Ryback Feels No One Has Challenged Cena, WWE Studios Gets Bragging Rights Over The Rock?

- Ryback was on the 3/10 episode of LAW. In the interview, Ryback said after three ankle surgeries he was told he would never wrestle again. He said he doesn't think anyone has challenged John Cena for the top spot in WWE in the past ten years and Goldberg was all about the streak but he has more to offer.

- Dead Man Down finished fourth on the box office charts, grossing $5,350,000. The film, considered a box office bust, did beat out The Rock's Snitch which did $5,100,000 over the weekend but is in its third week out and has grossed $31,855,000 to date. Box Office Mojo as the complete chart at this link.

  • Feed Me Less

    sorry Rybore. Goldberg certainly wasn’t the greatest wrestler of all-time but he was certainly a hell of a lot more entertaining that you.tenfold.

    • Ricky

      Thing is Goldberg could talk on the mic and he did has this auro about him in his WCW days.
      Ryback is just careless in the ring and impatient behind the scenes.

      • AlphaMale

        Goldberg couldn’t talk to save his life man lol. All he said was “you’re next”. No better than “feed me more”.

        • BlazeKing

          Shows you who the true wrestling fans around here are. I watched Nitro back in the day, not some clips on youtube.

          • AlphaMale

            Lol I watched the hell out of nitro. I’ve watched wrestling since the 80s. Goldberg definitely had an aura about him that was entertaining, but with a mic in his hand he was clueless! That’s a well known fact

      • EricDraven86

        Goldberg really was pretty bad on the mic. One of his big selling points (besides the streak) was that he rarely spoke at first, and he just had this BMF’er aura about him.

    • Xavier

      Goldberg is just as overrated as Ryback. But Goldberg was a huge draw I’ll give him that

    • Alpha

      The WWE is missing opprotunity by not correctly booking Randy Orton and having him kick ass on and beat Cena and Ryback, Lesnar, and Triple H. I could physically kick ass on any of them but, what’s WWE do?? Continues to allow the most boring, non-entertaining matches in history to continue!

      Raw totally sucks abominably without Randy Orton kicking ass on John Cena, Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Ryback, etc. No wonder ratings are going down on
      Raw. Because right now…Raw sucks and isn’t worth watching!
      SmackDown is at least entertaining and a better quality show altogether!

      • Derek

        But you would FIRST…. have to get into WWE in order to be able to accomplish things you want to do! I’d love to see a woman do that for a change instead of this boring sh*t like having to sit through Ryback vs Cena or some other stupidity like Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar.
        I’m not watching Raw tonight. Because Raw sucks worse than lamea$sed and totally pathetically right now!

  • Skip Mathias

    I thought that CM Punk did a pretty good job at trying to challenge Cena for the top spot. He went from having low stock in the company to being 1b (as Richard put it). I’d say that that is a pretty decent challenge and effort.

    • pixie_bubblegum_wish

      WTF do you know? All I know is that I’ve got to get back to my apt. then get full time employment, a vehicle that’ll fit 2 crates sized to fit a German Shepherd Dog and a Caucasian Ovcharka or an Akita. Then, save the money and go out to Tampa, FL…train at FCW, get into WWE and kick ass on Raw and SD!

      • Derek

        Sounds like you’re going to be around for the long haul. That’s cool!

  • Xavier

    Ryback won’t be around for the long haul it looks like. He has this “thew orld owes me something” mentality and that’s gonna end up putting his ass in the dog house real quick if he keeps it up.

    • pixie_bubblegum_wish

      Cena and Ryback and WWE are allowed to do what they are. If they weren’t they wouldn’t be doing what they are. Annoying the f**king hell out of me!

    • BlazeKing

      Vince is very high up on Ryback.

  • Jay Riverz

    Helloooo!! WWE will NEVER give up the top spit to ANYONE BUT CENA!! Over 300 wishes granted….Vince is grooming the WWE for the next generation of kids so that WWE is still relevant 30 yrs from now…

    • just saying

      It’s not that WWE won’t give it up. It has more to do with the fact that nobody can carry Cena’s jock strap in terms of drawing. I always laugh at the notion that people think CM Punk or Ryback can replace Cena. There not even in Cena’s close and are both super overrated

      • pixie_bubblegum_wish

        True but any woman could kick his ass in a physical fight. I could. If only WWE would allow me to do so! Besides he’s offended and harmed a lot of people in WWE for things he has said and done. What’s boring is having John Cena, Ryback, C.M. Punk, etc. being WWE Champion.

        • Derek of Oi!

