Ryback's Bizarre Tweets Explained With New Gimmick

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For those that missed this week's episode of WWE Main Event (results/video highlights), Ryback did a lap around the ring after every match, including the Bad News Barrett segment.

This is the new wrinkle for Ryback's character as he's booked to be an "insane" heel. At one point the question was raised on commentary if viewers had heard of a "paranoid schizophrenic," (implying that's what Ryback was). This explains the bizarre social media behavior now coined as "Tweet and delete."

Many fans started to question the stability of the former number one contender when he went on a bizarre Twitter rant after Saturday night's WWE live event. The Tweets continued on Sunday and even seemed to get personal after this week's episode of Monday Night Raw.

As it turns out, the entire thing is an elaborate work to try and generate heat virally. Apparently we weren't the only ones that thought Ryback had "lost it" as people within the company had questioned his eccentric behavior. Ryback is cordial at shows, however, he's not close with anyone and generally keeps to himself.

  • BIG M

    Told you people it was a work.

    • This actually has potential because the best gimmicks are extensions of real-life personalities. Ryback is considered aloof by his co-workers so this might be the best thing for his future in WWE.

      • BIG M

        That’s True.
        I’m willing to see where this goes.
        All of the crazy (and sometimes bloody funny) stuff he’s said lately has defenitly peeked people’s interest so who knows it could work.

        • BMGabe

          Like everything else involving Ryback. Down the drain

      • Scott Davies

        So now you will jump on the band wagon, cause you now realise it was a work after everyone else figured it out months ago.?

  • Patrick

    his new gimmick doesn’t do a thing for me..I could care less.

    • Ant_C

      If you could care less then that means you do care a little bit. Its when you could’int care less that you do not care at all.

    • Mysterion

      Awww but patrick I thought you didn’t watch WWE anymore? That’s what you keep on telling us. So if course this gimmick does nothing for you as you won’t see it.

    • Michael

      You could care less but yet took the time to comment about it smh lol. Loser much?

  • 1molly23

    does anyone really care?

    • Michael

      Seeing how you commented on this I’d say you care

  • Santaisreal

    I kind of like Troll Ryback… or should I say Trollback? witty I know!

    • Xavier


  • Xavier

    LMAO that’s actually a pretty freaking epic work. Well played Ryback, well played.

  • The Breaker

    Well, it’s better than harassing backstage personnel standing in the buffet line. And I actually kind of got a kick out of Ryback taking laps around the ring after every match. He would probably get a ridiculous amount of heat if they have him do that throughout all three hours of RAW, lol.

  • _JIM_

    Interesting. A little personality is something that Ryback was needing. The guy takes a lot of heat from fans but seems like a hard worker. With his look he just needs to find that personality component and the sky’s the limit. I still really think that. Like he said on Raw a couple weeks ago, he’s. Hasn’t been around long at all. So give him some time.

  • Cef Fracker

    I kinda thought maybe he was channeling the Ultimate Warrior, I was just waiting for him to start rambling about loading the spaceship with fuel and the stars aligning lol

  • sdunne87

    With all these repackages I’m reminded of the saying “you can’t polish a turd”

  • Matt

    Of course it was a work. Ryback is a meat head and probably isn’t capable of figuring out how to use a computer to tweet. We all but forgot about him until this tweet rampage.

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    It’s actually a work.. wow..