Ryback's Promo, Bo Dallas, JR Off Announce, Confusing WWE Storylines

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What did you think of Ryback's promo on WWE Raw?

Ryback's character turn as a "serious" heel intrigues me and I felt the pre-tape where he explained his attack on John Cena on this week's Raw was well done. There were some that clamored about it being a pre-tape but I thought this was important for a couple reasons. One, he could make sure he got his lines right, while also not worrying about the crowd reactions. I thought it was a nice touch how WWE included the past footage to give everyone a refresher of his history with John Cena. My biggest question, however, is where do they go from here? Cena just won the title back and his "redemption," so are we supposed to believe this reign is over next month to Ryback? If it's not, this is yet another pay-per-view loss for Ryback. What exactly has he won where we are supposed to take him seriously? The "feed me more" chants caught on despite the jobs but can he get over as an unstoppable monster if he doesn't walk away WWE Champion? A lot of questions remain and it will be interesting watching it unfold. We asked readers during WWE Raw what they thought of the promo and you can read select responses here at WrestlingNews.net.

What was the point of having Bo Dallas make such a strong showing at the Royal Rumble and beat Wade Barrett on Raw if there was no follow-up? Sometimes it feels like WWE wants us to completely forget certain things ever happened.

WWE wanted to see how Bo Dallas would get over on the main roster. He's one of their top developmental prospects that everyone has been raving about so the only way to give him a complete evaluation is to "throw him in the fire" so to speak. Dallas was gobbled up in the hype for Wrestlemania but this isn't a bad thing and was expected. Workers like Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and Ryback had to take a backseat to the Wrestlemania main events so obviously workers just breaking in had to go back even further. From a logic standpoint it made little sense for Bo Dallas to just "go away" but WWE banks on fans having a short memory so they are able to manipulate with programs they feel will sell.

Why is Jim Ross no longer the lead play-by-play man for WWE?

Vince McMahon made the decision to go with Michael Cole over Jim Ross, as Ross has gone on record multiple times saying it wasn't his decision to leave television. If JR can't give the reason why, there's no way I could do it and it would be unfair for me to speculate. Jim Ross still has a good relationship with WWE and is under contract. He does sporadic work at the NXT tapings and sells his BBQ sauce through WWE. I think JR is one of the greatest although Michael Cole has done a good job in replacing him. Cole got a lot of unwarranted heat due to a heel turn that ran too long and the fact he stepped into shoes that were impossible to fill. There will never be another JR but Cole knows his stuff and knows how to get things over the way WWE wants them. John Layfield was a phenomenal addition and I am a huge fan of the three-man booths with Jerry Lawler.

I'm lost with the writing of this week's Raw. Why does Wade Barrett go under to R-Truth if there is going to be a #1 contender battle royal? Why is The Shield involved in Cena vs Ryback? And why is Henry attacking Sheamus when last week he wanted a title shot? What are your thoughts on these storylines?

Remember when Wade Barrett, as Intercontinental Champion, was pinned clean by Bo Dallas when WWE was promoting the Intercontinental Championship Cup for WWE Main Event? They later canceled it but I was very critical of the booking because why should we care about the number one contender of the IC champion if he was pinned clean by a developmental prospect in a non-title match? Let's go back to your question and let me give you some short answers, then some further explanation. Welcome to WWE's view of their secondary titles, how do we turn Ryback heel and keep The Shield hot and we don't have enough confidence in Mark Henry to draw as a viable WWE Championship challenger. Creative plans change and right now things are in a state of flux as Wrestlemania programs are over and WWE has to figure out how to utilize their roster while also trying to prevent an inevitable drop off in interest. CM Punk needs time off, Chris Jericho is rejoining his band and The Rock is back to his movie schedule. This is why Brock Lesnar is getting a match at Extreme Rules, Undertaker is headed to London and they're granting Ryback's wishes to turn  heel. I understand your confusion and wish I could provide a better explanation but the bottom line is WWE wants to keep interest while undergoing a transition of talent at the top.

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  • noelz

    As far as rybacks promo goes…I think the whole complaining about cena not helping him made him look weak…he is suppose to be a wrecking machine yet he’s mad cenadidnt help him…I feel Like a better reason for someone like ryback is simply because he wanted to…because he’s a machine who does what he wants when he wants and doesnt need a reason…and cenajust happened to be the man at the top of the mountain and has something ryback wants…that sounds better than I’m mad you didnt help me

    • Snap

      I don’t really see it as making Ryback look weak, rather showing that he had Cena’s back when he needed it but Cena was nowhere to be found when he was on the receiving end of The Shield’s attacks. So, when Ryback went to help Cena after being beat down by Mark Henry, it’s like Ryback was saying “What do you know, I’m here covering your ass again” and then he got sick of everything being so one-sided that he finished what Mark Henry had started.

  • Patrick_O’Toole

    Personally I feel like they (WWE) might think of having Cena drop the belt. Yes it is early, but as untouchable as his character is I don’t see how losing the title would hurt him right now. There are some reasons I also believe this. 1) It would give the perception, again, that anything is possible. 2) It solidifies Ryback in the main event picture, since he has lost so many times and 3) Cena isn’t wearing or promoting his “The Champ is here” shirt a week after debuting it, maybe it didn’t sell well, maybe it was a crappy design, or just maybe the champ won’t be here for that long.

  • Mr.V

    I said this before on the raw results but that was totally an ECW promo! If you go back and watch the first episode of ECW on TNN Taz gave a promo much like this one and it was also badass!

    What a great way to explain the attack!! There was no real known reason before the promo and now there is all the reason in the world! He wasnt complaining at all it never felt that way he was just catching us up. That was fantastic! Total Heyman style it couldnt be more clear … it’s like spotting art!
    I’m not sure why they feel the need to turn him heel though … up till the do-nothing-while-the-other-guy-takes-a-beating he had not done anything that was truly heelish. And even after that they could have had him run in and wreck the shield after they were done with Cena thus “proving” that he could be in the ring with Cena.
    That would have been better but I guess they feel the need to make him a heel for some reason when they really don’t. Monster face ve the face of the company is still a great matchup!

  • Orton should have been given the heel turn imo. As much as he has been floundering recently, he has been one of the best heels in the business of the last 15 years or so and I think most of his frustration has been at the lack of character development and stagnation that he’s had to put up with since turning face. I know he’s done some stupid things in the past couple of years but the facts are this, he is only 2 or 3 years into a 10 year contract and he has the potential to be the best heel in the company right now hands down. Does anyone actually believe that Swagger or Ryback could actually touch Orton at this best. He’s been wanting a heel turn for ages so give him what he wants, sit back and watch the magic happen then rake in the money he’ll make. Simples.

  • stoney

    Cole does a better job at commentating when he isn’t playing an over the top heel. And sometimes I wish WWE would stop treating their fans like they’re idiots

  • tomcatjerrymouse

    JR is the best ever and should be the number 1 announcer until he decides to give up announcing. JR and JBL would be a great commenting duo on Raw and Michael Cole fits in better on Smackdown and should be paired up with William Regal. Jerry Lawler needs to go away because he’s the worst ever at commentary.