Ryback On The Injury That Threatened His Career, The Miz On Overcoming Mass Hatred

Fox Sports Australia has a new article online featuring quotes from Ryback and The Miz. Below is an excerpt:

Ryback on the injury that threatened his career:

"I took a drop kick and tore my ankle out in three places," Ryback told foxsports.com.au.

"I finished the match, running with my ankle dangling and it spiraled up and shattered my leg all the way up to my knee ... I had three surgeries; I was out a year and told I would never wrestle again."

The Miz on no one liking him:

"From the fans to the locker room ... coming in everybody thought I just got a contract because I was on The Real World but that wasn’t the reason. But I wasn’t one to say 'Hey I was on the indies for three years' because you don’t go around saying that.

"My first or second year in WWE I got kicked out of the locker room and I would have to find a new place to change every time we were in a new arena. I remember one time I had to use the rest room so I had to go out to the fans corridor and use the rest room and little kids were like 'is that The Miz?'

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

  • Phil

    From reading the Hardy Boyz autobiography – they had similar things as happen to them as well – it can be all fun and games or ‘ribbing’ but cant be sure on this one – the Hardyz had their bags put in the dumpsters out back so had to spend ages to find them – its tradition to do things to the newbies so this could be what happened?

    as far as ryback goes, ouch! glad hes able to wrestle. dont wish that on anyone!

  • jdl

    If someone tried to boot me out of the locker room in such a scenario, two things would happen. First I would file a complaint for harassment and depending on how that went I would refuse to bend to the childish whims of a bully.