RVD’s WWE Status, WWE 2K14′s Release, WWE At Santino’s Training Academy, Sin Cara Update

- While we’ve covered this in Ask WNW, we continue to get a lot of questions surrounding the status of Rob Van Dam. RVD is expected back to WWE at some point but the company claims he does not have an active performance contract.

- One of the most highly-anticipated WWE video game titles in the company’s history in WWE 2K14 will be released on Tuesday. This is the first release under the 2KSports banner. Click here for stores hosting midnight releases.

- Several WWE stars including Daniel Bryan worked out at Santino Marella’s Battle Arts Academy in Mississauga, Ontario. You can watch a video of them at this link.

- Sin Cara is reportedly as healthy as he’s been in quite some time and is really focused on proving himself in WWE.

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  • Travis Kellar

    I am THRILLED that Sin Cara is hungry. People like to bash Sin Cara because of some poor matches, but the blame is also on WWE. They took an international superstar and threw him in the ring without developmental training.

    With Rey Mysterio healthy, Sin Cara needs to shoot for the heavens. Until the likes of The Shield and the Wyatt Family, he was one of the main reasons I tuned in each week. It looks like he’s coming back, and I hope he improves.

    • Trist

      Kudos to you for having the balls to come on here and have hype for Sin Cara, while I don’t share your enthusiasm and feel he was vastly overated (even in his own territory) everyones opinion is their own and I can respect that. I hope he proves me wrong for fans like you and because we need more good Lucha style wrestlers in WWE but I don’t share in your happiness :(

      • Bilal Mvw

        Sin cara is a great wrestler but not in wwe. He dominated the scales of popularity and ring work in Mexico and Japan.
        But sin cara is used to flying as soon as the bell goes. In wwe that’s not possible.
        He fails in grappling and technichian. Rey mysterio was very advance in that.

        • Ricky

          Rey also had experience in the American Wrestling style with ECW and WCW. Sin Cara didn’t, WWE’s biggest mistake was trying to make him another Rey. He’s not, he needed FCW training for a few months before making the jump to WWE. I’m glad he’s focused, but I an not hopeful. He’s blown every chance he’s had be it with a Wellness strike or getting hurt. I do hope things work out for him though.

          • Bilal Mvw

            Wwe can recreate a “rob van dam” they can recreate a “Brock Lesnar” but th cannot recreate another rey or another eddie g.
            If you go and youtube a rey mysterio top 100 moves, you will be shocked. He has more submissions than daniel bryan, and a better PowerBomb than Batista.
            Sin cara needs lots of training in fcw and Nxt. But wwe are lacking high flyers. Seth rollins, never uses his advance aerial attacks. Same with del rio and cody and bryam.
            S the only high flyer I ca think of in wwe right now is kofi kingston.
            So it is very unserstandable on why wwe want a rey mysterio so quickly. They can’t. Sin cara needs to start small, before getting back into wwe. He needs more grappling and technical practise. As for him not getting hurt, it is like I said. Sin cara had an unbelievable flair in the indys. He doesn’t have that in wwe.
            But lets face it we all want it to work out for him. Wwe are lacking high flyers, and no matter how much he “botches moves” he is no doubt entertaining to watch. He needs a new finisher, and the spark he had in wwe. Right now there are 3 different sin caras (mistoco ) in Mexico and Japan.
            Sin cara is not at home in wwe, but I thing Hunnico could still replace him.

          • XSin Carax

            american wrestling sucks

      • Sonic

        well whatever dude

      • Sonic

        well whatever dude

    • XSin Carax

      i agree