Ryback Wants Goldberg, Party With The Bella Twins Tonight In Austin

Ryback Wants Goldberg

CBS Boston interviewed Ryback to promote Sunday's Survivor Series pay-per-view in the city. Ryback said he was issuing an open challenge to anyone that wanted to face him. He also reiterated his interest in facing Bill Goldberg at Wrestlemania XXX. You can listen to the interview at this link. For those that think Ryback is just blowing smoke, think again. This is actually under consideration and it looks better than many of you realize. I have the latest at this link.

Party with The Bella Twins

The 30th Birthday Bash of The Bella Twins is scheduled to take place Friday night in Austin, Texas. This is of note because the party is being filmed by E! for inclusion on Total Divas. The party is scheduled for the Recess Arcade Bar and begins at 10 PM. Complimentary beverages are being offered while supplies last as you can get more details on attending at this link.  A special guest from WWE is also advertised.

  • Avalanchian

    It’s like Ryback thinks if creative could get a match with him against Goldberg and scripted to win that he would suddenly become over.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Ryback wants Goldberg. But does Goldberg wants Ryback? Ryback’s career seems flip-flopped from main eventer to midcarder now. Seems like he’s lacking in in-ring progress and already rubbed people backstage the wrong way so why does Goldberg even bothered to face Ryback when it seems like it would do give nothing to Goldberg?

  • Mike McCarthy

    I would be fine with Ryback vs. Goldberg if Ryback could get his in-ring work up. It would definitely be a spectacle if Ryback wasn’t still a joke to some/most fans

  • SweetCyn

    If Goldberg were to come back, the only person I want to see him face is The Undertaker. Streak Vs. Streak!

  • Xavier

    When the rumor of Goldberg/Ryback 1st started I dismissed it as such, but with each passing day I get the feeling this match is becoming more of a reality.

  • Chris

    Why does everyone say a Goldberg undertaker match would be streak vs streak,? Goldberg’s streak came to an end years ago and he was also defeated many times after, takers is the only legitimate streak that’s relevant and still going.

    • iceninja444

      Goldberg was never defeated fairly, it was always by interference or by ganging up on him. Undertaker has been defeated, one match was for the world heavyweight title against Batista. Kane and the Great Khali have also defeated him among others.

  • Pierre-Alexandre

    I don’t see how Goldberg VS Ryback can have a good ending.

    The unstopable machine that is supposed to be Ryback has suffered many loss in the last couple PPVs due to bad booking.

    In the result: if Goldberg wins, it’s another loss for Ryback. And if Ryback wins; Goldberg seems weak since he just lost against a midcarter/jobber who hasn’t win a big one in a century.