RVD Returning To WWE?, Big E, Cena vs. Rock III, HHH Entrance Malfunction

Is Rob Van Dam negotiating with WWE to return to the company?

Rob Van Dam kept people talking about him by appearing at the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony last weekend. RVD, who is friends with Joey Styles, even got a feature article on dot com about it. We don't know RVD's contract status as he's kayfabing over it. The word is he's trying to leverage money against WWE and TNA but who knows. We'll find out soon enough.

Do you see Big E Langston becoming a top star in the future?

I haven't seen enough of Big E Langston on WWE television to form a solid opinion about him. He did exactly what he should have done at Wrestlemania by not trying to do too much and overwork his WWE Tag Team Championship match with Dolph Ziggler against Team Hell No. Big E had a rookie moment on his way to the ring on this week's WWE Raw that kept us all laughing.

Do you think John Cena winning at Wrestlemania will result in a lengthy WWE title reign and a third "rubber match" against The Rock at Wrestlemania XXX?

I am diametrically opposed to the idea of doing John Cena vs. The Rock III and surely WWE would realize that would be overkill. I heard this teased from the moment the rematch was announced and could only muster up the reaction of "I hope not."

What was the white stuff stuck to Triple H on his Wrestlemania 29 entrance?

That was dry ice stuck to Triple H during his Wrestlemania 29 entrance. Dry ice was being shot out to create a "smoky" effect and there was a malfunction. As we reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, Hunter suffered second degree burns on his torso and arms as a result.

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  • Man, Triple H is a tough hombre! To suffer those burns before his grueling match against Brock shows how tough the man is! I guess you could say I’m a Triple H mark but I’ve become more of a fan because of his executive role. So far he’s done great things, working closely with NXT to bring up the next generation of superstars, just look at The Shield and Big E! His involvement in resigning Jericho and lets not forget his negotiations to bring BRUNO SAMMARTINO into the WWE HOF! Trips is gonna make
    One hell of a chairman!

    • sir-rusty82

      Wow you sound like your in love

      • Well not really, I am simply pleasantly surprised by how committed Triple H has been once he became an executive. You can’t tell me your not impressed…he even cut his trademark long hair! He’s even changing the way guys do promos now. Seems like he’s going to let the superstars wing it more instead of reciting a promo they were given by the writers.

      • Chris

        Can a man state his opinion without people making gay jokes all the time. Grow up man, geez.

        • Tbh that comment didn’t really offend me but thanks for the words there brother!

          • sir-rusty82

            Awww I think Chris and Jay need to get a room

    • The Breaker

      ..Superstar Billy Graham? Is it really you?

  • snoopy

    Big E had a Rookie moment that kept you all laughing? But if you were face to face with him, I don’t think you’ll be laughing, Not for very long at least.

  • worst thing happen again cena vs rock part3…

    • craig

      for Rock’s body too. He has wrestled 5 matches and a few fights on Raw and gets hurt both times in matches vs Cena.

      • rock never ever play ring again……thts the truth…

  • George Waldman

    Personally, I wouldn’t place all the blame on Big E. After all, he IS a rookie. AJ Lee, on the other hand, is much more experienced as a wrestler and should not have been standing too close to him.

    • John

      Nobody is to blame, it was an accident. If that was a rookie mistake then what would we call Randy Orton asking Sheamus what his line was? Can’t help but think that if Big E or Fandango did that then their would be a bigger deal made of it!

    • It wasnt a accident it was a big e grope and i cant say i blame him

  • John

    I just watched the Triple H / Brock Lesnar match back & it really is amazing how Brock was able to recover from the knee that put him on queer street. He was really out of it for & you could tell the referee & Triple H were worried for a second.

    • Ditto also the fact they worked his arm with the stafe infections hes had the last few years brocks definitely the toughest dude ive seen

  • PainOfDemise

    I even saw that MSN even had a small article on the injury HHH suffered, that threw me by surprise.

  • No more Rock/Cena. How about The Rock versus the 1b of the WWE, Randy Orton. Third Generation vs. Third Generation. It would be cool if they got their dad’s involved in their feud.

    • doob

      3rd generation?

      • Kenneth

        Rocky’s day and grandad were both wrestlers (Rocky Johnson, Peter Miavia). Randy’s dad and grandad were both wrestlers (Bob Orton Jnr, Bob Orton Snr).

      • Dangerous Lee

        Your an idiot. You really didn’t know that Rock’s & Orton’s dad & grandfather wrestled? SMH why are you on this site

        • Winnipeg

          Wow, u knew something he didn’t know, oooo, aren’t u smart.

    • XVIII

      +1 That really would be a great idea & would work at ‘mania 30 – if Orton stays on the right side of Vinny Mac…… A heel turn would also help though, Orton was genuinely a top guy in the WWE as the viper & tbh that is the only way his career can go if the WWE want to use him to his full potential……

      • Also, a match at WM 30 would be 10 years since both of them fought at WM 20.

    • H.M.

      Randy Orton is the 1b of the company? 2009 called and it wants you back.

      • Chris

        Ziggler is about to take the #2 guy. Orton & Punk are old news now.

    • Matt

      If Ortons 1B then Zack Ryder is number 2 guy.

  • Winnipeg

    Yeah, but if you loose the title isn’t there a rematch clause?

  • What was that “rookie moment”

    • CJ Blaze

      Big E hit AJ.. duh.. did u even watch?

      • Matt

        Maybe, just maybe he missed it? I missed that moment too. I say missed. I mean didn’t care about

      • Big e doesn’t have appeal so I care to pay attention to him. But I’ll look it up on YouTube.

  • BlazeKing

    People say big E had a rookie moment but I think it’s the other way around. Had Dolph and A.J. remembered how BIG E makes his way to the way, they would have given him enough space to do his thing. Considering how they’re trying to make Big E stand on his own now, he should have been in his own space. Dolph & A.J. should have either been behind him or well enough in front of him. Being that it was his match, they should have been behind him since Big E is the “muscle”. It was more of the backstage producer’s fault for not pointing it out.