Ryback's Push Over?, Undertaker/CM Punk, WWE Title Thoughts, IWC Ruined Wrestling?

Is Ryback's push over?

No, Ryback is still perceived as a main event talent in WWE, however, he is taking a backseat during Wrestlemania season. Wrestlemania 29 is being built around The Rock, Brock Lesnar and John Cena, obviously this could also include Triple H (Lesnar's possible opponent) and CM Punk (something I'll talk about in a minute) but other than that, the programs are secondary. I've been a loud critic of the booking of Ryback but he continues to fail up. I had serious questions about pushing him as the next Goldberg, mowing through enhancement workers only to never give him a clean victory in the top of the card. It appears WWE feels Ryback going under won't hurt him and he is more over now than ever. The booking goes against logic but there's no doubting that Ryback is over.

Is it a foregone conclusion that Undertaker will not work Wrestlemania 29? What happens with CM Punk?

We've been reporting for weeks that Undertaker was considering sitting this year's Wrestlemania out over money, not injury like everyone wants to speculate. While Undertaker isn't 100% (and probably won't be), he would be willing to work if he got desirable financial compensation. The fact that CM Punk (the talked about opponent for Undertaker) is still involved in John Cena vs. Rock tells me they are considering putting Punk in Cena vs. Rock as a triple threat if they can't come to terms with Undertaker. The stipulation to the match on next week's Raw gives them another week but it's looking more and more like Undertaker won't work Wrestlemania 29. However, it's not a foregone conclusion as Undertaker met with Vince McMahon and Triple H in Nashville about Wrestlemania last week.

What are your thoughts on the new WWE Championship title belt (high resolution photo here)?

Let me start by saying I'm shocked; I heard rumors prior to Royal Rumble the company was thinking about having The Rock debut their new WWE title belt, however, I'd given up. It was talked about so much for so long, I conceited to the attitude of I'll believe it when I see it. I didn't care how many people talked about it, I wanted tangible proof of a new belt. Here we are as the new title has officially been introduced. So now as my surprise dies down I'll admit I like the new title belt. The strap is a mix of tradition and contemporary styles and looks great. I love the negative reactions, with some people slamming the belt with every opportunity. These are the same people that have moaned and groaned for eight years about the "spinner" belt design. A change was long overdue and I'm thrilled with the new belt. We have photos here and here.

Do you think the IWC have ruined wrestling for themselves? I understand that everyone has their opinion and are entitled to it, however, it just seems to me that people always complain about something whether someone isn't getting pushed, the new title belt, or creative directions yet they keep tuning in the next week. What do you think?

The Internet Wrestling Community, or IWC, is one of the most passionate fan bases on the face of the earth. People that eat, breath and sleep quality pro wrestling and appreciate the art of the business. The IWC does not care to speak out when things drift too far to the mainstream and are always looking to offer a critical eye. I consider myself a member of the IWC and am thankful for my fellow IWCers that bring their passion to this business and this website. However, there are members of the IWC that are impossible to please as there are sects within any group or fan base that are impossible to please. By large, people don't like change and even fear the unknown or untested. This can explain some of the reactions to the new WWE title belt. The very people that called for the change are the people criticizing it. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. The solution from some of these people seems to be to return to the old "winged-Eagle" belt but again, I think this has more to do with the fact that people don't like change.

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  • I think people did want to see the Spinner belt gone but to be replaced with a better looking belt and people (inc. myself) doesn’t like the look of the new belt

    • Jeff Ono

      Richard, let’s be realistic. Just because Vince has the Cena-Punk match set for Monday does not mean that he’s trying to buy himself a week of negotiations. Most of these decisions are made well in advance, even if your “sources” don’t have this information. Not everything gets leaked, and WrestleMania is too big of a revenue-generating property for Vince to make last-minute decisions. Creative scripts may be last minute at times. But contractual negotiations are not left to chance, not with a public company that answers to its shareholders. If Undertaker is set for WM (or not), it’s already decided. If a triple-threat main event is in the cards, it’s already decided. Let’s just admit, “We don’t know.” But it will certainly be interesting to find out.

      • Yeah because you know everything huh. You’ve been breaking major stories for years and have contacts behiond the scene. You obviously dont know a thing you’re talking about because there have been reports of deals being done the day before a major event. Let the people who know what they are doing, who make a living off of this, do their job. Vince changes everything last minute also, so your ” If a triple-threat main event is in the cards, it’s already decided” comment is ridiculous.

    • Razmos

      Well to be fair i dont think the fact that you and many others not liking it, is going to make WWE change it, you dont HAVE to buy it, you dont have to wear it……so why moan? Its like the world has ended or something

  • If you’re a fan, you’re a mark

    Not all change is for the better. The old spinner belt was due a make-over, but just because it was made over doesn’t mean it was made over well…

    • What is it about the new belt that you don’t like?

    • So what you’re saying is… if you don’t agree with me, I’ll insult you. This is a foolish way to think. I like the belt, you don’t. Big deal? A mark is someone that doesn’t see past the storylines and buys into kayfabe. The world isn’t as black and white as you see it my friend.

      • He never called you a mark! Just because someone decides to use a catch phrase as their handle, doesn’t mean they are trying to be insulting. No reason to get so butthurt!

