Ryback's Elimination Chamber Ring Gear Features The Shield

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Ryback will be wearing his opponents on Sunday… literally The Shield are featured on his singlet he plans on sporting during the 6-man tag team match at Elimination Chamber. The following is from Ryback's Twitter:


  • Dangerous Lee

    I like how all three look nearly identical. Who’s who?

  • Lance Uppercut

    Very Rick Rude 🙂

    • TheShawnReed

      Lol that would be if he had their gfs on there.

    • Ray

      Zack Ryders new tights are very Rick Rude, these are more RVD

  • The Breaker

    So he’s wearing a singlet with The Shield’s faces on it? Creepy.

  • Joey

    I’m gonna laugh if he’s randomly wearing this 6 months from now in a match with like Drew McIntyre

    • Pluto

      Troll harder son.

  • Loganwalker

    How in the world does he get into his outfit! Same for mark henry?

  • Hamir84

    I like that,it’s unique