RVD At SummerSlam, Hogan/WWE Update, Mysterio's Return, Show Bonuses

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Do you think it's a waste to have Rob Van Dam on the SummerSlam pre-show?

I would rather see Rob Van Dam on the main SummerSlam lineup rather than relegated to the pre-show. WWE has been trying to make the pre-shows more meaningful by featuring high profile matches and even doing title changes. The problem is many fans still see them as a demotion and I am disappointed this bout is not on the main pay-per-view. However, it should be a good bout and will be worth watching. We'll carry the live stream right here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

Do you expect anymore appearances by Hulk Hogan in WWE?

Hulk Hogan will not appear on WWE television for as long as he is under contract with TNA Wrestling. While it is true Hogan's deal to be in WWE 2K14 is with Take-Two Interactive and 2K Games, let's not get it twisted. Hogan agreeing to be in the game is part of him re-establishing his relationship with WWE to open up future merchandising and licensing opportunities. We covered it in depth here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium.

What is the latest on Rey Mysterio?

Rey Mysterio was originally shooting to return to WWE by SummerSlam but that does not appear likely to happen. One of the delays in Mysterio's return has to do with the health of his mother as she was believed to be in grave condition at one point. WWE told Rey at the time to take as much time as he needed but we're told the creative team has been told to begin coming up with plans to bring him back to television. I'm happy to report Rey's mother is doing better and he is expected back soon. In fact, I'm told he's being advertised locally for the August 25th WWE live event in Ontario, California.

I remember seeing that talent were paid bonuses if they appeared on television. So when WWE does a segment with all talent appearing such as lumberjack matches, or recently when John Cena picked Daniel Bryan to be his SummerSlam, is this a way for WWE to reward some of the lesser televised talent for their services?

Yes, there are sometimes situations that WWE books talent to make sure they get on shows. When talent is used on WWE shows, they are paid a $500 show bonus. This includes lumberjacks or any live appearance on the show. WWE performers are paid with downside guarantees (money they get unless they are suspended) and a series of bonuses throughout their contract. They are stipulated as independent contractors, not employees and are not offered healthcare or retirement benefits.

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  • Kevin

    Not a deep enough card for me. I have interest in Cena/Bryan and Lesnar/Punk. Love Ziggler, but couldn’t care less about his match. Have a feeling RVD/Ambrose will outperform Del Rio/Christian and Sandow/Rhodes.

    • Robert Olley

      Gotta agree there think bryan/cena will be excellent but not even christian can make adr look good

      • Tim

        Alberto is just boring personified. The only reason he is champ. Is because of the lack of Latino people in wwe

    • Tony Rankin

      My thoughts exactly. RVD/Ambrose WILL be the match of the night without a doubt. I love the Shield but I know when they eventually disband, I can only hope they give Ambrose a little free reign with his character because he truly has ‘major star’ potential.

      • Dan

        Maybe shield intefere in rvd vs ambrose and then 6 man tag for the titles on the main card on summerslam to open up the night?

  • Charlie

    I think Summerslam will be a way to write RVD off tv when the Shield attacks…Also, I like Ask WNW because we get a sneak peek of the premium stuff if we aren’t signed up

  • Robert Olley

    Hulk hogan for wwe champ!!

    • Hercules Rockerfeller

      Cocaine’s a hell of a drug!

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    I know it’s wishful thinking but I hope they put the world title on Christian. Let the guy have one more run, is that asking too much? Since the world title means jack sh I t these days, let Christian carry the title, I’m sure he’ll do much better than Del Rio and he could have some great feuds along the way.

  • David F.

    Why cant WWE have The Shield v RVD Big Show and Mark Henry on the main card with all the titles on the line?

    • Dan

      maybe they will interfere and lead to that being opening bout for SummerSlam

  • Michael Torres

    My same thoughts too, I hope summerslam is a sellout.

  • Tim

    Hopefully Rey doesn’t come back only to injury his knee again in a few weeks