Ryback's Heel Turn A Flop?, CBS Hires Former WWE Creative Head

Ryback's Heel Turn Flops?

This week's bottomless WWE Raw rating isn't good news for Ryback (See also - This Week’s WWE Raw Draws Lowest Audience Of The Year). Featured in the main event against Kane, the overrun segment only drew a 2.99 overrun rating.

CBS Hires Former Creative Head

Former WWE creative head Eric Pankowski has been hired by CBS TV Distribution to develop first-run syndicated programming and oversee current shows. Deadline Hollywood has the story at this link.

  • cobra

    We’re so quickly to judge now a days, we don’t let things advance. What has Ryback been heel for a month and we’re already calling it a flop? Sometimes don’t you need to take a few steps back, sure the ratings are down now, but if they book him properly over time the ratings may eventually go up. It may take 2 months or it may even take 2 years or longer.

    • Yes but in the world of TV ratings if the person you having at key slot points isn’t getting it done then it’s a flop.

      • cobra

        Stone Cold won the King of the Ring in June of 96 and they were getting ratings in the 2s, they didn’t start getting ratings of 3 or 4s until late 1997, early 1998 and then eventually even higher than that. They’re always been tv ratings.

        • Well the WWE did have the WCW to worry about and in July of 96 the NWO came out and let’s be honest WCW was on fire around that time for awhile. WWE has no competition anymore.

  • Ricky

    Thing is instead of a badass heel who just destroys everything in his way. WWE decided to turn him into a cowardly heel who backs down from the bigger challenges.

    • Gary Robert

      Thats what they do with every heel, unfortunately.

  • I dont think WWE will invest what they have into him for 2 years..A few months in the wrestling business is a long time..So much happens in a short amount of time..I like the Ryback heel turn,but honestly I feel like Cena is Hogan & Ryback is Ultimate Warrior….I like Ryback & he is ok in the ring,but the only way his gimmick is going to have another chance of making it is if WWE gives him a real shot at being a top guy…Right now he’s booked to face Cena at the PPV,but we all know he’s going to lose…It’s a last man standing match,so wwe can have Ryback lose,and not look that weak…

    Eventually people will be tired of him & the fact that he never wins important matches…I think people are holding onto any shred of hope that he will be more than what he is right now.Which,sadly,isn’t much…And I actually consider myself a fan of his…he also doesnt want to be compared to Goldberg,and he shouldn’t be…Goldberg was over big time during his time..Ryback is walking a very thin line between relevant & a thing of the past…

    I think Ryback can work in the ring better than Goldberg,but honestly,what does it matter? Ryback hasn’t had the same impact that Goldberg had. A big reason why is how WWE has booked him..You can’t have a guy lose every single PPV match that he’s been a part of & expect people to take him seriously just because he is strong & acts tough…I don’t understand that logic..He went on a winning streak but then loses at every PPV…

    • John

      Say what you want about Goldberg, but there is no denying that he had a special aura about him that made him feel like a special attraction. He may not have been great in the ring, but he had so much intensity that when he hit his moves in the ring, they looked devastating! Everything about Ryback just feel’s forced.

  • John

    Richard, is it true that Ryback is being fed his lines for his live promos through an ear-piece under his skull cap?

  • Michael

    They were up against the NBA playoffs with the Heat/Bulls and Spurs/warriors the ratings being low had nothing to with Ryback.

    • Cubed56

      The ratings also have very little to do with nba playoffs, as by the numbers they’re only averaging a 3.2 rating, so even if they are stealing some fans, they aren’t stealing enough to be the biggest reason for the dip in ratings.

      • Michael

        That still shouldn’t make or hold one person accountable. When Punk was champion the ratings were low at times that’s not his fault. To call Ryback heel turn a flop over low ratings that’s all I’m saying it takes more than one wrestler to make the ratings better.

        • Cubed56

          I agree with you, I’m not even blaming Ryback, I’m blaming cena and the other 2 or 3 guys who are always at the top. There is a clear indication that people are sick of his gimmick an him being the top guy with the other 2 or 3 same guys. Along with that goes any good or interesting storylines being written by creative. Or right it’s not Ryback, and its not just on guy, but alot of the blame can squarely go on the shoulders of 2 or 3 guys.

  • Charles

    That was one of the fastest sloppy thrown together heel turns in history. Therefore it’s not the least bit believable and nobody’s buying it.

  • AK-1138

    Cya on the flipside, Skip!

  • Boy does Richard let his hate for Ryback show. Didn’t blame CM Punk when Raw was getting constant low ratings during his title reign