Ryback Losing, PG Here To Stay, Did The Raw Crowd Send A Message?, Booking Lesnar

I'm a Ryback fan and while I understand your concern about his PPV losses,  could all of these losses be part of the bigger picture in turning him heel and becoming WWE Champion?

I can certainly see why a Ryback fan would be hopeful these losses were all part of the bigger picture and now he's going to be built as an unstoppable heel, however, I have my doubts. John Cena just captured the WWE Championship, his first reign with the title since 2011. If the company moves forward with this program against Cena are we supposed to believe Ryback is going to come out of it WWE Champion? I would be surprised if this was the case, especially after Cena's reign is built as one of redemption that was an entire year in the making. As I've noted, wins and losses don't seem to mean much and we can't deny that Ryback is over.

Is this the year WWE returns to a TV-14 product, leaving the PG initiative in the dust?

WWE remains committed to their PG initiative. Do you want to see one of the reasons why? This link goes to a list of corporate sponsors WWE has attracted since going PG. Let's also not forget WWE's ability to market to an entire family. If the WWE Network ever gets launched I do think we could see some of the past TV-14 moments airing later at night.

We all know how hot the crowd was at Raw on Monday, but it really seemed to pick up during the Randy Orton vs. Sheamus match. What does it say when two of the top babyfaces in WWE are in the ring competing, and the audience is chanting for the referee and commentators amongst others and have to do the wave to remain entertained? Have we finally reached the point that the over saturation of Sheamus and Orton every week has made them draw less?

Let's also not forget the crowd was cheering one of the people selling concessions throughout the arena during the match as well. Over saturation is part of it but another major factor is lack of gimmick progression. WWE whiffed on an opportunity to turn Randy Orton heel. The thing about the business is gimmicks have to evolve to keep fans entertained. When it's the same thing week in and week out, people get bored. Randy Orton has always been a better heel than he has babyface and the crowd couldn't have cared less about the match against Sheamus on this week's Raw. Many are hopeful the crowd "sent a message" to WWE but I honestly think the only message that was sent was Dadadadadadadaduh.

I'm all for talent laying down and passing the torch, but don't you feel having Brock Lesnar consistently lose to established talent is kind of a waste ? When Eddie Guerrero left WWE he went to various companies and laid down for upcoming talent wouldn't Brock be better utilized doing the same if he's going to lose anyway?

Brock Lesnar is getting paid millions of dollars by WWE to work a part-time schedule. He'll do whatever is asked of him to collect his paycheck. I absolutely don't blame him and I think anyone in his position would do the exact same thing. There is no other organization on this planet, other than WWE, that could afford to pay him 7-figures a year for limited dates. As for the WWE booking of Lesnar, we've already talked about wins and losses meaning less and less - just look at Ryback. Lesnar is being booked as the "must-see spectacle" rather than the unstoppable beast that can't be beat. It's not how I would book him but it is what it is and WWE believes fans will forget about his loss and they'll be able to book him another top level program for another pay-per-view main event once again.

  • Hazmatt23

    See, Richard, your problem is you use logic, and there’s no place for that in the WWE.

    • Haha. I popped for this.

    • Xavier

      There’s plenty of logic in the WWE. There’s really not enough logic with some of the people that post in here who can’t seem to grasp this concept that the WWE Is a business that caters to a wide range of fans and not just the IWC

      • Thank you. Teach.

      • Your just annoying nearly every conment you put is trolling

        • Xavier

          How am I trolling? I’m calling it like it is. Obviously your part of the group of people who doesn’t get it.

      • God

        I seriously have a feeling you work for the WWE. You defend them waaaaaaay to much.

        • Xavier

          Nope I don’t work for them. I just use common sense. Why watch a product just to constantly shit on it? Why watch something if your just gonna bitch & moan about every single little thing, wouldn’t it make better sense just to watch TNA if you were that disasified with the WWE?

  • Kris Mystery

    People are looking too deep into the crowds reactions on RAW. Sending a message? No. Just having a blast? Yup !!

    • Marc

      Sheamus and Orton: both former world champs with some decent star power. In a match with them, the crowd chanted for Michael Cole for gods sake. That’s not really something they do out of habit

      • Kris Mystery

        They were doing it throughout the entire show. From Cena and Henry to Sheamus and Orton. They were chanting Ole Ole… humming Fandango’s theme. They were cheering the heels and booing the faces…just like Canadian crowds do. Orton forgetting his lines is definitley fuel for the crowd though. Seeing as it wasn’t just limited to Sheamus/Orton i still think it was just alot of fun and not so much a “statement”

        • H.M.