          There’s a problem….how you supposed to win Randy Orton’s heart, mind, and feelings little one?? BE the kind of person that you should be and do the things you say you are going to do. That….is a way to start.

      • Snap

        I imagine the same was said of Cena when he was trying to become the top guy. The problem is, people can get the odd victory over Cena, but unless they are someone like The Rock, they can never get a clean victory over Cena and ultimately they will be buried by Cena because his whole “SuperCena” thing makes everything they can throw at him look ineffective while one AA at the end will get him the match.

        At this point, examples like Punk/Cena from RAW are the exception and not the rule but whether you’re a Cena fan or not, you’ve got to take a minute to take the blinders off and ask yourself how often Cena wins clean opposed to how often Cena loses clean. Beating Cena clean makes someone appear better in the fan’s eyes, whereas not being able to beat Cena clean while BEING beaten cleanly by Cena just reinforces the belief that they aren’t as good as Cena.

        The thing is: everybody, including Cena, is overrated. Overrated by their fans, in particular. It’s a ridiculous concept that Cena, and Cena alone, is the drawing force of the entire WWE as whether it’s Cena or Punk or Rock, they’re only as good as their opponents. They can’t wrestle a match by themselves so the top guy in WWE is only as good as the main event challengers who will make him look good and it should be reciprocated and the main event challengers should look better for having challenged Cena. That’s the only way anybody will be able to become the next number one guy.

        • Skinhead girl

          Cena wins because of the fact that he’s a sanitized,more appealing version of Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger who are both racists.
          Uh, that’s a lie to say that not being able to beat Cena clean while being beaten by Cena cleanly reinforces the belief…that they aren’t as good as or better than John Cena..that’s an extreme amount of bullish*t and dishonesty. Cena didn’t ever win fairly or justly. He always won because he made up lies about his competitors, he bullied people to get his way. So do explain, if you could….why it is that Cena is the “top guy”? He’s not. Because he has done more than anyone to disrespect, cause and bring harm to WWE than anyone else has.
          So maybe you’re right. Cena is the “top guy” if being the top guy means being the WWE’s biggest bully and liar and manipulator and
          heel. Then, him being the “top guy” for that job fits him perfectly.

      • Derek

        That’s just simply not true at all. A woman would be able to draw more people to watch WWE than John Cena could ever do or hope to do. Once she actually gets into WWE and is on Raw and SmackDown. She’s still got a ways to go though before she gets into WWE.

        Anyone could get a victory over John Cena…the problem is, earning the opprotunity to be able to do so. Why the hell should people want to see a woman who has a German Shepherd Dog and an Akita who wants to marry Randy Orton and is going to marry him….kick ass on and beat, as well as defeat John Cena??

        After all, being on hemodialysis isn’t a joke nor is it fun…but, she’s got a way to go before she can get a kidney and pancreas transplant you know. That can take like, 1-5 years just to get the organs from a cadaveric donor you know.

        Because a woman getting into WWE who doesn’t like Cena and wants to defeat him and make things right again in WWE…..IS ENTERTANING!

        Answer: There’s no reason she shouldn’t do that!

      • Yung

        I don’t think Vince would ever let Punk take Cena’s place. Cena makes Vince so much money simply in terms of merch, little kids eat that ish up. Im sure all those same little kids won’t buy as much Punk merch.

    • pixie_bubblegum_wish

      They’d give a woman the top spot but she’d have to get past her unwillingness to grow her hair out at least as long as the female arm wrestling champion’s hair is because if she doesn’t she won’t stand a chance in WWE. And she won’t be able to marry Randy Orton because Randy does want a woman who looks feminine but is true to herself and her beliefs. In other words, the woman doesn’t need to wear her hair in such a way that makes her look too boyish because guys who don’t know her want to see like, Randy Orton with a woman who looks feminine in appearance. As in how she dresses and wears her hair. I’ve not worn my hair long like that woman who is armwrestling champion since I was probably around 12-13 years old for chissakes!!!

      • Wesley

        What’s this crap about Orton not being champion?! It totally sucks that Randy Orton’s not allowed to aggressively chase after whoever’s got the WWE Championship on Raw, kick his f**king head off and into the damn audience for fun! Hell, I’d love to see a woman do that to Cena, Ryback or something! That’d be cool as hell!

  • BlazeKing

    “Goldberg was all about the streak but he has more to offer”

    Which is exactly why the dumb “Goldberg” chants stopped. People realized they were being f’n stupid wrestling fans that Glen Beck talked about. On the record, he was wrong. I’m not supporting that dude by a long shot.

    • Jonzilla

      Lol chants never stop how about you go live events .. Then talk instead of watching it filtered