Ryback Will Face CM Punk In A TLC Match; WWE Returns To Pittsburgh

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- Richard posted an article earlier to announce that the January 7, 2013 edition of WWE Raw will have Ryback vs. CM Punk for the WWE Title.  WWE's official website  wrote that they will face in a TLC Match that night.

- WWE had their live Smackdown and taped Raw for next week in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  WWE will be returning to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the CONSOL Energy Center on March 18, 2013 for Raw.

  • HIM_unLich

    Still WWE Champion CM Punk….

  • Steve

    And they want him health for the rumble??

    • HIM_unLich

      CM Punk vs Rock

      Rock will win WWE Champ and still champ @ EC and Brock Lesnar vs Rock @ WM29 main event

      • Michael

        Well Hunter and Taker both want Lesnar at WM, so Rock will probably lose it to Cena at EC or WM

        • HIM_unLich

          no more match cena vs rock…..

    • christopher525

      Pretty simple, this allows for interference by The Shield to take him out so that Punk remains safe and keeps his title.

      • HIM_unLich

        i agree with you……….. 🙂

  • Aaron

    Glad they recognised that Ryback’s opportunity was a TLC match and they are having a TLC match to make up for it.

  • Nicholas

    Why would they do this? they got out of having to put Ryback under punk once again, why not keep the title opportunity to get him in the title picture later on?

  • djsimmy

    Why is ryback getting so many opportunities? This feud is getting stale line the punk vs cena storyline

  • H.M.

    Chill out people it's a TV title match, not on PPV. Looking forward to seeing how it goes down though and I hope the Shield interjects although in a more creative fashion.

  • CM Punk is the leader of the so called shield he is evil and should be feasted upon by a monster like Ryback(lets feed him punk pls)

  • Aaron

    The Rock to take out Ryback? Who knows, maybe the Rock hired Maddox and sent the Shield after Ryback to get his match with Punk.