          What are you on about? This crowd chanted for who they enjoyed. Randy Orton and I’m sorry to say this even Sheamus have become rather boring over the course of the last year. No offense to Sheamus but honestly speaking, I have found NONE of Sheamus’ feuds over the course of his run on the top of SD! this past year to be entertaining save for the feud with the Shield and the initial phases of Sheamus/Show in Oct. He’s a talented fella but there’s still something missing with him. Just can’t place my finger on it.

          Anyway, the point is, Y2J, Daniel Bryan, Kane, and Undertaker are ALL faces and they received pops. How would you explain that? The fans simply enjoy/respect those individuals. They cheered who for who they enjoyed and booed who they legitimately disliked to watch. It’s that simple.

          • larry hicks

            and i POPPED for this.

      • JJ

        Matches are becoming too predictable and too similar is why…Canadian fans have had some of the best come in front of them, so now they notice the difference in what is happening and are upset. They were chanting Cole because they figured even he, no matter how horrendous, could still put on a more entertaining match..

  • D_gilbert88

    Enough with the PG 13 questions!!! It’s staying for the foreseeable future, but it isn’t the reason for such poor programming!!!

    • GuyLandau

      I popped for THIS.

    • JJ

      How is trying to refocus not the reason behind poor programming? Refocusing on pg instead of a real audience and poor writers/leadership is the reason..

      • D_gilbert88

        You can stay PG and still be entertaining, just by having real stories, feuds and rivalries. Put effort into character building and development of the younger guys. Does entertaining tv have to use curse words, blood and sex? You can still make great wwe tv within the PG parameters.

  • coolkdd1

    I hope ryback losing and then winning the wwe title is the bigger picture because his lost to mark henry made no sense at all. At ER, I can see rock mistakenly cost cena the title similar to hhh vs taker at king of the ring 2002.

  • Monty

    If TV14 is so good why isn’t TNA generating better rains? They have mature stories. There is a time and place for everything, I believe wwe has done well over the past few tears to b edgy in PG.

    I would love to see the attitude era again, but the only way that happens when HHH takes over, Hunter understands this business and he will ut on better wrestling shows

    Give me orton vs Bryan
    Ziegler vs punk
    Punk vs Bryan

    What I am saying is give me some pure wrestling matches, punk vs Bryan was done at a PPV and it was awesome crowd lived it but tha. WWE moved on

    What wwe is missing today is wrestling and it has become more entertainment than a wrestling show, you don’t need TV14 to put n better wrestling shows

    Also Richard here is my question:

    At every raw the is a larger number of mature crowd than kids and moms, why can’t Vince see that? He is targeting kids and families yet majority of his crowds are still 18 and above

    • DevinSteeleWWE

      shhhhh! stop posting kiddo!

    • Because they cannot control the weather.

  • Richard Blue

    For me I could care less about the PG rating in WWE if they were putting on great matches week in week out but they don’t, the matches are slow paced and its the same style in every match at least pick up the pace and make the matches like ROH that way its fast and unpredictable 🙂 thats my 2 cents

    • Smart Mark

      Why don’t you just watch ROH instead of WWE then?

  • coolkdd1

    I know this is off topic but for wrestlemania 30 next year I see: rock vs brock,cena vs taker,ryback vs hhh,cm punk involved in wwe title match with either sheamus, dean ambrose or daniel bryan.

  • Wrong on the crowd reactions as usual. Those that are saying the crowd didn’t care about Sheamus and Orton are correct. However that crowd was not a typical WWE crowd. A standard WWE crowd would love to see Orton/Sheamus. Orton is still very popular with WWE fans — he does have the second most twitter followers out of active guys (behind John Cena and ahead of CM Punk). Sheamus is a guy that needs to work with an effective heel. He did his best when he worked with Big Show last fall. Before that he was working with mediocre or non-established heels (Bryan, Ziggler, Del Rio). If WWE is stupid enough to listen to that smarky crowd and change booking plans for Sheamus/Orton they are naive. People are getting too excited about that crowd. I’m telling you it won’t be like that every week, not a chance. Two weeks ago WWE was in what we could call a hostile city in Philly and even that crowd was not as vocal because it had all demographics in attendance.

    If WWE listened to that crowd on Monday and catered the product to them they would have a product like ECW that only hit one demographic. And we all know how that would end up for WWE. The Attitude Era had stars that were larger than life. There is no one from the “Internet Darlings” that is larger than life. So a product catered to a crowd like on Monday would not work week-to-week for the WWE.

    The crowd on SD this week was more kid friendly. So anyone that had hopes of the crowd carrying over would be greatly disappointed. They finally got a chant going for Fandango’s theme at the end, but from reports they had several failed attempts. Why did those chants fail? Because it was a standard WWE crowd. Not every crowd is going to get ridiculous, random chants to go around the whole arena.

    • Steve s-m

      Wait till London on 22/04 the crowd will be electric there!!

    • Matt

      Wrong as usual? You arrogant arsehole.

