Rumors Of A Possible WWE Attitude Era Star Returning To The Company

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We've received a lot of emails regarding a rumor currently making rounds that WWE has signed Attitude Era star Matt Bloom (a/k/a A-Train and Giant Bernard) to possibly return after Wrestlemania XXVIII.

I have been unable to confirm the news but did hear it's something that was talked about at last night's WWE live event in Montreal. Bloom denied the rumor on Twitter. The following is from Bloom's official Twitter:

As I responded to a reader's email, so far we have an unconfirmed rumor and a denial. There is nothing I can write to report Bloom is returning to WWE although I cannot deny it either.

  • Wwe4L76

    Would be awsome!!!

  • Van

    I bet he's pulling a Jericho and we'll see him at Wrestlemania or the night after

  • AJG316

    He said he will be on the next tour so we will see him soon

    • @RatedMKD

      I'm pretty sure he meant the next New Japan Pro Wrestling tour…

  • dusty588

    I'd be nice to see him make a return. I think he could be up there on the top of the card. I always liked him when he was in the WWE.

  • Russell

    I liked A train I hope he destroys Brodus clay

    • kbunyon

      Interesting thought for a feud. The flab jiggling could be a bit much, but it could be exciting.


  • smoothjj7

    After A-Train left wwe and went to japan he really worked harder. He seemed to change a lot of problems he had in wwe. The most recent thing I've seen of him in japan was like 2-3 years ago, however if he can perform at that level, the level well above his wwe days, it'd be a great addition and could be a dominate force to replace someone like big show/undertaker who are both soon to retire.

  • H.M.

    Following Jericho's footsteps and denying that he's coming back? I'd love to see him back though.

  • Dangerous Lee

    I hope he shaved his back.

    • kbunyon

      When explaining Train to my bf I told him that Train is big, hairy and almost always greased up. That the thought of running into Train's chest or back makes me twitch.


  • Scotty

    When you go and wrestle in Japan it changes you, for the better but just because A-Train may be a better performer don’t assume he’s gonna be a main eventer. Charlie Haas had the same aspirations when he returned to wwe after spending time in Japan,
    He got a decent push at first but never made it further than mid card level. I’m not comparing Haas and A-Train but wwe works in weird ways. They could have somebody on their mind one day and the next day have someone else.

  • Ryder

    If this is true with A-Train returning as Johnny's bodyguard I thinks its safe to say that we can expect the team of johnny to go over in the tag team match at mania

  • Paul

    I hated a-train, his character, look and in ring work, don’t care for this news.

    • Paul

      Except for when he took that f-5 and landed on his head, very tough bloke I’ll give him that.

  • MsMojoRisin

    hes not coming back anytime soon i wish but hes not :/

  • Dojo

    A-train has a great look & if he has improved as much as I hope VKM would be mad not to have him back!!! I remember when he debuted as droz piercer prince Albert lol!!!! He would give someone like Sheamus or punk a great feud and could make a top heel……… Tbh though I don’t remember him on the mic much so maybe he could be managed………. WWE NEEDS MANAGERS………… & NOT VALETS 😉

  • Tex

    He said on another interview, that he didn't know anything about it , He said the rumors were false.

  • Jeremy

    Good for him if he's not returning but I want his wife to return though instead of just making an appearance at the 2012 Royal Rumble.

  • I thought the same thing when they anceunnod the 4 Horsemen as HOF inductees in regards to Flair. It would be great to see him at the ceremony as the WM festivities all weekend. With Edge and the Horsemen on the ballot, I’m curious to see who else will be in this HOF class.