me wonder if Vince McMahon realizes it’s time to move on from Cena and Orton.

    • Bob’s Diner

      Yes, one hilarious point everyone has missed amongst everything was the title match. Orton and Cena are supposed to be hated enemies and the big story was Cena wanted revenge for Orton attacking his Dad – even WWE were all like “this time it’s personal!” And what did we get? The same old smiling happy John Cena, respecting the fans when they all started booing him. Way to tell a story, guys

      • Jbreed

        And didn’t we see the same thing back in 2007 when Cena had to avenge an attack by Oron on his father? Not only are we constantly seeing the same matches all over again but they’re even repeated the same angles .

        • IWC

          I know, it’s pretty lame. That’s why I hope fans continue too dish out more “stupidity” and boo the crap out of guys like Orton & Cena.

      • opie

        Wow…I had totally forgotten about Orton attacking Cena’s dad until I just read this. They seriously did a terrible job on that match.

  • Jimmy

    I have never seen a crowd turn on someone so fast, they were all for it when Batista entered the Rumble but as soon as he eliminated Reigns, all i heard were boo’s. Honestly Cena vs Orton wasn’t that bad of match, it just seemed like it because of the fans chanting ‘boring’. The main problem i saw with the Rumble match is Ziggler had probably the 2nd or 3rd loudest reaction of the whole night and they made him look like nothing. He should atleast made it to the last 5.

  • monty

    DB vs Taker and DB ends the streak

    DB vs Ziggler in match that should be called hardest workers of the year and they should open WM30 to steal the show so rest of the way through no one cares about anything but Taker

    DB vs HBK now this could be huge too

    I am pissed as much as the next guy but i can’t believe i am saying this just wait. Yes Vince Dropped the ball with Ziggler but taht was his Concussion and Ziggler speaking out, and yes Vince dropped the ball on Christian but atleast Christan stayed at main even levels for 5-6 months

    DB is as over as Stone cold and some nights even louder so sooner or later Vince will have no options. I really thought HHH as person running wwe would be different but he is the same way as Vince. He thinks part timers are needed to have success at WM

  • Tim

    The spider walk was amazing

  • Blacktag

    When I saw #30 Rey I thought “well, everything is possible so in 90 seconds there will be a #31 Daniel Bryan on the titantron and all hell breaks loose”….
    Well, yes, the crowd was mad but not in a good way. Foley is right : it’s a shame.