Ryback Causes A Stir On Twitter After WWE Live Event

There were a series of strange Tweets made from the verified Twitter account of Ryback located at Twitter.com/Ryback22 following Saturday night's WWE live event in Buffalo, New York.

After the live event, which saw Ryback and Curtis Axel go under to The Prime Time Players, the former number one contender spent time Tweeting nonsense on the social media platform (nonsense on Twitter?). The Tweets appeared to be satirical in nature following his controversial match at last Monday's WWE Superstars taping that left Dolph Ziggler with a concussion.

Ryback has already re-formatted his Twitter account, however, his activity is archived here on dot com. In case the Tweets are removed, I took screen shots and uploaded them below:

2:30 PM EST January 12, 2014 Update: Ryback posted four more satirical Tweets just after Noon EST on Sunday. One of them teased the crowd chanting "Ryback" and "Ryback Rules" at his "last show" Saturday night. It's just Ryback getting some attention for himself and furthering his heel character, there's no reason to read anymore into it. End update.

Ryback Tweets 5

Ryback Tweets 5

Ryback Tweets 4

Ryback Tweets 3

Ryback Tweets 2

Ryback Tweets 1

  • Tim

    Who is ryback

    • iamjohnnymcb

      Goldberg’s name when he went to wwf before he became famous

      • Tim

        Ok thank you I was wondering what happen to Goldberg lol

  • ldb

    I hate to admit, I m actually starting to like The Big Guy. At least he keeps his name going.

  • Kleck

    I assume we’ll read about how Ryback’s twitter account was hacked over the weekend.

    • Ben

      If he wasn’t hacked and these Tweets were actually him… what an idiot. Granted, a lot of these were pretty funny- at least to me- but using his real name and ripping on fans after he’s already got backstage heat can’t help his cause.

      • Steve pritchard

        No talent . No mic skill. No gimmick. Being compared to Goldberg . I think his cause was destroyed long ago.

        • Ben

          If anything really hurt him backstage, it’s his general attitude and complaining about other highly-respected in-ring workers like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan while being careless with them. Vince loves his look and while he is stuck with the charisma vacuum Curtis Axel at the moment, this could easily be Vince directing creative to humble him en route to building him back up for WM. I agree that he has no talent to speak of- and I know we’re far from the only fans with this opinion- but I doubt he’s done yet.

  • Razmos

    I feel that all Richard does is dump on Ryback, if there is a bad comparison, its always Rybacks name that is dropped, if its about an early push, Rybacks name is dropped, if its about bad in ring work….Ryback….even though there are wrestlers who are alot worse in the ring than him.

  • Patrick

    was it really him who posted thoses tweets or did his account get hacked.

  • Chris

    Ryback takes selfies….who knew??

  • Ricky

    This is what you get when roided up idiots drink and tweet.

  • FactionZer0

    Why does this guy still have a job?

  • K! ng

    I love how he toys w the IWC.

  • Steve pritchard

    This guy is a tool. Have fun going under to prime time players lol.

  • Bob’s Diner

    I dunno… some of it is actually kinda funny – specifically where he is thinking he is the internet’s champion of champions. The rest? He’s complaining about the internet fans, calling everyone fat and belittling other wrestlers. Yawn. For a guy that is telling people to get a life, he sure seems to have plenty of spare time on his hands.

  • AlphaMale

    I can’t help but wonder if this is gimmick related. He’s definitely a tool, but maybe creative is just running with that. They say the best characters are a guys real personality with the volume turned up. He reminds me of Kenny Powers from Eastbound and Down lol

    • BlazeKing

      It was him working. Just look at the comments here! I’d say it definitely worked. There are too many so-called wrestling “fans” that just hop on the hate bandwagon just because other people are doing it. I call it “The Herding Syndrome”. It’s just like the Cena hate… Hate for a guy that broke his neck entertaining the same fans that turned on him when he had to change his wrestling style so he doesn’t break his neck again. They blame everything on that guy and it is just plain WRONG.

      • Bob’s Diner

        OR… it could be just this guy is a clown with no real talent who keeps injuring people more talented than him.

        I for one don’t dislike him because others do – I dislike him because the best he can do to get heel heat is call people “fat” and complain about fans on the internet. Oooh wow such creativity

        • Gardito Edgardo Torres III

          Lacks creativity, yet it works. *shrug* You’re worked up over a nobody right now. it’s working.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Where do I say I’m worked up about it??? I thought some was funny, some wasn’t. Hardly worked up…

    • Gary Robert

      lol and we all love Kenny Powers! Funny show!

  • Xavier

    R.I.P Ryback

    • 1molly23

      We can only hope!

  • The Internet

    Impossible for me to read using your iPhone app.

  • vickie’s lover

    lol .. phoenix marie tweeted him

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    Come on… Just get rid of him.

  • Razmos

    My comment must have had some truth as Richard deleted it, this is an internet forum Richard, us fans should be able to put our views across, i didnt use any bad language so dont see why my comment was deleted, this just shows you have a problem with Ryback, its ok i get it, your idea is to get the IWC against him so he falls, no fans = no push.

  • Christen

    That doesn’t help him get over as a heel it helps him look like a nut

  • Nostaljack

    I love that they decided to keep Ryback and they got rid of the far more talented Skip Sheffield. WWE really blew it there.

  • Matt

    Wow. He’s trying way too hard. My issue isnt that he comes off as a complete tool. Its that he comes across as a complete tool and is NOT FUNNY. Not even sort of funny. Its like a 12 year old with a twitter account that his parents don’t know he has. Thanks for making me rich? Seriously?