Ryback Formats Twitter Account, The Master Bed As Wrestling Ring

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Ryback Formats His Twitter Account

Ryback formatted his Twitter account and now only includes one Tweet. That Tweet is as follows:

We noted here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com that Ryback mentioned the ex-wife of John Cena on Twitter on Tuesday although I haven't heard if that's the reason for the mass delete. It's worth noting Ryback has the official Wrestling News World account @wnwnews blocked.

The Master Bed as Wrestling Ring

The Wall Street Journal has an editorial by Gordon Deal about using his bed as a wrestling ring with his kids. Stephanie McMahon posted the link on Twitter as you can read it at this link.

  • Xavier

    Any chance of Cena putting Ryback over in the foreseeable future is now out the window, and I don’t blame if he doesn’t. Completely disrespectful on Ryback’s part. The guy has done nothing but bitch & complain since he’s been there like he’s entitled to something.

    • i sort of agree with you, i mean rybacks not exactly a gifted wrestler and has been since the start a goldberg rip off. however his moaning and things gets attention to him so its sort of a plan, look at chael sonnen in the ufc, sometimes moaning gets you places that you can,t get from hard work, but the ryback character is getting over so its working out for the guy i guess. i just wish they would change his finisher cos the marching part makes him look like a roided up trombone player.

  • Matt

    Bit like WNW blocked me on twitter because I dared disagree with Richard’s opinions?

    • If you were blocked, it was for a reason. There’s nothing wrong with disagreeing as long as it’s done in a respectful manner.

      • Matt

        Honestly I dont even remember what I disagreed with. I just found one morning I couldn’t get onto your twitter feed. I looked back through my tweets and I hadn’t even tweeted :-/

  • Don Tonberry

    I’m gonna give him the BOTD and say he just wants to start over with his new heel persona. The tweet was disrespectful, but you can delete just that one tweet, no need to necessarily delete your entire history.

  • feed me more…..now ryback rule….