RVD Cites Lack Of Professionalism, Courtesy & Respect In TNA

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Rob Van Dam was asked on Twitter what made him want to leave TNA Wrestling. He explained his contract expired but he didn't stop there. The following is from RVD's verified Twitter account:


  • Its just Teddy

    He is right he didn’t show TNA any professionalism, courtesy and respect.! 😛 No wonder his contract wasn’t renewed! 🙂

    • Snitch

      Agreed, he had an easy job there…he looked stoned most of the time in my opinion…

      • Mike Scott

        Are you all serious? In what way was he not professional? Working all his contracted dates? Working little to no storylines was not his fault, as far as I know he showed up for work and did an all right job for what he was given. Oh and I doubt tna even knows his contract is up. If either of you have noticed there front office sucks. Either they or you are high if you think it was rvds fault.

    • Jon Harris

      he is saying that stuff about tna not showing him that stuff

      • Its just Teddy

        D’oh! I know!

  • Stoney

    He had his ass kissed the moment he walked in the door, was undefeated/unpinnedfor 7 months, was a TNA champion then the next two years he was an afterthought

  • Matt

    I once tweeted Dixie Carter, and was blocked, about RVDs twitter page and wondered why she deemed it acceptable her contracted worker tweets constantly about his drug use when he is a role model to kids who follow him on the site. He is a douche and a waster and just attacking TNA because he wasn’t getting his own way anymore.

  • Kenneth

    I’m sure he wasn’t shown much respect and courtesy but for a stoner to accuse anyone of unprofessionalism makes me laugh.