RVD's Return Angle, Undertaker's SummerSlam Bout, TNA After Legends, New WWE Stars

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With Rob Van Dam returning do you see him returning as a babyface or a heel? He can't be a babyface with Paul Heyman, correct?

Rob Van Dam is returning at WWE Money in the Bank in Philadelphia. He's coming back as a babyface and should get an ovation that rivals the reception CM Punk received this month in Chicago. While RVD will always be a Paul Heyman guy, I don't see an immediate pairing. It's a possibility but there is no way RVD doesn't return as a babyface and Heyman is the lead heel manager in the company.

If there is a chance of The Undertaker returning at SummerSlam, would you prefer a program with Dean Ambrose or a return of the Brothers of Destruction against The Shield?

If The Undertaker works SummerSlam, which I still consider to be a pretty big "if," I think it will be in some type of tag team match. A bout where he teams with Kane to oppose The Shield is the most likely scenario. Utilizing Kane gives WWE the opportunity to capitalize on a program that's been building where it would make sense to insert Undertaker.

When the day comes that Hulk Hogan, Sting and Kurt Angle leave TNA, whether it be for WWE or complete retirement from wrestling, do you think TNA will find or have a formula to succeed without relying on past stars?

TNA Wrestling has a roster full of guys capable of carrying the company past the legends you just mentioned. Talent has never been the problem in TNA because they have an abundance of it. I think a lot of the frustration from fans with TNA stems from the amount of potential the company has. TNA has a great talent roster and an incredible TV deal; yet the company is not yet a viable competitor to WWE despite being in business for 11 years.

Out of which of the new stars brought up by WWE (The Shield, Curtis Axel, Fandango, Big E), which wrestler do you see winning a world title in WWE first?

This is a loaded question and one I feel like I've answered before. It never hurts to revisit it considering the evolution we see week-to-week but right now, all three members of The Shield and Curtis Axel are clearly ahead of Fandango and Big E Langston because they already hold titles in WWE. All have a lot of potential and the company hopes they are capable of holding major top roles in the future.

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  • Scott Davies

    WWE has 50 to 60 years behind them. TNA on has over 10 years. TNA has years to catch up to WWE if they ever want to compete with them.

    • Dave

      Are you suggesting that TNA may not want to compete with WWE to become the biggest Pro Wrestling company in the world?

  • Mohan Ramnath

    TNA needs to get rid of hogan and Bish and wwe rejects all the time they have a much more talented roster and guys who can giv u a 5 star match but theydont advertise enough. and paying hogan etc to much money since they cant even help zema ion despite the guy attitude the guy got skills. they need to go big arena like how raw goes to get notice .

    • BigMarkLew

      Ok so you are saying they should help Zema Ion cause he is a good wrestler with a bad attitude? I got a better idea maybe they should help Micheal Paris he is a good wrestler with a good attitude as well. Shhh they look alike but sometimes Micheal dresses like Zema and “acts” like he has an attitude problem.

  • Tna

    I wonder if fandango had not suffered a concussion he would of won the ic title ?

    • Smart Mark

      I think that the plan was for him to him the title and turn face to feud with Barrett, thats the path it felt like they were going into.

  • Andrew ace

    I feel tna is tryna build a star in Magnus and he will win the bound for glory series.

  • Mohan Ramnath

    he’s a heel thats how his attitude should be. but the company could more than helped him some his medical bills not the whole thing. just some of it or atleast half

  • Babie Sabrina

    I feel as though TNA messed up when they got rid if the 6 sided ring (plz don’t holler at me if I got ow many sides wrong)
    The product that made me tune in to TNA in the beginning is not the same product they put out now
    TNA needs to go back to what made TNA stand out in the first place

  • James

    Ziggler should of held the title at Payback and started a feud with RVD. That would of been more entertaining than a Ziggle/Del Rio feud. I don’t dislike Alberto, but he is just too boring to be in the main event scene.

  • Ian P.

    It would be nice to see a best of 7 between RVD and Christian in a pure wrestling competition. In the past WWE seems not to know what to do with Christian for an extended period of time and RVD is getting up there, so to have a best of 7 classic I think we be quite entertaining.

  • sir-rusty82

    Having the shield lose in a 6 man tag team on smackdown is so confusing they had something going with their undefeated streak & should have kept it going until summer slam & have Taker beat them