      • Richard Gay

        This sounds so gay. Very very gay.

        • Rayne

          I find this very insulting , Ahmed on you Richard . Use that, just like the disabled discrimination romoured going around about WNW , won’t hire disabled ppl? Now I’m starting to believe it after this comment .

        • Razmos

          Are you 5 or something? Or are you trying to tell yourself something?

  • Dangerous Lee

    There’s no name plate on the new belt, but I think what they’re gonna do is put custom plates on the 2 sides representing who the title belongs to. Right now they got brahma bulls on there, so when someone else takes it off of Rock, they’ll put 2 new plates on it.

  • that_one_guy

    Thanks for answering my question

  • BlazeKing

    “I love the negative reactions, with some people slamming the belt with every opportunity. These are the same people that have moaned and groaned for eight years about the “spinner” belt design.”

    Wrong, Richard. I actually liked the spinner belt while everyone suddenly started hating it the last 2 years (Cena sucks marks). I do not like the belt because it is such a generic design with gimmick sideplates and a company logo for a main plate. Big Gold looks better than the new WWE title IMO.

    • It rather makes sense it’s “generic”. It’s the “WWE Championship”, it has in plain, visible writing on the front “WWE Championship”. It’s big, gold, glittery without being “blingy” like the spinner belt, it has the sideplates to show off who is holding it currently. Simple without looking bare!

    • Patrick

      I liked the Spinner belt but my Favorite was the Smoking Skull Belt Austin wore.

  • 1molly23

    I’m a Troll – as one of your WNW Disgus followers called me, but I think the new belt is classic looking – with beautiful lines – but then again what does a Troll know?

    • Just saying

      Trolls 4-Life!..

  • Am one that didn’t really care how the spinner belt looked liked nor is afraid of “change.” I don’t like the new title, it looks cheap and corny. Its like they put no creativity towards it, its generic looking. To me its a downgrade from the spinner belt.

  • Isaac

    My problem with the new belt is the oversized WWE logo on it. It looks tacky. Not as tacky as the previous belt. But I felt they could have done a better job

  • lee

    The title reminds of the Brahma bull title that The Rock never got to debut

  • Zack

    I love the new title belt design, it’s simple and not overly flashy. My first reaction was that it looked like a superbowl ring (with a WWE Logo) turned into a title belt, which is exactly what I title belt should look like.

    • Jimmy

      But its the most important and prestigious belt in the WWE, it cant look simple. The WH title looks like its made for a true champion this new belt looks like Cruiserweight title of sorts.

  • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

    I just thought it should have been the longest reigning champion of the modern era who should’ve debuted(?) a new belt.

    I personally don’t like the shape of the belt with the design. Idk. And that it doesn’t have a name plate, I know that’s just a little thing, but how many times does a guy hold the belt in the camera and point at their name on it. Like, “yea, it’s mine.” Yknow?

  • Chris

    I wanted them to go back to either an attitude/undisputed title look or more of an updated winged eagle title. This thing looks like a ring that wraps around your waist.

  • Patrick

    the new belt sucks plain and simple looks as bad as Hardy’s belt and the Diva’s belt.

  • FR3

    It does not look like a prestigeous championship, well to me anyway. Its just the WWE logo (litterally, with the black background) on a leather strap. At least the Smoking Skull belt had “WWF World Heavyweight Champion” on it.

  • Then Why did Ryback go under to The Shield?

  • Jimmy

    I actually liked the Spinner belt and never slandered it once, do i think it should have been represented as the most prestigious belt in the company? Probably not but i do like it better than this new belt. In fact i like the WH tittle the best, i liked it alot when HHH took that title to SD and they used the WH one on Raw.

  • David F.

    It will be interesting to see who Ryback feuds with at Wrestlemania. Ryback v Big Show? Ryback v Chris Jericho? Ryback (Christian and Chris Jericho?) v Shield?

  • the new title belt is sick. I’ve always hated the spinner idea and when they stopped it from spinning, it became completely pointless and like the rock said, looks like a toy. The new belt reminds me of belts from the 70s and 80s and is just beautiful looking. It’ll be interesting to see the plates on the side change from champ to champ.

  • Sebastian Martinez

    No name plate on the new title is a no-no I think. Shame it’s gone but can be fixed with those replaceable side plates, Rocky’s got his own logos on it so why not other Superstars huh.
    And the IWC is just premenstrual, take no notice & you’ll be right.

  • TheRawTruth

    Just b/c people complain about the spinner belt doesn’t mean they’ll be happy with ANY new belt. If I give you a bowl of dirt and you complain, will feeding you a plate of grass be any better? No. So that’s not an IWC thing, that’s a human NATURE thing. The new belt doesn’t look that great. Take it back to the promise land, the wing eagle. I’d be happy w/that. Or, give us the chance to VOTE on a title. Give us 4 or 5 pictures to choose from. But don’t act as if ANY change is a GOOD change. Hell, I don’t like Alberto Del Rio. But that doesn’t mean I’ll be happy if Swagger takes the title off of him. It doesn’t work that way.

  • I like the new belt, like The Rock said, the spinner looks like a Toy.