RVD Escapes Disaster?, David Otunga Talks The Call, Big E Langston Interview

RVD Escapes Disaster?

Rob Van Dam said on Twitter he was eating a restaurant with his parents after the Ocala Comic Con and a car crashed into the side of it. The following is from Twitter:

David Otunga Talks "The Call"

Brian Fritz interviewed David Otunga to promote "The Call" on DVD at this link.

Big E Langston Interview

Big E Langston is interviewed at this link.

  • Patrick

    WOW is correct Richard…he was not far from the impact..

  • michael

    He was eating a restaurant? Lol

    • Nostaljack

      LOL! Just saw it.

  • dunlap84

    A TNA hitman hired by Dixie Carter no doubt, but like most of their storylines he too failed.

  • dunlap84

    A TNA hitman no doubt, hired by Dixie Carter to get revenge for jumping ship, but like most of their storylines he too failed.

    • dunlap84

      Didn’t mean to post it twice.

    • steve pritchard

      LoL that’s some funny stuff?

    • BIG M

      Funny obvious but Funny.

  • steve pritchard

    And the new member of main event mafia is revealed! LoL

  • Gary

    “Rob Van Dam said on Twitter he was eating a restaurant”. More shite grammar. Sell up and move on Richard. The original WNW was well better when George Patton ran it.

    • BIG M

      Why are you guys so obsessed with grammar its the internet you don’t have to use ye old english do you use proper grammar when you txt or do use shortened words like everyone else get a life egg head.

      • Nathen

        I think one should always use proper grammar. But of course I am less critical of text and personal conversations. With that said, when I go to a professional website, I expect proper grammar. To say that because it is the internet one doesn’t need to use grammar is just silly, this is supposed to be a professional website. And these errors are becoming increasingly frequent. Richard can get an editor and these issues would go away.

        I do agree with Gary that this website has gone downhill lately. Though there are a lot of great writers and great articles, Richard himself has become the black mark of the website with his constant self advertisement. I am sorry but when you use the phrase “I am not accepting friend requests on Facebook” and charge people for your opinion(Richard reacts being a premium service), you must accept that you are an egotist. And Richard’s ego is ruining an otherwise great website.

    • BIG M

      P.S. You spelled shit wrong Gary the grammar police.

      • Luke

        He didn’t spell shit wrong. I assume he’s from the UK as shite is used quite often over here. You’re Welcome.

        • BIG M

          Thank you Damian sandow.

  • BIG M

    WOW that was mega lucky that could have ended horribly actually still could have RVD and his parents went hurt but is everyone else their ok.
    Ive always thought you yanks and Europeans driving on the right is a bad idea statistically is safer to drive on the left seriously it is look it up.

  • StraightEdgeForLife

    Rob Van DAM! look at that car!