Ryback Blames 'Goldberg' Chants On WWE.com Article, Goldberg Responds

While doing media in India, Ryback said the fans chanting Goldberg at him is a result of an article posted on WWE.com.

He said the official website noted that Ryback "channeled Bill Goldberg" before his matches but that's completely false. Ryback said the people that write the stuff on dot com aren't necessarily the ones at television and whatever genius that penned the article got it started.

Ryback said the Goldberg chants don't bother him and if fans continue to chant for him, WWE will have to bring him back and he'll make a ton of money to beat him.

Goldberg acknowledged the comments by telling Ryback "good luck with that."

  • Xavier

    The Botcher vs The Douche Bag, book it!

    • PFA56

      Who’s the botcher and who’s the douche bag.
      Because there both botch prone and pretty douchie.

      • Xavier

        LOL very good point. I guess the titles are interchangeable.

  • Lebron James

    Goldberg was a fan favorite/legend up until random idiots started demanding in-ring excellency from powerhouses. If you’re one of those guys, you should be in a house fire. Not once did I hear anyone complain about Goldberg when he returned, in fact, everyone went bat shit crazy over him. To all you stupids, not everyone is going to be Bret Hart in the ring. There is different styles in all combat sports! No difference in the WWE! You will see technical, powerhouse, submission specialist, high flyers, brawlers, etc in wrestling. Goldberg is arguably the greatest powerhouse of all time. Appreciate him for what he was. No wonder people hate wrestling fans, the stupidity is second to none. With all that being said, Goldberg >>> Ryback. I’d pay to see Goldberg, I’d pay NOT to see Ryback.

    • Mark McMark

      Really, though. They are the same shit: Terrible wrestlers with tremendous egos.

    • Xavier

      I’d have to say Lesnar was the greatest powerhouse. Lesnar had more talent in his right pinkey then Goldberg had in his entire body

  • Nostaljack

    When is Rybread going to learn to close his mouth? He’s living on borrow time and his mouth is going to get him into trouble again.

  • smark calloway

    not a fan of either man to be honest .but heres my two cents ..goldberg love him or hate him was a draw ( a huge, huuuge draw in his hayday !! ) … whyback isnt

  • skidmarkgn

    One is a career ender of the past, the other is a career ender of the future… they deserve each other.

  • Kleck

    Go ahead WWE. One time match at WM30…why not?

    • David

      Do you really think that would be entertaining?

  • Rus

    They better start giving Ryback some wins if they want him to be a viable contender against Goldberg

  • thepowerserge

    And again it’s someone else’s fault? All this guy does nowadays is bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch. Take the ball and run with it or go home, Rybitch!

  • Alain Alfred Corpuz

    They both suck,but i’d rather cheer for Goldberg than Ryback. Now book them a Match against each other at Wrestlemania

  • Sheldon

    Ryback vs Goldberg with Richard Gray as special guest referee to see him bump.

    Book it!

  • Mohan Ramnath

    brock and goldberg too of the very strongest , brock had some epic matches both in showing strength and technical wrestling. goldberg just the strength an thee best spear . Ryback – doesnt even give off a strong beast appearance to me more off a dumb beast. Dont mind seeing goldberg kill him but brock will def tear him 2 pieces