RVD Says He Felt Like A Constant Ambassador In TNA

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Rob Van Dam is speaking up on his time with TNA Wrestling as his WWE return looms. RVD has revealed in public media interviews that he felt more like an ambassador for TNA as fans would asked if he retired.

Van Dam feels WWE made him more relevant with their 0:48 return vignette than TNA has in three years.

  • Dave Barton

    He was a big fish in a little pond in TNA, I’m not surprised he felt that way. (And before I get accused of slamming TNA, that’s not how I meant it…just saying their ratings are low compared to WWE and that they only started taking their tv show on the road very recently, so they are a small pond compared to WWE.)

  • Nostaljack

    RVD’s misuse in TNA won’t hurt a thing because few know TNA even exists. In this case, TNA’s non-existent marketing will actually benefit someone.

    • Pauluk

      I agree, even wwe fans that do know about tna won’t care and it’s a fact that vince doesnt care what happens in Tna or what the people there achieve, imagine if sting came to wwe, I bet all the focus on his past would be about wcw and not Tna. So for RVD the focus will be on his last wwe run rather than where he’s been since.

  • WE

    He should retire. He wasn’t in the main event before he left and sure with his come back, he’ll be in the main event for a while but he will slowly go back to being mid card.

  • jack

    The whole F’N truth

  • dunlap84

    Don’t burn those bridges Rob your old but not that old and everyone knows TNA is the last stop before the retirement home-DDP yoga. You might wanna go back one day.