Ryback Takes A Dig At Jerry Lawler Over Elevator Joke

Ryback is at it again on Twitter and this time it got personal. On this week's episode of Monday Night Raw, Jerry Lawler joked that Ryback couldn't tell you which way an elevator was going if he was given two choices. The former number one contender responded with the following Tweets:

"The Kat" (a/k/a Miss Kitty) is Stacy Carter, a former WWE Diva and the ex-wife of Lawler. Since Ryback has been known to Tweet and delete, we screenshotted them below:

Ryback's Lawler Tweets

  • jackkedx10

    Cryback is just begging to be released

  • Cory S

    Man, Richard you really do have it out for this guy. Who honestly cares what Ryback has to say? You put something in Ask WNW about him seemingly every day just to trash the man. Who benefits from you constantly slamming him? We get it. He isn’t the sharpest tool in the toolbox. I personally believe it takes a hit on your credibility every time you post a story demeaning him. Every time you screenshot one of his tweets, it makes you look like a very vindictive person, much less a respectable journalist. You had a “beef” with him months ago, let go of it already.

    • BIG M

      Richard does seem to like pointing out Ryback’s stupidity doesn’t he.

    • dektpunx

      in all fairness these ryback stories are everywhere…most popped up on other newz sites before they did on here..i follow a few..

    • Simon Veitch

      Considering that there is only a story to post in the first place because Ryback likes to pretty much dig his own grave in the company, the moment he stops being relevant at all, there’ll stop being stories about him. At the end of the day if Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Triple H, Cena, Sheamus or anyone else did this, the same articles would be written and the same people would have a cry about it

    • Razmos

      This is exactly what i said on a previous post from Richard on Ryback, he is trying to turn people against him, if it was CM Punk or D-Bry he would have made it in to a joke saying it is genius work from them.

      • Scott Davies

        You know I kind of like this Ryback & I personally think he is really being in character. If WWE had a problem then they would fire the guy out right. Botching matches is one thing, but trying not to break Kayfabe in 2014 is something really hard to do. Ryback talking himself up like he is king s*** then saying he slamming everybody & attacking dirt sheets. To me is a gimmick that is working. A bully gimmick don’t work if they don’t bully. Richard not liking Ryback, then he is doing his job as a heel. You are suppose to hate him, because that is what a heels job is.

      • Ryback’s doing a pretty good job of turning people against him all by himself

    • I report the news, I don’t make it.

      • Cory S

        Sure you report the “newz”. Can you honestly say posting everything this man tweets is news? Especially when everything he’s doing could be in character?

        • You have to understand something. Ryback is a public figure. When he Tweets something of interest, it means more than something you or I would Tweet. It comes with the territory and it doesn’t matter if he’s working or not. Is it interesting? Is it a public figure? Yes and yes and if you didn’t care, you wouldn’t be trolling me.

          • Cory S

            I’m not trolling you. I think most of your readers know Ryback is a doofus. It honestly feels, and I know I’m not the only reader here who feels this way, that you have a personal vendetta against him for that tweet a few months ago. You’re also a public figure. You run this website. And when you and this website constantly are slamming a guy it honestly makes you look unprofessional.

          • To allege I have some sort of vendetta against Ryback (or any worker for that matter) is fairly ridiculous. I give my opinion when asked (that’s the purpose of Ask WNW), report the news I’m given and cover the areas of interest. I can’t help it I’ve had so much negative material to report and will not apologize for it. The purpose of this website is to give readers an insider’s perspective about what is going on the wrestling business. And like it or not, a lot of people are talking about Big Ryan Reeves.

          • Rus

            Rybacks tweets were even mentioned on raw the other night so its all for show & obviously doing it for the people on the internet to take notice of. So why would an internet wrestling site not show every one of them. Richard did not criticize Ryback or be unprofessional about this article and your the only one calling hm a doofus Iv never read Richard outright calling him names like you are. So to say the truth Richard would not be respectable journalist if he did not put this on his site………. Keep up the good work

  • BIG M

    This all has to be a work.
    I mean no one net even Ryback’s is this bloody stupid.
    But I have to admit I laughed when I read this that probably makes me immature but people who would have a go at me for it probably secretly found it funny too.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      If it was a work why would he be deleting the tweets?

      • BlazeKing

        It *is* a work. The announcers just referenced it on Main Event. I told everybody it was a work but when they see “Ryback”, they always have to overreact about whatever he does.

  • BlazeKing

    You have to admit, that was pretty damn funny! As a true wrestling fan, I will never forget Jerry’s decade long history of being a heel. Too many people marking out over nothing and not realizing when things are a work.

    Edit: I mean, the guy has a trollface picture of himself as his profile pic!!!

  • jdl

    Now, if only Ryback had half this much personality on air.

  • Tony Rankin

    Someone joked that Ryback should have a parody Lesnar shirt that says “Eat, Tweet, Delete, Repeat” and I thought it was pretty hilarious. The fact that WWE had Jerry acknowledge Ryback’s twitter rant could mean that they’re taking his bullying gimmick and adding cyber-bullying to it.

  • sdunne87

    If a work; not very PG for Vince to OK it.

    I’m sure Jerry made Kat go down quite a few times and not just in a joke so Jerry wins.

  • Harlie Boucher

    Eat. Sleep. Tweet. Delete.

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    I don’t really like Ryback, don’t like his look either, I can’t imagine him ever being top of the card, if it was my choice, I’d let him go.

  • HugeRockStar

    I’m actually starting like Ryback lol

  • Philip Thompson

    OK, how long does everyone think it’ll take for him to Tweet something which leads to his release?

  • Bob’s Diner

    He should be the new social media ambassador for the WWE. He’s much better at this than The Miz or anyone of those the celebrities they’ve called that before

  • Guest

    yeah it would be goin down in the gutter, because they both are trash