    • JJ

      What are you talking about? Other then the 10 and under bracket no one is really high on Orton or Sheamus anymore…Orton needs a tweak. CM Punk and Hell No are the spot lighters keeping fans interested.

  • Ricky

    Among the chants I heard during the Sheamus vs. Orton match where
    The Ole song.
    Mike Chioda
    We are awesome
    The chants where easily the funniest and best part of the match. I dare to saw JBL, Cole and King where all amused by this as well.

  • John

    Hopefully Ryback’s heel turn, means that he drops the goofy marching around the ring and raising his arms up and down constantly ! I cringe everytime i see him doing it.. He couldn’t look any less intimidating when he does it.

  • Xavier

    The crowds chants this Monday mean NOTHING. It was the raw after WM, those crowds are always very hot. I don’t understand this whole “Vince needs to listen his fans” BS that everybody seems to be hoping on. If we went off that logic then the WWE should start pushing Michael Cole, hire the guy who sales Cotton Candy and push him, dig up Randy Savage and push him in a “Weekend at Bernie’s type gimmick since those are names that the fans were chanting on Monday along with other stupid chants.

    This whole “the WWE needs to go back to TV-14 movement needs to die already. Ratings are steadily going up since 2010, The WWE is back is good grace with the mainstream media (for the 1st time since the Benoit tragedy) which has brought them a tone of sponsors which means a tone of revenue/money/exposure. It would be in McMahon’s worse interest to go back to TV-14.

    It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to to one demographic of fans who only make up about 15-20 percent of the fan base and leave out the other 80-85%, sponsors & charities that pour money into the WWE just to go TV-14 or to listen to crowd reactions at one RAW that mean nothing in hinge sight. Anybody with the basic knowledge of a 13 year dyslexic kid or half a brain should be able to understand this by now. And last I checked TNA & ROH were TV14 and they don’t do a 10th of the business that PG WWE makes. And let’s not forget that the most violent wrestling promotion of them all (ECW) catered to exclusively to the type of crowd that we saw on Monday and how did that end up working out for them? Answer , didn’t even last a full decade. Paul Heyman = Overrated Wrestling Promotor

    • This post was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

    • 1molly23

      Well said.

    • Everything after the first paragraph needs to be posted as link to the the site, when that question is asked every time. Am glad I am not the only one that thinks this way.

    • Bones


      • Xavier

        Great comeback

    • Snap

      I agree with you that WWE should not cater to one specific demographic, because they are obviously trying to create a product which they can target to a broader audience, yet they ARE catering primarily to the younger demographic with Cena and taking PG too far in the wrong direction. I also agree that PG isn’t the problem with WWE programming, rather the so-called “creative” team which apparently has no clue how to provide compelling and “must watch” programming.

      However, I disagree with dismissing the crowd simply because it was a post-WrestleMania crowd or that the chants should be taken at face value, especially when we have had people who take issue with the “you can’t wrestle” or other anti-Cena chants, While I cannot say with 100% certainty that my theories on this are on the right track, but when WWE blatantly gives their fans the finger by giving them a Twitter poll to decide who would face Big Show, only to immediately disregard it and make a match between the two to decide, why should the fans go along with the product they are being force fed? They were, at least in my opinion, very clearly telling WWE they were not interest in the least with what they were seeing and that translated into chanting about everything EXCEPT what was going on in the ring. The only other alternative is to pull a Corpus Christi-esque crowd and sit on their hands, but then the same people complaining about how the crowd reacted on RAW would be complaining about a dead crowd.

    • JJ

      TV-14 gets teens and adults…vs just kids and the adults who are dragged along..i guess the only thing that really could change how WWE is run is if some actual competition came along…sad that once TNA thought they could compete and now…

      • Xavier

        PG WWE is getting families (kids, adults who approve of there kids watching) troops overseas, more sponsors, free adversiment from social media, more positive PR from Hollywood media vs just teenagers who live in their mom’s basement

  • HelloHenry

    “…but I honestly think the only message that was sent was Dadadadadadadaduh.”
    I’m not the only one who sang that part to Fandango’s theme song am I?

  • StraightEdgeForLife

    So Richard, if he isn’t being billed as a beast, why does Heyman refer to Punk as the best (which he is) and to Lesnar as the beast?

  • JJ

    Ryback reminds me way too much of Goldberg/Stone cold fused…I like him and have liked him since he came, but don’t like what they did with him. The loss at WM wasn’t a big fan, definitely could tell it was coming. As for the network, that many of us have been hearing about and waiting on oh…at least 5 years now..i bet it will be a premium service network that you have to pay $40 a month to freaking have..

  • Lebron James

    Why can’t the WWE just make a separate show, or hell, even make Smackdown tv-14 and leave RAW PG. That way you’re satisfying you’re mainstream audience AND you’re smarks. It’s a win god damn win situation.