Has Rusev Worked In WWE? Readers Respond After Match At MITB Against Big E

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I asked readers after Rusev's victory over Big E at Sunday's WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view if they felt that Rusev has worked. After all, WWE has pushed him for months and while he hasn't received a rocket pack, he's been protected.

Below are the responses:

  • CJ Blaze

    I don’t care for Rusev at all.

  • Charlie Crimefighter Hovey

    Lana is the hottie that everyone wants too see.. If this was the attitude era she would have made Playboy already

  • Ben

    His segments are great for bathroom breaks and insomnia. The gimmick is just plain boring to the point I could care less about his wrestling ability. At least this wasn’t pure garbage like the million squash matches, I’ll give him that much.

  • David F

    Rusev is Kozlov V2.0 but at least Lana is fine to look at. Rocky IV called and they want their gimmick back

    • opie

      Kozlov 2.0? More like Koloff v. 9.27.

      • Vic Jose

        At least Rusev seems to have more potential that Kozlov.

  • DW

    I’m really suprised at the negative response, you guys do the fandango, you guys seem to like Adam Rose….Rusev is pretty great to me. I don’t see how people like Del Rio, Shamus but don’t care for Rusev. Did he look gased? Yup! After that E spear that followed him all the way down he seemed very out of breathe and looked legit hurt. But Rusev looks beastly to me. No more squash matchs please, just let him go, if he had more matches like that everyone would love this dude. Lana is just there for me. Nice eye candy from Florida. But why all the Rusev hate? I’ll never understand.

    • Ricky

      When you deal with the people on this page you get a lot of nay sayers who will crap on anything. While I can’t say I am a fan of Rusev I do think his gimmick is retro and kinda cool. I worries me though that Lana gets more heat than Rusev does. That needs to be addressed before moving forward with the gimmick.

  • Whammaster

    I’m kinda taken aback at the negative attitude towards Rusev. The man has great athletic ability for a big dude. Sure he looked a bit gassed, but come on that wrestling match was surprisingly good, and showcased some solid throws. I think everyone just sees ” oh look, another Russian hates american gimmick, BORING!” and looks the other way =|. That or just stares at Lana’s tits

  • kingdook24

    As long as Rusev has Lana… his gimmick is unfortunately safe.

    Lana is single-handedly carrying this gimmick. And those legs… Wow…

  • Maddox

    The guy is not another Koslov, He can move well in the ring and is athletic, He has a good future

  • Vic Jose

    I think he works better than Big E talking almost like he’s Martin Luther King or something, at least that’s what his promo voice sounds like lately. Nobody is buying into Big E that’s for sure.

    • kingdook24

      Big E has been buried by Rusev at two straight PPVs now. I really don’t know what they are building Rusev towards, or why they are choosing Big E to be buried by him. You normally don’t have 2 upcoming superstars, that you are trying to get over with the fans go at each other this early. But now:

      People are tired of Rusev & his buildup (Lana has traditional heel heat, Rusev is leaning toward X-Pac heat) and people are starting to just give up on Big E. IMO – Rusev should be doing this to someone such as Big Show or RVD – a veteran who is already established and won’t be hurt putting over younger talent. Look at HHH & his latest run with the Shield – Evolution lost TWICE at two straight PPVs, HHH lost at WM – and he’s still booked as dominate.

      They should have went that route first, then once Rusev is established as a dominate force who knocked off several veterans, then bring in Big E to take on Rusev, let Rusev put over Big E, that way neither one is hurt in the process.

  • John

    His moveset is great and the aggression he shows in the ring makes him look really impressive. I think he’s doing fine. Hopefully he stays unbeaten for a long time but i hope he isn’t eventually fed to Cena like everyone else.

  • Cubed56

    the only thing wrong with Rusev is his gimmick is a re-hash of so many before him and has a shelf life. However is crazy athletic for a guy his size and can actually work in the ring. Somehow he has to find a way to stay relevant after this anti-american gimmick is done otherwise he will just like all the others that have had the gimmick before him.

    • opie

      Yeah! Just like The Sheik, or The Iron Sheik! Anti-American gimmicks don’t last!

      • Cubed56

        So you could only name one out of god knows how many that actually lasted. My point stands strong.

        • opie

          Two, actually.

          • Cubed56

            Lol, well played.

  • Chris

    As someone who has hated him from the beginning, last night was the big turn for me. He’s got potential, but you don’t want to Ryback him.

  • Mysterion

    I must say Richard, props for listening to the readers annoyed at your coverage of the last few PPVs by using your own tweets. This is much better.