RVD/TNA Update, Kid Kash Shoots On Austin Aries' "Arrogance"

Rob Van Dam/TNA Update

Rob Van Dam's profile is listed on the Wrestler Roster page on ImpactWrestling.com. I'm not sure if they ever removed it but we felt it was worth mentioning given the recent updates.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Andrew Clement for sending this in.

Kid Kash Shoots on Austin Aries

Kayfabe Kickout has a new Q&A online with Kid Kash. In it, he shoots on Austin Aries. Below is an excerpt:

Kayfabe Kickout: Staying on the topic of TNA, who was your favorite wrestler to work with in the ring, and who was your least favorite?

Kash: I'd say my favorite would be Hernandez. He's extremely talented for a man of his size. Austin Aries would be my least. His arrogance with calling a simple 5 to 10 minute match was ridiculous. Like pulling f*cking teeth.

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

  • I always keep an eye on the roster page for Impact and they never removed his profile in the first place. They must feel that it’s still a ball game on getting him back.

  • GuyLandau

    Knowing how Kid Kash wrestles, the “arrogance” he’s talking about is probably a little something called “in-ring psychology”. His “pulling teeth” anecdote tells me (could be wrong) that Aries was very careful about the LOGIC in the match, whereas Kash was like “dude, let’s just do it”. I side with Aries if that’s the case, matches need to follow logic, not cool spots.

  • Tom

    Has anyone ever said “Man I hope there is a Kid Kash match on Impact this week?” Because I know there’s fans that would riot if Aries was taken off television.