Ryback & The WWE Title, Punk vs. Lesnar, Buying Axel But Selling Ryback, Cena/Daniel Bryan

When is WWE finally going to pull the trigger and put the belt on Ryback? They built him up as an unstoppable face, and now as a monster heel, only to never put the belt on him after multiple chances. I think it's about time they do it. Your thoughts?

It's over. Ryback's program for the WWE Championship is over for now and they're going with John Cena vs. Mark Henry as seen on this week's Monday Night Raw. I do not like the way Ryback's been booked and think it's a prime example of what not to do. Ryback should have never been a babyface but WWE needed a name to work in the main event. The problem is no one felt Ryback was ready to carry the torch as WWE Champion. As a result, they continually put him under but he managed to get over. Now what? Anything other than working Cena or the incumbent WWE Champion is a step backward unless they program him for the World Heavyweight Championship, which doesn't appear likely with the double switch between Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler.

What are your thoughts on CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar?

I am high up on a CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar and expect an entertaining program. Nothing against Triple H, but his program with Lesnar was overkill and I'm relieved to see Lesnar working with someone else. The booking does get tricky, as a very solid argument could be made about why neither needs to go under.

Any opinion behind why it is was easier for fans to get behind the Michael McGillicutty/Curtis Axel change, and not the Skip Sheffield/Ryback transition? Do you think it's only due to Heyman, or do you think fan prefer more realistic characters?

Let's not sell Ryback short. He's managed to get over in a big way despite not being booked prominently. However, it's no secret that Ryback has become an IWC punching bag for obvious reasons. While he's got the stereotypical "WWE look," he hasn't really shown much else. Curtis Axel, on the other hand, provides a unique sense of nostalgia because of his father and presents attributes more palatable to hardcore fans. I can't help but see Mr. Perfect when I watch Axel wrestle and if there's one thing wrestling fans love, it's nostalgia. Why do you think there's so much excitement for Rob Van Dam's return? Paul Heyman doesn't hurt things and Ryback would have been much better suited with a mouthpiece. I had suggested a Zeb Colter pairing but that has gone to Antonio Cesaro, as awkward as it seems.

What do you think of a potential babyface vs. babyface feud between Daniel Bryan and John Cena?

I am all for a Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena feud and think Bryan has more than proved his worth to work in the top of the card, however, will fans buy him as a viable threat to the WWE title? Only time will tell but Bryan has had success in every gimmick he's been given so far. As for the immediate future, Mark Henry will oppose Cena.

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  • Baby Sabrina

    D.B. will save the WWE…

    • Baby Sabrina

      oops I meant to say Team D.B. Will Save the WWE..

  • Spuddyz

    I’ve been waiting for a Cena/Bryan feud since Nexus debuted and Bryan was yelling at Cena that he was better than him!

  • Chris

    There’s always a chance Ryback wins Money in the Bank, so it’s easier to put the title on him.

    • Coodakarri

      Exactly, he wins and then after cena vs henry match he cash in the mitb or at least try to but being stopped by kofi kingston leading to a match at summerslam.

      • Chris

        You ALMOST had it, then you tossed in that Kofi bit and blew it to hell…

  • Andrew ace

    Bryan is my favorite wrestler but I have a hard time believing he’ll make a Cena tap

  • tna

    im wondering whether theyll have daniel bryan vs triple h at summerslam ,the way daniel bryans super over its no surprise triple h would love to be a part of it..

  • James

    Ziggler should of held the World Title and started a program with Rob Van Dam. Orton should turn heel and start a program with Bryan. Christian should win the money in the bank and feud with Cena and get that big push. Dean Ambrose should win the other Money in the bank and have both the briefcase and the US Championship. The Wyatt family debut and feud with Kane.

  • Chris

    I would have loved to have seen Bryan wrestle ziggler for the HW title, those two have bitched an entire PPV card before, stealing the show over secondary titles and leaving those who followed them in a sorry state. The wwe is the land of missed opportunities at times it seems.

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    Mark Henry should win an academy award for his performance last night! What a great set up that was for their feud that should have happened the night after mania but for some weird reason they went with Ryback. Speaking of Ryback, I think wwe has pulled the trigger alright, they pulled the trigger on his career because how do you bounce back from losing, what is it now, 7? 8? Ppvs in a row? It’s like someone said here, his only saving grace now is to win one of the MITB briefcases and go from there. With so many deserving guys to win this and then factor some returning superstars like RVD and Christian, man it’s gonna be tough. But I will say that RVD will probably not be a likely candidate because he might not be in the company full time. Then you have Cody Rhodes, Sandow, Daniel Bryan, Sheaums, Kane, hell even Big E Langston who are candidates in my eyes to win it this year.

    • Coodakarri

      Ryback has a better chance than all, rvd and christian had there chance, rhodes n sandow is getting buried by sheamus, bryan n kane already won mitb, sheamus doesn’t need it and big e barely wrestles.

  • Darth Watchdog

    Daniel Bryan vs. Rob Van Dam will be amazing…

    • Lrgetrout9

      They’ll have to put that on the preshow, sadly, or they will steal the PPV.

      • Darth Watchdog

        Better yet, just have a Fatal Four-Way with Daniel Bryan, C.M. Punk, Rob Van Dam and Dolph Ziggler and make it your entire pay-per-view.

        • Lrgetrout9

          Three 45 minute Iron Man matches, with filler of about 15 minutes thrown between the first two and the last to let the second winner get a little rest? That would fill a 3 hour pay per view, and I would buy it.

  • Smart Mark

    I really hope Christian wins the MITB. He’s too good of a superstar to only have had 1 world title reign in his career. A short one at that. Heel Christian vs Cena for the WWE Title would be a great feud. I’ve also always liked the idea of a Christian vs Y2J feud because they are both very similar. Both are seasoned veterans, both have no problem in putting young talent over and these 2 are beasts on the mic.

  • Jbreed

    Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk should have been put off until WM 30.

    • Darth Watchdog

      Wondering if they might go with Shaemus vs. Lesnar at WM30?

    • sir-rusty82

      With the amount Lesnar comes to WWE this fued will carry on until WM30 like with HHH. Or maybe WWE know something the IWC don’t & have Lesnars match for WM30 already planned & ready to happen

  • Jbreed

    Of course Daniel Bryan is a viable threat to the WWE title. Even though he’s lost quite a few matches recently, he’s still the WWE’s hottest commodity right now, even way more than John Cena is or probably ever was.

  • andy55

    get it right the only one to win will Be Rob Van Dam

  • Robert Olley

    Why has wwe still not followed up on kane vs henry? Still feels weird to me that henry was used to put kane on the shelf and when he returned no follow up

  • Since 2006

    Hey guys. You should have an archive page of all the past news stories you guys have reported. I like many other s want to relive the reports of the past like the McMahon death angle and also the coverage you guys had of the Benoit tragedy. PLEASE make this available for your longtime readers